South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair – Your hairstyle can make or break your entire look. That is why choosing a wedding hairstyle is an important decision for the bride and groom. To make things easier for you, we have dug up some of the latest Indian wedding hairstyles. It’s a comprehensive list, so we’ve divided it into eight sections, you can scroll down to wherever you’re looking. Here are the details.

Something to keep in mind when choosing a wedding hairstyle for any ceremony is to make sure it suits your personality and style. If you consider yourself to be someone who likes to experiment, go for a unique hairstyle. Although if you like to play it safe, then go for something timeless and elegant. Winter wedding season is right around the corner, and we knew we had to compile this list before you start planning your 2020-2021 winter wedding! Let’s go straight to the list:

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Ah! The wedding bun is classic and timeless. The most popular hairstyles for the big day – tons of bun hairstyles can always be found on wedding Pinterest boards. This curated list includes bouquet buns, messy buns, minimal style buns, and slim and tight buns for you to pin, store and mark.

Curly Hair Hairstyles That Are Quick And Easy!

The red roses that bloomed on the bride’s bun added charm to her bridal look!

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Cute wedding, where have you been? This wedding bouquet bun with colorful roses and baby’s breath is so impressive. We can stare at it forever.

Decorate your entire bun with these lovely pink orchids and some baby’s breath and strut like a diva as you walk down the aisle.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Traditional South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

There is elegance in simplicity. Love this simple floral bun with roses and mogra wreaths tightly pinned together for a show-worthy hairstyle! Shop jooda buns accessories here.

This bride decorated her entire bun with white hydrangeas and looked very chic yet elegant. Destroyed his bride’s portrait too!

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

The white orchids around the bun complement the baby’s breath beautifully. A unique flower arrangement is sure to attract many compliments.

Best And Beautiful Hair Styles For Indian Bride

We think having a white bun goes well with colorful Indian outfits. Besides, stuffing the wedding bun with flowers must be the latest trend!

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

There’s no point in having a braided bun if you don’t show it off! Take a cue from this bride on how she flaunted her wedding bun hairstyle while reaping the beauty of a flowery chignon.

Another wedding bun for anyone looking to add some drama to their wedding day hairstyle. You can leave the bun as it is, or add some flowers on the bottom end like this bridal one.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Latest 25 South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Decorate your contemporary bun hairstyle with delicate lavender flowers and create a beautiful hairstyle beyond words.

If you have time, let your stylist give you this dramatic hairstyle. What perfection! The ideal choice for your roka or sangeet night.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

We went all out for a double sided crown braid that blends into a sleek donut bun. Love the creativity of MUA Thusshi decorating hairstyles with baby’s breath.

Best Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding That Are Trending This Wedding Season

Love this artistic wedding bun hairstyle! A low bun hairstyle always looks elegant and luxurious. It not only creates an ideal wedding hairstyle, but would look amazing on bridesmaids or the mother of the bride.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

The wedding bun pictured below is a unique combination of accessories, braids and twists. It adds a lot of puffiness and volume to your hair. Every bride with thin hair should definitely choose it.

If you are tired of flower buns, decorate your hairstyle with standout accessories instead of flowers! Get accessories like this

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hairstyles With Sarees For Indian Weddings

The bun is versatile, beautiful, and elegant. They give brides a great fussy look and are ideal for brides who don’t want a heavy burden on their D-Day!

A red rose flower with a red lehenga is a stunning and waterproof choice for your big day. Also, forever. Because, unlike other flowers, roses, especially red ones, will always be a trend! Love how they’ve styled this neat bun hairstyle beautifully without looking overdone.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Apart from the striking braided bun, her lehenga blouse design is another reason to jump into this image. Or bookmark our blog by tapping the *bookmark now* button on the top right.

Easy Half Updo Hairstyles For That Dreamy Mehndi Look

If you’re done with just flowers decorating your wedding bun, why not join them with beaded decorations to create a stunning wedding hairstyle! That’s what popular hair maestro Ritika Kadam did for the bride’s big day. With a question, creativity added a sharp contrast to her red ensemble, but it was still beautiful!

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Wedding hairstyles with roses have been a go-to for Indian brides and are often seen on brides in 2021. This updo with rose flowers looks very subtle and refined. It’s impressive how MUA placed the flower so neatly in her bun and complemented it with a side twist and flip.

Every part of a South Indian bride exudes elegance and royalty. From simple kanjeevaram sarees to amazing jewelery and gorgeous hair accessories – we love them all! An important part of their bridal look is a stunning hairstyle that is creative and artistic in every way. When we scoured the Internet, we fell in love with South Indian bridal hairstyles. This part is going to be long, get ready!

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles To Slay Your Wedding Look!

This is a feminine hairstyle for South Indian brides. With the hair blown up at the top to create an attractive low bun which is further decorated with jasmine flowers, everything about this hairstyle is gorgeous.

We tell you, a South Indian bride will take your breath away! If you have seen their wedding braid hairstyles with such beautiful accessories and wondered what they are – here is the answer. They are called ‘jada billalu’ or simply, jada set or choti jadai. They come in the form of strings, like those worn by the bride underneath or separately when they were also called ‘billas’. They can be made of gold or use flowers.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Moreover, the huge juda pins she wears are called raakodi, another common hair accessory used by South Indian brides.

Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair For Indian Brides

The ponytail adds a smooth, silky finish to any look. Take inspiration from this bride on how to slay it on your big day!

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

As we mentioned above, the juda pins in South Indian hairstyles are called ‘raakodi’. It is usually placed in the center of the bun, but this bride doesn’t play by the rules. She decorated her hairstyle with raakodis on top and pink carnations on either side – so pretty!

The jhumka strings you see are actually chain earrings (get it here). MUA uses it cleverly to create super sharp hairstyles. She further smoothed the hairstyle with jasmine flowers.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles We Are Totally Drooling After!

Keeping it simple and traditional, this bride accentuated her long braids with jadai billai and venice hairpins – flower strands that are a common addition to South Indian wedding hairstyles and are placed at the beginning of the rather This can be a simple wreath or a wreath like the one pictured below. Buy this billai jadai

For a subtle but striking wedding hairstyle, try a low bun with a crown of braids on either side that cascade down the sides of the head.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Trendy and stylish bun hairstyles! Some of the braids are tied at the bottom in a low bun and decorated with multicolored flower garlands, looking so unique and edgy.

South Indian Bridal Cabeloestilos For Long Cabelo Videos To The Side Wedding Cabeloestilos Foto Compartilhado Por Giuseppe

If you want to turn heads with your hair, check out these beautiful and stunning braids. Make sure everything is pinned up properly, especially if your hair is fine.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Another South Indian hairstyle that takes the form of a braid but excludes all the traditional elements. Brides looking for thick braids with a graceful style, this one will capture your heart.

How simple and beautiful this hairstyle is! Add a twist to your ponytail with a jasmine bouquet and voila, you’re ready to make a statement.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

A Guide On How To Choose Your Bridal Hairstyle According To Face Shape!

Layers of yellow flowers are eye-pleasing which complement the bride’s yellow saree and make her look ethereal.

Here we can clearly see that the statement accessory is nothing less than the chain earrings used to decorate the wedding bun. Looks spectacular, right?

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you’re wearing white, choose a soft color in your bun. Crush pink flower and pink bubble combo this wedding is resplendent in every way.

Simple South Indian Hairstyles For A Gracious Look

We can’t help but adore this bride’s original white flower bun. We also love her blouse design with vintage sleeves and eye-catching growth.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

Mogra or Jasmine is considered auspicious for Indian brides. Using it as a venice is a great idea!

A simple curly bun with a wreath underneath makes a great combo! We can’t get over how beautifully the orange flowers complement the blue saree.

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

A Handy Guide To Long Hairstyles For Men

Your bridesmaids will be there for you through your future bride’s journey, make her feel special by incorporating your big day hairstyle as a small thank you for her patience through your wedding moments.

A stunning combination of mogra flowers beautifully inlaid with roses as the outline makes a great veining arrangement!

South Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

We were blown away by how beautiful it was

Beautiful South Indian Bridal Hairstyle For A Gorgeous Bridal Look

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