Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest – I am sharing some pictures from my recent makeup demo which is an Indian wedding guest look πŸ™‚ I recently attended my friend’s wedding and thought I would film myself getting ready for everyone. I didn’t want to use any eyeliner because I decided to go for a halo smoky eye and some strong, bold lashes. I’m obsessed with ColorPop Cosmetics Ultra Metallic Lip in Glitter, so I decided to do a metallic lip to match my outfit. The color itself is very light, but when I use it on top of dark lips, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

I am wearing a lehenga saree like here because I love pastel colors and intricate work. I think it’s perfect for an Indian wedding, plus it’s so easy to wear because I can’t wrap a saree myself. I was really in a hurry for hair and I was looking for tight curls. I easily curl my hair as it is naturally wavy. However, straightening takes a lot of time. For jewelry, I wore simple large peep toe loops.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

My lenses are the new Russian Velvet range from OLens, which I absolutely love and want to wear all the time.

What’s In My Makeup Bag For A Destination Indian Wedding: Udaipur

I hope you like my Indian Make Me Videos. I have another pre-filming that I will upload later πŸ™‚ Enjoy the video and subscribe if you like my videos <3 Because you want to look good and very good, and you have to make sure you don't make any mistakes in makeup. The end and this will be remembered for years.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

Keep this in mind and make sure your makeup is well balanced because you don’t want to look like you’re trying to outdo the bride.

If you find it difficult to choose the perfect makeup for the day, relax! We’ve collected five of the best makeup samples to accentuate your wedding guest look!

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

Wedding Guest Makeup Ideas For Every Style And Skin Toneβ€”see Photos

β€’ Look for a foundation that is only 1-2 times lighter than your actual skin tone. Being light doesn’t look good. The color should blend into your skin and brighten your face. Don’t be tempted to make it look pretty because it looks really, really bad!

β€’ Use False Eyelashes – Since this is wedding makeup, you will definitely need false eyelashes to add some drama to your eyes and make your eyes look fuller and bigger.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

β€’ Highlight like a pro – Indian weddings are all about glitz, glitz and glamour. You need a warm gold or any color highlighter to shine like a diamond

Glam Up For The Next Wedding With This Tutorial Of Wedding Guest Makeup

β€’ Don’t forget your nails – match your nails with your outfit. Matching nails give an extra polished effect and are classy.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

This look is for people who are bold and daring and love to play with colors! Most people don’t like it, and if that’s your thing, this is for you!

Let us know your favorite Indian wedding guest makeup from this list. I hope you nailed your wedding look!

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

Indian Bridal Makeup Artists You Should Follow On Instagram For Some Serious Inspiration

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Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

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Easy Indian Wedding Guest Makeup Look Tutorial For Monsoon

Non-essential cookies are cookies that are not absolutely necessary for the operation of the website and are used exclusively to collect the user’s personal data through analysis, advertising or other embedded content. It is mandatory to obtain user consent before running cookies on your website. The eyes, or in this case the face, are the windows to the soul. On the big day, all eyes will first focus on your face as you radiate. And as an Indian bride known for her glamour, glitz and exotic beauty, she has to live up to that reputation. One of the best ways to wow your guests is to wear the perfect Indian bridal makeup that accentuates the eyes, lips, cheekbones and jewelry.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

We have collected a long list of makeup ideas from simple to natural makeup, exotic eye designs, refreshing lip colors and makeup tips.

In places like Rajasthan, Gujarat and Calcutta, traditional Indian bridal makeup includes bindis. Bindis are decorative red and white dots on the bride’s forehead, above the eyebrows. These ornaments are the Solah Shringar or the sixteen ornaments worn by the bride.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

Indian Makeup Tutorial

They also have spiritual significance. You can pair your bindi with glamorous and heavy necklaces and earrings, maang tikka and gold or red saree. This traditional makeup also works well with maroon, red or generally bold lipstick.

Modern, shimmering Indian bridal makeup ranges from exotic, dark smoky eyes to bronze and gold undertones that refresh the face. You can also choose to keep it simple and flawless by highlighting the telltale feature. For example, choose to make your eyes, eyebrows or lips the focal point of your overall makeup.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

This look will transform your face from date night to magical as you go from ceremony to reception to after party. Pair this makeup with a glamorous monochrome outfit.

Easy Steps To Get A Flawless Makeup Look As You Attend A Wedding

Chic bridal makeup for Indian brides doesn’t get any better than smokey or shimmery eyes, bold lips, bindis and full lashes. Pair this look with a heavy jeweled cover and lehenga and you will be the most glamorous bride ever. You can also choose bright nude or pink lips for a daytime wedding.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

However, if you want to focus on well-chiseled cheekbones, avoid bronze tones among brides and contour the face with blush or pink drapery. This method will lift your cheekbones to give you a queenly look.

If you don’t know what to do with your face, consider metallic Indian wedding makeup. The metallic color palette includes gold, silver and bronze. Between these three colors there are shades that look like a gradient, but complement each other. They strike a balance between highly attractive and sublime.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

Wedding Makeup Ideas For Indian Brides

For example, bronze eyeshadow is perfect for traditional weddings and dresses. Pair this look with highlighter and blush to perfectly define your cheekbones. Add heavy metallic tones to your lips, lighten your eyes with natural or nudes.

To wear natural Indian bridal makeup, go minimal with subtle color on the eyes and a sheer shade on the lips for the perfect day or night wedding look. For example, apply a light blush gradient to the lips, foundation and eyes. Pair this look with a pastel pink lehenga to complete your look.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

Alternatively, you can keep the makeup to yes and base it on very soft or neutral shades. Then go for a siren red lip for a retro glam vibe. Get this look by pairing your makeup with a shiny golden traditional Indian dress.

Step By Step Of A Wedding Guest Makeup Look

Simple bridal makeup brings out the minimal beauty of Indian brides. We love the idea of ​​a monochromatic pink palette that exudes romance and freshness and is ideal for daytime weddings. It’s as simple as thin eyeliner, a coat of mascara and pink nude lips to create a dewy look.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

For a more attractive overall look, wear Kundan jewelry. We also love the natural look, which creates subtly shadowed eyes with a highlighted base. Finish with defined brows and nude pink lipstick for a whimsical look.

Eye makeup for Indian bridal events is unique because it can be very minimal, highly dramatic or balanced. Brides love the idea of ​​dark shadows on shiny lids, preferably brown. Team this look with matte blush and a bright pink lip to create a timeless look.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

Bridal Makeup Looks Which Rocked The 2018 Indian Wedding Season

You can also use HD makeup, which blends seamlessly with the glow of the cut crease. Then pair with a salmon face and glossy nude lip stain to pop the color. For a more traditional yet exotic look, winged lashes are perfect for a red lip and highlighted base. However, keep it moderate and easy looking.

South Indian bridal makeup and probably all parts of India do not joke with lipstick. They bring this over-sophistication to the whole. However, if you have fair skin, use lighter shades or bold colors like pink, peach, mocha, red or nude. Brides with medium skin tones can choose from shades like brown, copper, bronze, cranberry and everything in between.

Makeup For Indian Wedding Guest

However, if you have darker skin, deeper colors like plum and cranberry or metallic tones like copper and bronze are fine. If you want something lighter, think deep purples and maroons. If

Wedding Guest Makeup Eyemakeup

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