Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair – Fact: Combing your hair can seem like a chore when you’re lacking in the motivation department. But there is a very easy solution, and it all starts with this list of gorgeous hairstyles specially chosen for your 3c hair. Whether you’ve been working with tight 3c curls or have a mix of 3 and 4 hair, you’re sure to find something to love when you scroll through these updates: chic celebrity-approved braids and all-access looks. So the next time you’re about to pull your hair into that same top knot and say, don’t. Read on for the top 20 (and, TBH,

Before we get to the look, a quick reminder: 3c hair is usually defined by its tight curls that are tightly packed. The best products for your hair will be highly moisturizing formulas, such as leave-in conditioners, curl creams, gels, and oils (although your hair’s porosity, its ability to hydrate and stay hydrated, will determine your exact product line). How you apply them depends on personal preference, but 3c hair is usually best when you take your fingers out and run them through wet hair, then apply the hairstyles involved by scratching, covering, or using the prayer hands

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

TBH, Yara Shahidi can do no wrong (especially when it comes to her beauty game) and this cute pineapple hairstyle is proof of that. After moisturizing the curls with a light cream, gather the hair at the top of the head and leave some pieces in the front, like Yara, for a fake bangs look.

How To Cut Curly Hair |

When in doubt, add two accessories to your 3c hairstyle and call it a day. Follow Zazie Beetz’s lead and slide a few pearl-adorned bobby pins through your curls for an understated, super-pretty look.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Not sure if you want to go the sleek or curly route with your 3c hairstyle? This view offers the best of both worlds. Swirl your ends with a fuzzy edge control, slick your part with some gel, and boost your natural texture and volume through your mid-lengths and ends.

Here’s a great idea: Pull your 3c hair back into a bun at the base of your neck and leave out some face-framing curls right in front. A sleek middle part is key to recreating this look, so make sure you have a rattail comb on top.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Short Curly Hairstyles For Black Women| Best Curly Hairstyles

Whether you have type 3 or type 4 hair, you can’t go wrong with some gold accessories on your head. I mean, what better way to kick off spring and summer than with a new hair color?

Those glues you wore every day in kindergarten just got a major upgrade. Pull Yara Shahidi and pull the 3c hair straight down the middle, place your baby hair with a fringe device and secure two long, curly ponytails just below the ears.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Looking for an easy way to balance your favorite 3c hairstyle? Opt for this low bun look that features natural volume, pinned edges and beautiful curls throughout your hair. Think of it as a basic: it’s very easy, but the payoff is huge.

Gorgeous Short Curly Hairstyles To Try This Year

Not only does this style take about 10 minutes to recreate, but it’s also a great option for keeping your hair off your neck during the summer. Just gather the curls at the top of your head, leave a couple of pieces (or don’t) and you’re good to go. By the way, styling milks are ideal for moisturizing your hair without weighing it down.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Relevant, but they are especially good for those days when you want an easy but beautiful style for your hair 3c. This look features perfectly defined curls and two face-framing pieces for the ultimate vibe.

Here, Gabrielle Union makes a great case for cutting your 3a/4a hair into a clean, healthy bob. If you’re dealing with heat or chemical damage (or if you just feel like mixing things up!) and considering a cut, check out our guide to getting the big cut for expert advice.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Easy Braids For Curly Hair

Check out this post on Instagram Post shared by A S H L Y D A N I E L A (@ashlydanielaa)

The Show: The cutest hairstyle for type 3 hair that looks like you put more effort into it than you actually did (and, like, who doesn’t want that?). Gather your favorite shiny bobby pins, load up on a curl-defining cream, and slide clips on either side of your part for a secure look.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Sometimes all you need is two puffs to create a really cute style for your curly hair. Don’t you love how this one looks with a set of curly bangs grazing just above her eyes? Bonus points for recreating her yellow look too.

Stunning Medium Length Hairstyles For Natural Hair

What do you get when you combine a middle part, two braids and two buns? This 3c hairstyle is beautiful, huh. You want to use a light edge control when recreating this look (something that won’t clog your pores or clog them).

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

In case your Instagram feed hasn’t already alerted you, ’90s hairstyles aren’t going away anytime soon. Style your 3c hair with snap clips in tons of colors; don’t be afraid to make it your own.

Take it from Tamera Mowry: headband hairstyles are always a winning look, whether you’re working with 3c or 4c hair. The best part about this style? You can work with day three (or four!) hair – just lightly brush a curl renewal spray through your mids and ends for a boost of hydration.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Sexy Bob Hairstyles For Black Women In 2023

Fancy trying a bold color on your 3c hair? Instead of solid color, look to a hair color wax (like Hair Paint Wax A Splash of Color or Mysteek Naturals Color Pop Temporary Hair Color). They allow you to play with a brighter color without the risk of damage.

Another hair color worth keeping on your radar? This discreet and ultra-dense red for hair 3c. If you’re looking for something more permanent, schedule an appointment with a professional colorist to avoid damage or breakage.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Part a third of your type 3 or 4 hair to style this beautiful style by Nathalie Emmanuel. Basically, it’s the perfect medium look for shorter lengths, regardless of your curl type, and will be a staple in your routine all year round.

Best 3c Hairstyle Ideas For 2022

Sorry, but how cute and understated is this 3c hairstyle? All you have to do is create two braids on your part and leave the rest of your hair loose. Pro tip: A light moisturizing oil is great for locking in moisture.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Part your hair 3c down the middle and create two sleek braids (crime-free gel will be your best friend here) for this gorgeous style. Bonus points for pulling the whole look together with warm highlighter and lip gloss. These days, there are so many short hairstyles for black women to enjoy and be inspired by. Short hair has never been so fresh and sexy! Whether you want to play with curls, tight bangs, or a silky smooth texture, your ideal style is out there. It’s just discovering that, oh, so perfect.

Dynamic curls make beautiful afros and spring ringlets look great in layered bobs. Relax your hair for a sleek look or try curls for a chic, retro vibe.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Attractive Short Hairstyles For Black Women: Illustrated Guide

Regardless of your hair texture, personality, or even your mood today, there’s an amazing style that looks like it’s just for you. We have all the best to choose from, so let’s take a look!

What’s more beautiful than a wonderful and natural texture? We love a short afro with just the right amount of frizz to create a natural shape that suits your personality.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

If you like bangs, ask your stylist to cut a few heavier curls over one eye for a little extra style.

Of The Chicest Short Haircuts That Embrace Curls And Waves

It’s hard to say what’s more beautiful about this hairstyle; the beautiful golden color or the beautiful lines! This pixie is edgy and fun, so feel free to try another color if this blonde isn’t for you.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Thicker hair with body helps bring the choppy layers to life. Finish the look with short bangs to show off the gorgeous face underneath.

This look is all about personality and shows off some amazing curls. If your hair is naturally curly with bigger bangs, this short hairstyle might suit you.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Cute Shag Haircut Ideas For Any Length And Texture — See Photos

Curls can be the retro style you never knew you needed. This cut goes out in style, so consider it the next time you want to dress up your short hairstyle.

A fake eyelash or two on the forehead gives this polished look just the little bit of style it needs.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

These thick, hydrated curls make for a stunning short hairstyle for black women. To achieve this look, cut your hair into a bob with lots of bangs.

Curly Hairstyles 2023: 25+ Styles For Short, Medium, And Long Hair

What really makes this cut stand out are the bronde balayage highlights. Create a natural sun-kissed glow by focusing on the lighter bronze parts at the top of the head.

Neck Length Short Curly Hairstyles Black Hair

Pixies are a classic short hairstyle for black women. We love long bangs and side bangs

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