Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men – If you’ve successfully transitioned your hair from a neat, short style through the awkward in-between stage, you’re probably ready for some mid-length inspiration. What’s great about adding length is that it opens up your options, giving you so much more flexibility to choose a new style or change it up.

Whether you want to keep your length all over your head or cut the sides to leave long hair on top, you have plenty to choose from. Check out our favorite medium haircuts for men, then book an appointment with a local styling pro to freshen up your look!

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

You can create a signature look by tucking in the sides and keeping enough top length for a blowout. Your stylist should be able to give you one of these by styling your hair as they dry it. It’s not an overly complicated technique, but you’ll need a hair dryer and styling brush to DIY it at home. You can even go to the salon if the explosive prices are within your budget.

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Natural wavy hair is perfect for creating a deceptively simple look. Let your stylist know you want to maintain your length. Then they can work with your hair type to style it in a way that will look great when it grows out.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

This is one of the easiest medium hairstyles for men. It may seem as easy as letting your hair grow out, but you still need to trim it every two to three months, even if you grow it out. It’s also important to keep your strands healthy with a conditioner specifically formulated for your hair type.

If you​​​​like the look and texture of your natural hair, but want a little more dynamic style when it grows out, try a fade. Longer hair on top will blend especially well with a high or medium fade, but you can always ask your stylist for his recommendation for your unique look.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Best Medium Length Haircuts For Men And How To Style Them

The classic Pompadour is one of the medium hairstyles that men return to for a chic blend of vintage and modern styles. You will need several inches of hair to achieve this look, along with a high quality pomade or filler.

This is one of the most distinctive options for men with medium length haircuts. If you want to add another dimension, it also combines particularly well with dynamic coloring. Try to dye longer hair while keeping the cropped sections natural.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Do you want to change your usual look? Try getting a tasty side cone on your next visit to the barber. Ask them to leave enough length at the top to stick through, and ask them to style it for you if you’ve never done it before. If you don’t have a favorite wax or pomade, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

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Fades are phenomenal options for adding depth to your look without the need for drastic style changes or special hair products (unless you want them!). A medium fade will start a little above the temple and gradually shorten to the sideburns. Just remember to keep the fade between appointments to keep it fresh.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Another great fade option is a burst fade, which curls around the ear and leaves the length at the back of the neck. This fade allows you a lot of flexibility to style longer hair on top and back.

A twist-out requires conditioner, oil, hair gel or spray, clips, a comb, and a little patience. The whole process can take several days, but the results are worth the time and effort if you want a look with a lot of volume and dimension.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Trending Straight Hair Men’s Hairstyles In 2023

Medium length hair gives you a lot of hairstyle options, but you can also restyle the cut you have. When it comes to sharing, sometimes the best path is the path of least resistance. Try working with the natural part of your hair and adding subtle highlights for a look that complements the hair you have.

Looking for an alternative to the typical sandwich? You may have found your new look. A top knot is a chic, signature style that is easy to maintain, especially when paired with short sides.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

The 90s are making a big comeback, and so are some of their iconic hairstyles. The modern approach to a bowl cut has long bangs, a tousled top, and cropped sides. Keep in mind that this cut works best for those with straight to moderately wavy hair.

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For a chic pairing with a high fade, try a back comb. To do this style well, you need to part your hair to the side as much as possible. Comb away from that part and towards the back, apply pomade or other styling gel to keep it in place.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Love your curly locks? Wear them with pride and promote extra volume through careful maintenance and upkeep. Choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep it healthy, and consider brushing with a product designed for curly hair to really maximize volume and vibrancy.

Tousled hair evokes styles ranging from low-key bedhead to relaxed and beachy. It is also a great medium length hairstyle for men with straight to wavy strands. Complete the look with a well-groomed beard for a casual yet purposeful look.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

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This variation of the popular Pompadour is one of our favorite medium hairstyles for men with thick hair. As with the standard Pompadour, this version thrives on volume. Instead of combing it straight back, opt for a deep part and comb to the opposite side.

If your mid-length locks are going a little long, why not go with the flow (bro)? This playfully named style works beautifully with wavy hair of any thickness. Try experimenting with different parts to see what looks best with your particular hair type, face shape and preferences.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Since an up brush adds a significant amount of height to your head, it pairs well with a high fade, which draws the eye upwards. Apply generous amounts of your favorite sealing product, such as a paste, clay, pomade, or wax.

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If you have enough length to tie your hair back without forming a bun, you can consider a short ponytail. Try to center it just a little higher than the crown of your head and secure it with a hair elastic.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Just like a Pompadour, a tuft is long on top and short on the sides and back. To create this look, you’ll want to brush up and behind, creating height towards the front above the brow bone. Pair it with a cone to keep the short ends clean.

Medium length locs are a great choice if you can put in the time and effort to perfect them. This look can also be combined with a fade or a taper, leaving long locks on top while trimming the sides and back.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

The Best Wavy Hairstyles For Men To Try In 2022 And Beyond

Looking for another fade option to pair with a longer cut? Consider a bald fade: As the name suggests, this fade goes all the way down to the skin at its shortest point. Try combining it with other curls from this list, such as locks or curls.

If styling features like fades or tapers aren’t your thing, try to maintain the length and keep the sides and back the same length. By styling the top into a faux hawk, you create a uniform, low-maintenance look.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

This is a medium length hairstyle that men have been sporting for decades and it remains as timeless as it is versatile. Ask your stylist to keep the length and add layers to give your locks more depth and structure.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

One of the throwback medium short hairstyles for men that is making a comeback today is the flat top. You can get this style with sponge curls for a more textured look. Consider adding color to make it truly yours.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

Men’s medium length hairstyles have changed quite a bit over the decades, but keeping it simple never goes out of style. If you love your thick, thick locks, stop by your barber every six to eight weeks to update your lines and maintain shape and volume. You might even consider adding a line-up cut to add another layer of style.

If you​​​​like a twist-out and want to add a little more dimension to your look, try adding a medium fade. A medium fade should be mixed in the vertical form of a twist-out, creating a fuller hairstyle.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

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One of the easiest medium to short hairstyles for men with curly hair is a medium fade. If you​​​​like to show off your curls but are looking to spice up your look, ask your hairstylist for a medium fade to round things out.

The easiest way to style medium length hair is to grow out your layers. While this may seem simple enough, you’ll want to maintain it properly with a conditioner designed for your hair type.

Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

If your hair grows out, you may decide not to trim the sides. Prefer to keep the length all the way round, but want a new styling option? Try to comb from a deep part, right where the hair on the top of the head meets the hair on the side.

Top 9 Men’s Hairstyles With Medium Length

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Medium Short Length Hairstyles Men

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