Monologues For African American Females

Monologues For African American Females – I was in the middle of my undergrad, sitting among piles of plays in stacks on the third floor before audition week when I realized, “If I read one more speech as the weak and needy boyfriend, I’m going to throw .” These monologues are not! The following ten pieces offer freedom and aggression when you want to play a woman who speaks – and lives – for herself.

Jennifer Hawkins, an investigative journalist, is assigned to write an article about TV news reporter Marco Visconti, whom she suspects of murdering an international film star in order to boost his failing career by breaking the story.

Monologues For African American Females

Monologues For African American Females

A female brigade jumps onto a pub table with a grappler in one hand and a beer in the other. Tired of the men in the pub bragging about their achievements, he challenges each man to a match to prove their mettle. He is powerful, brash, cheeky, unabashed and holds nothing back.

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A woman dates a writer. The author tries to impress him with his view of the profession: how important and careful every choice is; how much talent he has. He launches into the following monologue about the trip to the dentist. As he lies in the examination chair, the dentist’s anesthesia takes him to a dream world where there are memories of his family, especially one of his Uncle Bernie. The dream may be based on a real event, which makes the man uncomfortable.

Monologues For African American Females

Simon is having an affair; Trying to get her husband’s attention, Taylor just broke the precious Dudamel wand in half. He tells her to take it, and when she refuses, he continues to demand that she follow his orders. When Taylor replied, “Or what?” Simon doesn’t answer. Here he tells Simon that he is the only one who will fight for him like this. He loves her, but not the person she is now.

After the Trojan War, before the Greeks leave Troy, King Priam’s wife, Hecuba, mourns the death of her daughter Polyxena and plots revenge for the murder of her youngest son Polydorus. The city that was once her queen has fallen. Inside a Greek coastal camp, Hecuba shames Agamemnon for his actions.

Monologues For African American Females

Chicago Theatre Hit At The Phoenix

When Anne and Charlotte Bronte return from London, their brother Branwell dies. As Anne fixes her clothes afterwards, Charlotte complains about the pressure she feels to deliver an additional and more unique work to accompany Jane Eyre. This speech is Anne’s response, as she begins to question her brothers’ need to write.

Chelonia Mydas, a sea turtle over 300 years old, cares for the last two eggs of her species as the world changes around her. Rising tides and predators are too dangerous to remain in their traditional spawning grounds. She must move her eggs to a safe place and help protect them when they hatch.

Monologues For African American Females

Depression, but she is good at putting on a happy face and hiding it. Here he shares the truth about his feelings with the audience.

Monologues Of Women Of The Bible: Williams Harris, Iva I: 9781545671184: Books

The banking takes place in a fairly decent motel room somewhere in Key West. Miranda came down from Tallahassee for a weekend with her boyfriend Lem. When a distraught Lem shoots himself, Miranda takes refuge next door to Joy’s room. Thus begins the unlikely bond between two very different women, both struggling to face their own fears.

Monologues For African American Females

Nellie McClung delivers this monologue about how women have appropriated the concept of chivalry and how this concept has contributed to subversive sexism over time. An intelligent woman, Nellie uses strong, educated and precise language to explain her view of chivalry. This monologue takes place in pre-World War I Manitoba, Canada, before any women had the right to vote in that province.

Amanda Grace is an artist, writer, composer, improviser and director whose work has graced stages from Central Florida to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He is based in London, where he is studying for his M.F.A. in acting and performance education at Rose Bruford College. Amanda holds a B.A. in Theater Studies and a B.A. in psychology, as well as a diploma in Shakespearean performance from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Her original albums can be streamed at Photo by ActionVance Photo by Library of Congress Photo by Matteo Modica Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy Photo by Elle Cartier Photo by Lorraine Steriopol Photo by Minh Ngọc Photo by Jessica Felicio Photo by Scott Mixer Photo by chelsea ferenando Looking for a monologue with people of color? These monologues find black men and women struggling for relationships, their families, and the ongoing struggle for equal rights. Whether these plays are set in the early 1900s, Jim Crow South, East London, or in a typical high school classroom, all of these characters have a say in defining their skin color.

Monologues For African American Females

What Is An Inner Monologue?

Sunset Johnson is a young black soldier who returns home to Virginia from World War I. He hides in the woods while working on his father’s farm. He meets a young white woman who chases butterflies and also avoids farm work. The two enjoy an innocent, fun, yet dangerous flirtation – one that could have dangerous consequences in the Jim Crow South.

Lavinia, an actress, must support her dream with two jobs, each of which complicates the beautiful facade she has worked so hard to create. He is alternately at the mercy of a lawyer who has no idea he is human and a litter of precocious privileged children who learn from Lavinia how to “act” for TV commercials. He worries about his sick father and sees his lack of desire to get well; Lavinia sees in her father her lifelong inability to stand up for herself. His pent-up anger began to erupt in quiet thoughts and verbal outbursts at the most unexpected and inopportune moments. Here he enters the classroom only after failing an audition because he is not “black” enough.

Monologues For African American Females

Three different students from different backgrounds share their stories of schoolwork, cheating, working hard in AP classes and sometimes even skipping class. Normally, these three students would never speak to each other, but when a group project for French class brings them together, they are forced to confront their stereotypes and their anxieties – and more worryingly, their desires and dreams. In this monologue, we see high school student Will deal with his changing perspective on his own cultural identity.

Play Anthologies By And About Bipoc, Lgbtq, & Women

Chicago. current day Xtigone’s brothers were killed in a shootout by rival gangs. His uncle, Marcellus da Man, called a press conference on CNN to announce that the bodies should be buried instead of exposing the reality of the violence on the city’s streets. Will Xtigone defy her powerful uncle and risk death by uncovering her brothers’ bodies? Using hip-hop poetry, dance and dialogue that speaks with an urban voice, this reimagining of Sophocles’ Antigone tells the story of the evil Xtigone and her search for truth in her society. In this monologue, Tigs, a girl with a warrior’s heart, in cuffs, is about to be buried alive for disobeying her uncle Marcellus.

Monologues For African American Females

Ossian Sweet was born and raised in Bartow, Florida, where life for Negroes in the early 1900s was very difficult. Ossian Sweet moved north in the great migration of the twenties where he met and married the beautiful Gladys Atkinson and became a doctor in Detroit. All is well and good until Sweets is put on trial for neighborhood violence; the play stops short of defending the right of anyone to live where they want in a colorblind society. This monologue is early in the play. Ossian, now in his twenties, recalled a brutal type of lynching he witnessed as a boy living along the Peace River near Bartow, Florida. He hid in some bushes then.

London. A pub in Clapham Junction, London. Outside, there are riots in London. Two teenage girls, Tink and Cyn, enter the pub and wait for their friend Terra. Henry is the father of Teresa, who disappeared in the midst of the riots. He sneaks a peek at Teresa’s open laptop at home and discovers Teresa’s plans to run away from the pub with Tink and Cyn. Cyn, an Afro-Caribbean 17-year-old, just listens to Henry talk about the first girl he ever fell in love with; she had to break up with him because the girl’s father, a white man, did not approve of his daughter dating a black man. Cyn was very angry. She is horrified at the concept of settling for being treated as if she is “less than” because of her skin color, a trait she shares with Henry. In this monologue, he expresses disgust at the way he himself is treated by the police, teachers and family when he has never committed a crime in his life.

Monologues For African American Females

Stage: Live Recording, The Vagina Monologues

A dark and compelling vision of a world infected with violence; we see the characters in a seemingly normal detention in a seemingly normal modern comprehensive school. A teacher just believes

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