Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

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Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Overgrown Frow Smooth Back Short Hair Frow Gentleman’s Brushed Out Modern Mullet Braid Long Brushed Back Loose Smooth Textured Spiky Textured Fade Round Tip with Spiky Top Fade

Very Short Haircut Men Hd Short Hair Men Awesome Fancy Hairstyles For Short Hair Men Hairstyles For Men Photo Shared By Lilli

Short, textured hairstyles are great for all hair types. For thick hair, it reduces volume and adds shape. For thin or fine hair, it helps create body and movement, making hair look fuller. You can’t go wrong with cropped hair, but short hair doesn’t mean skimping on style.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

It’s fine if you’re not looking for big changes. Despite popular belief, there’s a lot you can do when it comes to men’s hairstyles, from subtle changes to growing parts, the results can really make all the difference. “Using a matte paste or clay can create a shorter, more textured hairstyle in minutes,” says hairstylist Stephen Marinaro. “The key is to try using your hair up to create a more textured, modern look.”

For some much-needed inspiration on textured men’s tailoring, we turned to Patrick Butler, Director of Technical Education at Marinaro & Floyd’s Barbershops.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Boy Haircuts For Your Trendy Little Man

• Stephen Marinaro is an experienced hairstylist and media personality with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.

• Patrick Butler is the Director of Technical Education and Academy at Floyd’s Barbershops, a chain of salons serving men and women with a wide range of services.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

As Butler says, short hair is almost always in style—but especially in the 2020s, going to the salon can be a challenge.

Men’s Medium Length Hairstyles To Prepare For 2023

“Short hair for men is popular every summer as the temperature rises,” he said. “In the summer of 2020, it has become especially popular.” Many men actually “cut or styled their hair,” Butlett explained. The Joe Jonas body hum is super easy to DIY, and even better, requires little to no ongoing maintenance.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

The flat top — a hair style on top of the head that resembles a flat deck — is retro yet modern, and perfect for those who dare to make a statement on their sleeve (or, perhaps, on their head).

Keep in mind that this look requires more maintenance, so it’s perfect for those who want to work, like basketball player Iman Shumpert. “The key is to find what suits you best and what kind of maintenance you’re willing to do to stay stylish,” says Butler.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Medium Length Hairstyles For Men That Will Make A Statement

This hair should be cut with scissors in a tapered shape at the nape and sides. The top is left long and full of layers and texture.

Use a hair dryer to fluff up the top and brush the hair back with a brush. A boar bristle brush or ball-tipped vent brush works best. Apply a quarter-sized amount of mousse to damp hair. Use a brush to blow dry hair upwards, away from the bangs. Once your hair is dry and has a lot of volume, apply some medium hold pomade to your hair.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

If it’s particularly humid outside, you may need a spritz of light hairspray to set the style.

Top 36 Medium Hairstyles For Men

A slightly longer buzz—from actor Michael B. Jordan—offers style and ease. “If you want something short and sweet that requires little or no maintenance, a crew cut is a great option,” says Butler, explaining that it’s a consistent length. “The product is used very little because there is not much style.”

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

For those looking for something sleek yet professional, this fuller look is as chic as it is sophisticated. “A two-inch bob on top—with short sides and back—is a very easy and stylish hairstyle that can be worn in a variety of ways,” says Marinaro. “Think Brad Pitt.

This straight hairstyle works best on medium texture, natural body hair. You’ll need a tapered trimmer for the nape and sideburns. The top is left long and layered and blends into the sides.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Best Haircuts For Men In 2023 (trendiest Hairstyles Now)

Maintaining this cut requires some styling skills. Start with a primer and wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo. Apply an egg-sized amount of volumizing mousse to hands and work through damp hair. Part the hair naturally. Using a blow dryer and a brush (preferably a Denman Styling Brush or Boar Bristle Paddle Brush), roll the hair up and slightly to the side.

Have your stylist or barber cut your hair to suit your curls and head shape instead of targeting natural curls. This style is tighter at the temples and nape and fuller at the top and crown area. Just the right amount of layering makes curls dreamy.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Humidity is your enemy when you have curly hair, so you want to control it to keep your curls nice and wavy. It’s best to let your hair air dry, or you can use a diffuser on the end of your blow dryer. Finish with a beauty cream specially designed for curly hair.

Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Men In 2018

“If you want to add some style while keeping your hair short, ask your barber or stylist for a clean fade,” notes Butler. Here, Idris Elba showed off a version of a timeless, on-trend cut with faded sides and a slightly longer top.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Those who want more coverage than a clean fade can opt for a shorter taper, like Ryan Reynolds. “The choice here depends on how much skin you want to expose,” Butler points out. “A low taper allows you to cover more, while a fade exposes more skin.”

Nick Jonas’ pompadour is perfect for well-dressed gentlemen, and they have plenty in their arsenal, as it requires more styling time than other looks on our list. “Short hair products are essential,” says Butler. “A medium hold is one of your safest bets. Choose a set with low shine and a medium hold (this Floyd’s Molding Paste, $19, is my top pick) so it holds your shape without making it look too precious.”

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

For even more style, combine the aforementioned pompadour with a classic ombre, like singer Miguel. The look requires regular touch-ups (see your hairdresser every three to four weeks to trim it) and a range of high-quality pomades.

A crew cut is classic and easy to maintain, but with a little effort, you can make it look stylish. Use a boar bristle brush to bring out the hair’s natural shine, otherwise the style may look dry if you’ve just washed it. Take the time to work a light pomade into your hair for added shine. finished

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Use a personal trimmer to trim sideburns and nape between haircuts. This saves both time and money.

Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men

The Weeknd made headlines when he ditched his signature hairstyle for a shorter, more grown-out one. The new look not only shows off her natural texture, but is also full of style.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Diego Luna’s hair is combed back, but it’s not full, thanks to a styling cream that doesn’t stiffen it. The key here is to use your fingers to lightly work the product through your hair – so it’s more accessible and not overly styled.

Drake’s Afro shorts feature his signature clean, blunt edges, but are easier to maintain because the stylist requires fewer trips than his usual buzz.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

Cool Low Maintenance Haircuts For Guys

It’s no surprise that actor Henry Golding once worked as a hairstylist. Her own style is the result of a scissor cut that requires the use of a hair dryer and texturing cream.

Here, Kanye West’s slightly grown-out locks are transformed into a modern version of a mullet — combined with a grown-up style. This look requires trimming every few weeks, so either be prepared to visit your stylist often or try it before it grows out.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

For those who fear injury, braids are a form of protection and an easy way to keep hair out of the face. While they’re usually found on men with long hair, rapper A$AP Rocky proves they work on short hair too.

Best Short Haircuts: Men’s Short Hairstyles Guide With Photos (2022)

Justin Bieber’s hairstyle gives the illusion of hair that isn’t actually growing out

Medium Short Hairstyles For Men

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