What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

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What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

A round face shape is complemented by countless hairstyles — of course, no style should be considered completely “off-limits”. But if your goal is to trick the eye and create more expression and elongate your face, there are certain looks that will do just that. “The trick here is to achieve the perfect balance of hair shape, as round face shapes don’t lend themselves to very thin or voluminous styles,” says stylist Scott Ade.

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We reached out to Ade and hair industry pros Adam Federico and Gretchen Friese for some rules for finding great hairstyles for round faces. Plus, we’ve picked out some of our favorite cuts and styles from A-listers with round faces to give you some visual inspiration. They are proof that a round face is not only beautiful, but also not only with the desired hairstyle.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

The ultimate red carpet hairstyle, long and glamorous waves are the perfect companion for a round face. A little tip Chrissy Teigen adds even more overall length by lifting and strengthening her hair with a no-doubt volumizing product like SexyHair Big Powder Play ($11).

Lupita Nyong’o’s natural hair is a dream. He demonstrates how it is possible to elongate the face with short hair. The main thing is to get up and not get out. Here, volume is added at the top and the sides are kept very close to reveal an overall fantastic shape.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Best Hairstyles For Round Faces In 2020

You may have heard that round face shapes should avoid curly hair, but that’s not entirely true. Michelle Williams’ bob is perfect because it sits below her jawline to create the illusion of a longer face. In addition, deep side slits are very slimming.

Long breasts also give the illusion of height, as seen on Taraji P Henson. The raised height at the roots and side sweeps make this style suitable for everyone, but it is especially suitable for those with rounder facial features.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

A shoulder-length hairstyle is universally flattering, no matter what your face shape is. Mindy Kaling’s dress is long enough to balance her features, and the waves that frame her face make her cheekbones look slightly slimmer. Apply BosleyMD Volumizing & Thickening Mousse ($18) before blow-drying with a large round brush, Friese instructs. She then adds, “Follow up with a large barrel curling iron if you want more texture.

Round Face Haircuts For Accentuating Your Face Shape

Mila Kunis’ long straight hair is great because it has an updo at the roots and a spiky mid-length to add a bit of edge. “To complete the look, spritz lightly with texturizing spray to add texture, volume and look,” says Federico.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Updoing is another tricky area for anyone with a round face, but you can completely transform this look. Try a simple bun – and this is key – leaving a few strands around the face to soften it. And be sure to choose a side parting like Emma Stone.

Long layers add dimension to Gabrielle Union’s hair. “[Her] fringe has a textured edge that falls over her shoulders, drawing attention to her jawline. The center part also helps elongate her face, so it’s common for round face shapes,” comments Friese. This loose cut looks great with relaxed or natural hair.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Best Haircuts For Women With Round Faces

Miranda Kerr has everything going for her with this cut and style, just one of her many stunning hair moments. The layers allow for volume, which she enhances with curls. To add fullness and body, flip your hair while drying.

This hairstyle is not too voluminous, but high enough to make Drew Barrymore’s face look a little longer. The waves around her face also give the illusion that her face is slimmer. To recreate this look, curl your hair (if it’s not naturally wavy) before misting it with a texturizing spray like Sachajuan Ocean Mist Texturizing Spray ($15).

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

We know, we know, if you have a round face, you’ve probably never considered a pixie cut, but Jennifer Hudson proves it can work. This is a really cute way to stick to the round face rule. A little fringe? Check. Any height behind the oblong face? Check.

Most Flattering Hairstyles For Round Faces

Janelle Monáe’s curly pompadour might look intimidating, but it actually works for most hair types and textures. If you have thin hair and want to fake volume, thicken your mane by spritzing a texturizing spray before styling.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Kirsten Dunst’s curls are soft and extend over the lashes. A small part in the middle keeps them from being too heavy for a round face. “A good volumizing mousse and a medium-sized round brush can achieve this style. Focus on creating volume and curves in your hair. If you want more curls, a large barrel iron will help you there,” says Friese.

Selena Gomez’s textured lob looks messy in the best way. “The low crown height elongates the face shape perfectly, and the side partings also help to complement your shape,” said Ade. For this look, tease your hair a bit and use a product that adds dimension, like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($48).

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

Long wavy hair with or without bangs is a very boho-chic look that offers plenty of opportunities to play with your style, as Zoe Saldana did. For an at-home version of this look, flip your hair while blow-drying on high heat. When the hair is semi-dry, dry the hair with a round brush that gives it volume.

If you have thin hair, use a ceramic brush when drying your hair, as this will help your hair retain volume better.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Gemma Chan’s prayers are both stylish and practical. Some loose tendons keep things relaxed and comfortable to come off your face. And when it comes to flattering round faces, Ade says, “A good style option is half up, half down; it allows for some height and loose hair can be tied back to soften the look.”

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Lucy Hale’s bob looks casual with lots of texture, as seen here. When sprayed on dry hair, products like It’s a 10 Miracle Texture Fiber ($16) add light dimension and prevent flyaways.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Olivia Munn’s long, mid-length waves can slim a round face. And when it comes to the right hair routine, she knows what she’s doing. “Every great style starts with hair prep,” notes Federico. She recommends drying hair with a generous amount of R+Co One Prep Spray ($22), which “acts as a primer that balances the hair’s porosity.”

Tatjana Ali’s natural curls open up the face and add youthful energy. A slightly loose cuff narrows her face and shows off her cheekbones. To prevent frizz, buy a leave-in conditioner like Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment ($42).

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Hairstyles For Men With Round Faces

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin has sported a number of eye-catching pixie cuts, but this version – complete with strong side-swept bangs – shows off her face beautifully. “This pixie with thick, angled bangs will help open up her round face. Apply BosleyMD Blowdry & Styling Gel to damp hair and use a flat brush or paddles to smooth hair and leave bangs in. Use pomade or sticks to accentuate the style,” Frieze orders.

Queen Latifah’s glossy look adds some pizzazz to a plain lob. Ask your stylist to use a straight razor, which results in thinner strands. For added vibrancy, try Ghd Heat Protect Spray ($25), which keeps hair smooth and damage-free.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Innovative, casual and classy, ​​perfect for flaunting a round face. Tight strands help frame Sarah Hyland’s face as part of this curly hairstyle. People with round faces could consider a similar voluminous hairstyle that adds height and creates balance.

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

The new version of the mullet is softer and more wearable than the 80s mullet. With different lengths and layers, Miley Cyrus’ modern take on this famous style is on the rise. For a glossy look, Federico recommends R+Co Two Way Mirror Smoothing Oil ($32), “a smoothing oil that adds shine while leaving hair looking luxurious.”

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

More proof that medium is great for round faces? Amy Adams. Her soft, loose waves swept slightly away from her face and were left loose enough to be worn day or night. To style, “Use a volumizing mousse, blow dry with a large round brush, and add a little definition to the curls with an extra-large curling iron,” says Friese.

For loose and relaxed waves, twist your hair in different directions by sectioning the curls so they don’t look too uniform.

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

Slimming Hairstyles For Round Faces・2023 Ultimate Guide

Christina Ricci went for a cute angular style, and the y-cut texture here makes her big eyes and round face look great. However, the strong bangs are the star of the show. They shape and create a sense of balance, complementing a round face shape.

Moderately layered styles, like Octavia Spencer’s work, to complement the features. Fries explained:

What Hairstyles Are Best For Round Faces

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