Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

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Julyne Derrick is a contributing writer in the hair care industry. He has more than ten years of experience as a writer and editor.

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Often, you hear beauty tips that say women with round faces should not cut their hair short. That is not true. You can wear short hair regardless of your face shape; you just want to make sure you get the right cut and style. It’s all about working with your natural hair texture and trying to shape your face (more on that below).

Fringe Hairstyles From Choppy To Side Swept Bangs

When it comes to round faces, our experts—Giovanni Vaccaro, Marcus Hoey, and Justine Marjan—say you want to choose styles that flatter and elongate your face. The good news: This can be done at any length, including short ones.

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Please note: Some of the celebrities below do not have round faces, but the hairstyles shown should match their round face shape.

Simple but simple, Carey Mulligan’s cut can transform any occasion. “The pixie cut is one of my favorite looks for round face shapes,” says Hoey. “The fringe is narrower at the sides and back and wider towards the top and around the head. This creates height by elongating the look while also slimming the face.”

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Best Ways To Wear Curtain Bangs With Short Hair

Jennifer Hudson’s thick strands create the perfect backdrop for a pixie cut. By removing length and weight from hair, a pixie can cut styling time in half—and then some. To flatter a round face, consider adding volume to the top. This will make your face look longer (read: more oval).

Before you get a pixie cut, know that you should trim it every four to six weeks to keep it looking fresh. Otherwise, you can enlarge it (without finding it difficult).

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

A favorite look of Taraji P. Henson, this hairstyle can be soft or dramatic depending on your style. “High quality, shiny hair makes your hair look great,” says Marjan, “and layers that start at the nape of the neck elongate your head.”

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts That Look Effortlessly Good

If you’re hesitant to cut your locks, just keep them short with Elizabeth Olsen layers for a chic look. “Make sure your stylist creates long layers a few inches above to draw attention to the eyes and create a flattering look,” advises Vaccaro. “This will help weigh down the ends and generally provide more movement and volume to the hair.”

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Sometimes a bob can make a round face appear round, but not here. Why? The bangs are cut on the side and are made in such a way that it elongates the face. Lee Ji-eun, we thank you.

If you have a round face and chin, a pixie like Michelle Williams’s can look great. “A cut in the front will soften the curve, while a cut in the back and sides will elongate the neck,” says Marjan. “Have your stylist cut the sides and back using a ‘machete on the brow’ technique to keep the ends soft (as opposed to using clips). For fuller cut the ends with scissors or braids and keep the front length soft. Around the face,” she advises. Marjan.

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

The 50 Best Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

A pixie cut can be great if you have thin and/or thin hair. However, when it comes to styling, use something that allows you to cut and style it.

Hairstyles can reduce facial features, so you can play up your natural curls, like Hailey Bieber does here. You can do this while drying your hair. If you want to expand, wrap your hair around a curling iron barrel. We love the Hot Tools Professional Gold Curling Iron ($55) for body and hold.

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Is there any other hairstyle that screams girls like a ball? Not only will this look great in the office, but it will surprise the surrounding faces as well. Sitting on the top of your head, it naturally draws the eyes upwards, making your head look longer and slimmer.

Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts For Women In 2023

Well, Chrissy Teigen’s cut isn’t “short” by definition, but it does include short (read: layered) elements. It will allow you to go anywhere without compromising on length. “Just adding small sections to the face between the lips and chin will reduce the weight of the front hair and give you length,” says Hoey. “This is a little conservative but add enough to bring your style to life. For the back sections, you want the shortest section to be about three inches longer than your height. This will make the style easier to create crown length.”

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Volume and structure is what makes Naomi Scott so attractive. “Ask for a length that goes about an inch below your chin to your collarbone and that the part rests on the browbones and less around the face,” says Marjan. For a round face, the iris or tip or edge of the eye is usually a good measure of where you want to part your hair, she adds.

The box cutter cuts very well. “It’s a minimalist design and the line is seamless from front to back,” explains Hoey. “Make sure you question your shape at the end. This cut reduces the sides of the face and creates length under the chin, elongating the face. It’s young, professional and modern.”

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Trend Short Haircuts With Bangs

Contrary to popular belief, curly hair can be cut short. The trick is to find a box that works with your natural look. Jill Scott’s big bob features clever layers to give her style. “Most styles allow the hair to frame your face, with lifts at the roots and waves to enhance the eyes and lips,” says Marjan.

If your hair tends to fall out, a short bob cut can give you natural volume and make you look fuller. Simply changing your part is a fun and easy way to play with different styles. Part it to the side and let the rest cover your forehead like Cameron Diaz for a casual vibe.

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Sometimes (but not always) a short cut can highlight the contours of your face, so going long is a surefire way to avoid this. If you’re afraid to go short, try a length about two inches below the armpit like Queen Latifah here. It has a medium layered bodice and a deep part that frames and flatters her face.

The 30 Best Short Hairstyles To Flatter Brown Hair

Jenna Coleman’s boat shoes look great with a cut that hits the shoulders, has a middle part and adds a little bit to the roots. To look more flattering than the dead center part, follow Coleman’s advice and go a little further down the middle – about half an inch on either side of your nose.

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

This graduated bob is perfect for those who want a casual, low-maintenance cut, or something extra, like Gigi Hadid. It maintains the length of the lower jaw but allows growth and movement as it moves back. FYI: These long bobs can work on any hair type – they look just as good with straight hair as they do with natural waves.

Shoulder length hair is the most popular hairstyle in the world. And pairing it with loose waves just seals the deal. “A length that falls an inch below the arm and around the neck is ideal because it draws attention away from the chin/arm line,” explains Vaccaro. Styling, “I like to grab a wave to create soft, fluffy waves at the sides and spray Glamsquad’s Beachy Wave Spray ($26) to keep the hair tousled/unruly,” she advises.

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

Updated] 45 Cute Short Hair With Bangs Styles

Adding some sides to your short hair, like Mindy Kaling, gives the perfect angle to give a round face shape. To achieve the look, “I often have my clients reverse their hair to wash their hair in a different direction while using Glamsquad’s Full Effect Volumizing Mousse ($28),” says Vaccaro. “I finish with a large 1.5-inch barrel iron to create consistent waves.”

Straight hair that falls on the shaft gives a nice contrast to a round face. “I like lobs for round faces and very little

Short Hairstyles For Straight Hair With Bangs

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