Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

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I have every hairstyle imaginable. Well, at least, it feels that way. I’ve relaxed my hair, cut it big, braided it, dyed it blonde and gone natural. All I can say is that dark hair is as versatile as it is beautiful. Since the second big cut, my hair has grown to medium length, which has allowed me to try different hairstyles.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

My favorite hair look of the moment is cornrows, a wash and oil and an afro blowout that I perfected all weekend. The good news for medium hair is that whether you’re seeing your stylist every six weeks to check on your new growth or keep your hot tools in place, there’s an option for you. Be sure to condition and moisturize your curls while you try the 15 styles on this list.

Afro Hair Icons & 16 Fro Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Look

Twist breaks are a staple style in the natural hair community, and JJ’s beautiful hair reminds us that gray is not something to fear, but to embrace.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Kahlana Barfield Brown’s shoulder length bob always gives me hair envy. Curling irons offer an easy way to get the waves you want. A pro tip I learned when I straightened my hair was to curl my newly styled style overnight to keep my waves intact.

Hair discrimination against black women is still alive and well in the workplace, especially with hair for brown beauties. But icons like Ava DuVernay remind us to wear unique hairstyles with pride.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Best Shoulder Length Curly Hair Cuts & Styles In 2023

Yara Shahidi is always right. If you’re not ready to go all curly, opting for a fringed blowout is the perfect middle ground.

Mirian Njoh’s faux hawk may look like it needs the help of an expert stylist, but with a curling comb, some edge control and some hair ties, you’ll be able to create the look yourself in no time.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Regina Hall’s Met Gala look was moody. Not only because of the midsection and silky texture; A pop of color added an element of surprise. For dark roots, trying to achieve pastel pink colors through bleaching risks damaging your curls. But that doesn’t mean we can’t rock the look—all you need is a good wig and a sideburn.

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Protective styles like faux locks not only allow you to change up your look, but they can also give your mane a break from the daily manipulation. Feel free to rock it on its own or add colorful accessories or hair highlights to make your hair pop even more.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Bantu knots do double duty as they act as a protective style and elongate curly hair. Placing wet hair in a bun and letting it dry can also create a beautiful, beachy look.

When I was growing out my big cut, wraps became my go-to. I loved how the printed clothes lifted my outfit, but the real benefit was that they helped my hair grow because I was manipulating my 4C curls less. Learning to wrap can be a challenge, but my advice is to look at some tutorials and then find a way that works for you.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Afro Hairstyles For 2022 That Embrace Your Natural Texture

Whether you’re looking for a style to dress up for a special occasion or want to show off your cheekbones, Kia Marie’s side is a great place to start.

You can never go wrong with cornrows. They are simple, go with everything and don’t require much styling time. Follow Kelly Rowland’s lead and add a pop of color to your lips to complete the look.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Storm Reed’s Afro Puffs add a new spin to the ’90s classic. With perfectly coiffed fringe, minimal star earrings and blue eyeliner, her look makes an everyday statement and couldn’t be easier to recreate.

Black Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

When you wrap your hair, you don’t have to cover your entire head. Create a faux fringe bang and secure your strands with an elastic band to recreate this look.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Ebony Davis’ signature is a major hair goal. When it comes to letting your curls do their thing naturally, it’s important to find the right products. I like to use a cream styler like Deva Curls Super Stretch to add moisture and define my curls.

Well, remember that pimple I mentioned? Here it is in all its glory. Whether you’re relaxed, natural, or have a protective style or hair, this updo is an option for all hair types. To create my sleek voluminous blowout, I swapped out the traditional elastic hair tie for an elastic headband. All women of African descent know that getting those luscious curls is hard work, but the results are always worth it. African hair is blessed with beautiful curls and it all varies depending on the hair type. Curls go from just curly to very weird. Well, 2020 should be a great year for all of you, especially anyone with short hair with these short curly hairstyles for black women.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Cool Black Hairstyles To Instantly Up Your Style Game

Over the years, more and more African women or those of African descent continue to embrace their natural curls. Short hairstyles for black women with curly hair are trending. Short curly hair for black women can be a big hassle especially if they know how to manage it. Here are some styles you can wear to get the desired look.

You can change it up by adding a simple side cut and it will compliment your entire style.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Experimenting with colors is always a lot of fun. So if you are one of those women who quickly get tired of cutting their hair, you can try changing the color.

Short Curly Hairstyle

The haircut looks good on almost everyone. Be sure to maintain curls in order to maintain a feminine look and look great. This style is one black women with short curly hair can rock every day.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

A side part with short curls gives the hair a very classy and elegant look. You can add some glitter spray to give it shine.

This will save you time in the morning for a few days as you can do it in 2-4 days. It’s a great look and remember, the trick is layering to make it look bold and sleek.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Natural Curly Hairstyles & Curly Hair Ideas To Try In 2023

Waves and curls are an aging look. It is most popular among older women. Visit a professional hairdresser who knows how to style them so they last longer.

In this view, make sure the sides line up well with the edges so that the silk press is visible.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Many women who want to give the bun look can go for this look. You can put it in a high or low bun. Make sure you get a good quality extension that matches your hair color. This makes it look like your real hair.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women: Trendy Medium Length Styles

Getting this big haircut is a big trend among some celebrities, so we can join them. You should exude complete confidence while wearing it because it is a very bold look, mainly because of the color.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

If you don’t want a vintage afro, you can go for this modern afro look. If you want to add more style, you can combine it with one or two short frames.

Afro is a chic vintage look that many women always want to pull off. For this style, make sure you have the right products and gently brush your hair up. Don’t forget the faucet; It does the trick for calming wild strands that never seem to calm down.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Natural Hair (black Women)

Curly hairstyles for black women vary from style to style. Sometimes you don’t have time to style your hair and this is an easy option.

The kinky braid is the best style to give the thick kinky hair look. Get great hair that you know is easy to manage so you can pull off this look perfectly.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Twin buns or as some call them pussy buns are a cute and adorable style for kids and younger women. For a more grown-up look, you can add short or long side bangs and wear beads.

Sexiest Short Curly Hairstyles For Men In 2023

Having very curly hair is a plus for this style. You only need an inch of hair, and then you can shake it.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Adding clips or studs to the look changes it completely. Depending on the preference, you can add clips that suit your taste or the style you are going for, especially for occasions and events.

This look will make any black woman look younger. Let the curls in the front look like wild bangs.

Medium Length Black Curly Hairstyles

Easy Curly Hairstyles

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