Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair – These are some of my favorite quick little styles. Both are very easy hairstyles that anyone can style, and I’ll show you a few options depending on whether you have medium or longer hair. Plus, adding a cute accessory like this sparkly headband makes it even better (I mean sparkly, am I right?). These are quick and easy hairstyle options for every day, and especially if you need something simple for an upcoming holiday party.

It’s easy for me to forget that at shorter lengths I still have styling options. For this one, I combined a cute headband and some simple braids with my low bun style that I do a lot (like a lot!). Which is ideal for sweet but casual, when you want to spice up a simple style.

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

1. I started to add some texture and wave my hair and then put on a headband so we don’t have to change it around the braids next time.

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2. Next, I took a small triangular section on one side of my section, right in front of the headband to start creating a dutch braid. I made sure to leave some facial hair because I wanted to frame the face when it was all done!

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

3. Dutch braid until you pass over the top of the headband, then continue by adding hair from the other side of the headband. This will hide and secure the headband underneath your style.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side of the section, until you reach the nape of the neck, then tie the ends of each braid together with a rubber band.

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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6. Then I went back and fell into the loops of the braid to expand its shape and make it fuller.

7. Finally, I put all the hair that was left with the ends of the braids into a low bun using a ponytail holder and you’re good to go!

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

For this super simple hairstyle, even if you have longer hair, it won’t take much time. I love it for the style of a party or something organized, but still a bit casual. The perfect environment!

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1. We started with some loose waves. I created these waves with a flat iron and then lightly ironed them.

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

2. Then I put the headband first, then the hair in the middle at the back and fix it with rubber bands in two tails. (We left some hair in the front to frame her face.)

3. Then I lightly brushed each ponytail. Nothing too extreme, just to add loose texture and grip to the pony.

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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4. Once you’ve done this on both sides, twist each one slightly, securing it in place as you go, gently pulling it around the rubber band.

5. After you run out of length and the twist is properly secured in place, I go back and gently pull the bun to get a “perfect-imperfect” feel without it being too tight.

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

6. I repeated those steps on the other tail, making sure they were balanced, but they didn’t have to be exact. Siblings, not twins!

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And that is it! Fast, easy and beautiful! What I love most about it is that you can wear it as a funky fix-up at a party, or a simpler version for running errands or whatever (I still recommend the glitter headband, because it sparkles). This is also something you can easily do with a low back bun if you’re not quite ready to rock the double buns. Try it! – Erin There are so many easy hairstyles, once you learn them you’ll be surprised how versatile your everyday look can be. Our main goal is to help make your life easier, which is why we’ve done some in-depth research and come up with a great set of simple ideas to replicate. Whenever you get tired of the same old hairstyle that you use every day, you are welcome to use these great ideas that we have prepared for you!

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

The thing is, cute hairstyles for medium hair don’t require countless hours spent in front of the mirror. You will easily manage to create a classy hairstyle yourself, with minimal time and effort.

What’s more, medium hairstyles are so versatile and easy to upgrade that you shouldn’t limit your imagination. Just follow our lead and be creative!

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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Although it may not look like the simplest hair design, it is still quite easy to achieve.

Such simple hairstyles for girls work best with voluminous locks. So, if you have a full head of hair, you can skip the first step.

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

What makes cute hairstyles easy is the lack of preparation. You can start styling your locks right away.

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If you are looking for beginner easy hairstyles for medium hair, then this low pony is the right choice.

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

This is one of the most popular easy hairstyles for medium hair and no wonder. You can get it in a few simple steps.

Easy lazy hairstyles can really turn out to be sophisticated and sophisticated, and the Greek style hairstyle is vivid proof of this.

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Perfectly Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

This simple hairstyle for short medium hair is a lifesaver when you need to look your best at all times.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to show off these cute easy hairstyles.

Simple Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

In a medium cut hairstyle, the ends of the hair are usually cut at the collarbones or shoulder blades. This style is actually suitable for many hair textures and hair types, including curly, straight, wavy and natural hair. It also requires less maintenance than long hair and suits all face shapes.

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