Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair – After all, beautiful thick hair can be difficult to style, becoming fluffy when cut short and voluminous when worn long. Medium length hairstyles for thick hair are a great option, offering plenty of styling options while being easy to maintain. They’re great for playing with textures, colors, and dimensions, and can be scaled down beautifully by thinning them out or layering them. Let’s now move on to the actual use of these techniques through concrete examples.

Medium length haircuts for thick hair are enough to transform any face shape by emphasizing its good features and hiding its weak points. Narrowness can be balanced out by adding width, while rough lines can be softened with curves and waves. For example, for an elongated face, a smooth long ‘do, right? “Medium-length haircuts are the most flattering – somewhere between the chin and the shoulders. You want to create width, which you can easily do with waves,” celebrity stylist Enzo Angulari tells Byrdy, and recommends a bobbed hairstyle for square faces because it emphasizes layers and doesn’t accentuate any squareness. Here’s how it works for basic face types.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Round faces can look sleek and clean when framed with a very clean collarbone bob and blunt bangs.

Low Maintenance Medium Length Hairstyles For 2023

Oval faces benefit from texture on the sides, protecting them from feeling cramped. These dense edges are perfect for drawing attention to the eyes, while looking bedroom style.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

If you have a square bone structure, it’s best to soften it with curves and waves on the top and sides, as shown in this layered style.

Long faces look well-proportioned when volume and texture are placed at the sides, and this razor-cut lob does a good job for the desired effect.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Low Maintenance Haircuts For Thick Hair

This shaggy lob features length, highlights, and texture that sweeps below the chin to balance out a triangular face, while short, slightly arched bangs visually narrow the forehead.

From beachy waves to sleek cuts, cropped midi styles offer a variety of hot and trendy looks. Plus, many of them are guaranteed to be low maintenance when properly matched to your personality. If your hair is really heavy and prone to breaking, keep it in a medium length part for easy styling. If you have straight locks, consider soft layers and prefer choppy cuts.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Don’t hesitate to ask for trendy bangs, especially since it will help balance out your facial features. For example, side-swept bangs work well with bobs and help offset a square jawline or wide forehead. “You cover the area between your hairline and your forehead, removing several inches from your face,” iconic hair magician Garren tells InStyle. Explore more bob looks with and without bangs.

Short Curly Hairstyles For Women Of Any Age!

This inverted bob has a delicate color palette with soft balayage and babylights, but is very flattering with its rounded back and angled front.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Sparkling in a lustrous merlot hue, the straight bob is delicately brushed and adorned with side bangs, just enough to tuck behind the ears for a touch of freshness.

This clean, angular cut stands out with its melting caramel highlights and works perfectly with subtle layers that eliminate volume.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

The 50 Best Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

This polished straight bob may look long, but it’s layered slightly underneath to bring some movement to the creative color palette.

Although this ash blonde bob is stacked at the back, it hides its texture in a messy style with a part finish.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Layering is an easy way to add shape and bounce to thick locks, but you have to be careful with layers because too many of them end up with extra bulk that you can’t handle. But when you have fine hair, don’t hesitate in a mid-length layered cut to get the volume that fine hair usually lacks. Layering is also a go-to option for naturally curly girls who want flattering medium hairstyles. “Layered cuts work best on thick, curly hair because they give hair movement, weigh it down and pull your face down,” Larry Sims, the celebrity hairstylist who gave Victoria Beckham her signature bob, told Redbook. Take a look at our gallery for some layered inspirations.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Thick Hair ⋆ Palau Oceans

Looking for a current short-to-medium cut, look no further than this lovely headboard style with highlights and undercut braids to add shine and movement.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Although this bob looks trendy retro, it has texture and vibrancy, and the highlights help enhance its dark base color.

It’s a good choice for thick, wavy hair, creating a nice textured frame for the face and an airy feel.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Silver Fox Hair Styles For Medium Texture, Wavy Hair

This cute short bob with bangs is beautifully tousled and elongated to the temples to combine with face framing layers.

Big, messy curls look glamorous on thick hair, wrapped in a slightly angled bob and hand-painted for pops of natural color.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Although thick hair is often unruly, rough, dull and voluminous, we love the rich body it has, and mid-length hairstyles are great for showing it off. “There are many modern ways to work with thick hair, including undercutting, parting, inside out or even keratin treatments to give hair a smooth, natural look,” explains David Mallet, a leading hairdresser in Paris with clients like Carla Bruni and Charlotte. Gainsbourg, tells InStyle, cautions against layering, too-sharp edges, and a “pyramid” shape, which can make you look dated instead of dated.

Best Medium Length Haircuts For Thick Hair To Try In 2023

With these tips in mind, you’ll have a long, edgy cut that allows for a variety of styling options, including cute updos for homecomings, weddings, and other occasions. Some of them are collected in our best selection below.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

This textured lob catches the eye with its dynamic wave pattern and cool brown color, blending gorgeous brown and blonde tones.

Enhanced by heavily choppy layers, this ash blonde shines with warm and cool tones, adding movement and bringing out the texture.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Medium Lengh Hairstyles For Thick Hair That We Love

A bouncy bob with several short layers at the bottom works well for a woman over 50, it gives a rejuvenating effect – the photo is clear proof of this.

With a mid-length cut, you can achieve a stunning bun by curling your locks and pinning them creatively.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Natural black hair can get a nice shape and defined curl pattern inside a bobbed hairstyle with melting layers.

Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair To Shape And Alleviate Your Beautiful Mane

This graphic straight bob pairs well with the bangs, softening the look a bit. Note the long front braids for a bolder touch.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

We can’t help but adore this shaggy.

While thick black hair features a rich shade of chocolate brown, it is dull when textured through cropped ends and loose waves.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women: Trendy Medium Length Styles

This tiny, neck-length bob is dimensional, but accentuated with stunning color transitions thanks to its choppy cut.

Not as messy and long-lasting as before, this lob is still beautifully textured and shines with attractive color contrast.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Wavy Thick Hair

As we can see, medium length hairstyles flatter women with different types of bone structure and hair texture. So the key is to explore your individual characteristics and find what works best for you. We hope our tips and photos are helpful on your journey to your new look, and we wish you every success in your endeavors!

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