Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair – By all accounts, beautiful, thick hair is difficult to manage, prone to frizz when cut short, and too bulky when worn long. Medium length hairstyles for thick hair offer a fun way, provide lots of styling options and are also associated with less tiring maintenance. They are good for playing with textures, colors and dimensions and can be reduced in a decent way by carving or layering. Now let’s get into the actual application of these techniques with real life examples.

Medium length haircuts for thick hair are versatile enough to transform any face shape by accentuating its advantageous features and hiding its weaknesses. The distress can be balanced with added width, while harsh lines can be softened with curves and waves. For example, with a long face, you wouldn’t want to pull it back with a long sleek ‘do, would you? “Shoulder length hair is the most flattering – somewhere between the chin and the shoulders. You want to create width that you can easily do with waves,” celebrity stylist Enzo Angileri tells Byrdie, who also recommends a tousled bob for square faces, “because it accentuates the layers and de-emphasizes any angularity. See how it works on basic face types.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Round faces can take on a slimmer and sharper look when framed by a very clean collarbone bob paired with full flat bangs.

Best Medium Length Haircuts For Men And How To Style Them

Oval faces benefit from added texture on the sides to keep them from feeling narrow. And those thick, choppy edges are great for drawing attention to the eyes while exuding a relaxed style.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

If you have a square bone structure, it’s smart to soften it with curves and waves on top and on the sides, as shown in this layered style.

Long faces look well proportioned when you add volume and texture to the sides, and this razor cut lob does a great job for the desired effect.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

This tousled lob features length, highlights and texture pushed under the chin to balance a triangular face, while short and slightly arched bangs visually narrow the forehead.

From beach waves to sleek cuts, medium length bob styles offer a variety of looks that are hot and on trend. In addition, most of them are low maintenance if they are well matched to your personality. If your hair is really heavy and prone to frizz, keep it on the longer side of medium for an easy style. If you have straight locks, think about soft layers and prefer choppy cuts.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Don’t hesitate to ask for trendy bangs, especially if it helps to balance your facial features. For example, side swept bangs work well with bobs and serve to balance a square jaw line or large forehead. “You’re covering the area between your hairline and your eyebrows and it takes a few inches off your face,” iconic hair wizard Garren explains to InStyle. Let’s explore more bob looks with and without bangs.

Medium Length Haircuts And Hairstyles To Pull Off In 2023

This inverted bob boasts a subtle color scheme with balayage and sweet babylights, but looks quite edgy with a rounded back and angled front.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Sparkling with a strong merlot shade, the straight bob is gently round brushed and decorated with side bangs long enough to be tucked behind the ear for a cool twist.

Sleek and clean, this angled cut stands out with melting caramel highlights and works well with subtle, volumizing layers.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Thick Hair To Feel Lighter

This polished straight bob can be seen all one length, but is slightly layered at the bottom to add some movement to the creative color palette.

Even though this ash blonde bob is stacked at the back, it almost hides its structure in a messy, done up style.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Layering is an easy way to add shape and bounce to thick curls, but you should be careful with layers as too much can lead to excessive volume that you won’t be able to handle. But when you have a head of fine hair, go for a medium length layered haircut without a second thought to get the volume that fine curls usually lack. Layering is also a popular choice for naturally curly girls looking for flattering medium hairstyles. “Layered cuts work best on thick, curly hair because it gives the hair movement and removes the weight that falls and drags your face down,” Beckham’s Larry Sims, hairstylist, tells Redbook celebrity who gave Victoria’s signature bob. Check out our gallery for some layering inspo.

Trendiest Haircuts For Thick Hair To Look Thinner

If you’re looking for an on-trend short to medium cut, look no further than this glamorous headband style with highlights and cut curls that add both playfulness and movement.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

While this bob looks fashion forward, it has texture and dynamism, and the highlights complement his otherwise dreary base color.

It is a beautiful choice for thick wavy hair, which creates a nice touch frame for the face, along with an airy feeling.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair To Shape And Alleviate Your Beautiful Mane

This cute short bob comes with bangs, nicely tousled and longer at the temples to blend in with the layers that frame the face.

Big tousled curls can look glamorous on thick hair, wrapped in a slightly angled bob and hand-dyed for a natural color.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Although thick hair is often unruly, thick, frizzy and bulky, we love its rich body and medium length hairstyles are great for showing it off. “There are many modern ways to get through thick hair, including trimming, bonding, detangling or even keratin treatments to give the hair a smooth and natural look,” David Mallett, hairdresser famous of Paris with clients like Carla Bruni and Charlotte. Gainsbourg, he tells InStyle, warns against too many layers, too many fringes, and a “pyramid” shape that can make you look dated rather than edgy.

Cool Haircut For Wavy Frizzy Hair

By keeping these tips in mind, you will have a fashionable cut with a length that allows for versatile styling, including beautiful decorations for home, weddings, and other occasions. A few of them are collected in our selection below.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

This textured lob catches the eye with its dynamic wave pattern and cool bronze color that blends stunning brown and blonde tones.

Enhanced with heavily chopped layers, this ash blonde cut rocks warm and cool tones, enhancing movement and accentuating texture.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Captivating Hairstyles For Thick Hair You Can’t Miss In 2022

A bouncy bob with a few short layers at the bottom works well for a woman over 50 and gives a rejuvenating effect – the picture is clear proof.

With a mid-length cut, you can achieve stunning hold by simply twisting the strands and creatively pinning it at the back.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

Natural black hair can be given both a beautiful shape and a defined curl pattern in a curly hairstyle with melting layers.

Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair & Styling Products

This graphic straight bob goes well with a fringe, making the look a little more subtle. Note the longer front hem for an edgier touch.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

We can’t help but adore this cut with its luscious rounded edges and those rainbow-inspired stripes all over the top.

Solid dark hair is anything but boring when it flaunts such a rich shade of chocolate brown and is given texture through tousled ends and loose waves.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

These Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair Are The Classiest Ever

This petite, neck-length bob is voluminous yet airy thanks to its choppiness, accentuated by stunning color gradients.

This lob is not as cut and colorful as the previous one, but it still has a beautiful and bright texture with a fascinating color contrast.

Medium Haircuts For Thick Coarse Hair

As we can see, medium hairstyles are flattering for women with different types of bone structure and hair texture, so the key is to explore your personal characteristics and find what suits you best. We hope our tips and pictures help you on your journey to your brand new look, and we wish you the best of luck in your endeavours!

Best Haircuts For Thick Hair In 2023

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