Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding – Big fat Indian on their heads during their wedding. This left enough room for a boring bun and no other hairstyle to accent the bridal ensemble.

However, over the years, modern brides have not only pushed the traditions and customs, but also made sure to add their own modern twists. From traditional braids to bohemian braids to messy buns, we’ve rounded up some of the best #hairstyles that every bride can rock on the day she ties the knot. In fact, these variations can help you choose one for seven vows or use different Indian wedding hairstyles for different functions.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

You can decorate these with anything from small beads to fresh flowers and more. you can use – the possibilities are endless. We recommend choosing a style based on your hair length, type, face shape, ensemble, and the function you are attending.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair That Look Great Without Or Without

Get wedding hairstyle inspiration from none other than Bollywood’s hottest fashion star Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. For one of her functions, she wore a gold and white lehenga with a fishtail that flowed down to her thighs. He decorated it with a gajra made of fresh and fragrant jasmine flowers. However, you can choose to style your hair a little differently. You can do a fishtail braid or combine it and start with a dutch braid at the top and finish with a fishtail. You can even accessorize it with sparkling pins and diamonds to finish it off.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

French braids work best with thick hair, so don’t touch the extensions and add nutrients to your hair to keep it in perfect shape for your grow-out day.

If you’re a conventioneer, go with buns. Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, there is no barrier to a traditional Indian wedding hairstyle. This is usually acceptable because wearing your hair in a braid allows the beauty of your lehenga as well as your jewelry to shine through instead of being hidden under your hair.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

Volumizing Haircuts For Thin Long Hair (before & After Makeovers)

Just because you choose bread, it doesn’t have to be boring. Amp up the appeal by experimenting with accessories, from leaves to flowers and even jewelry.

This type of braid looks so impressive that it will show off your Pinterest board. This cute hairstyle is a charming version of the French braid and looks great on women of all ages. The waterfall braid has an effortless look to it and is probably one of the most stylish types of the basic three-strand braid. Among the Indian wedding hairstyles, this one promises glamor that will only look gorgeous on your big day and make you feel like a Disney princess.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

Romantic and tousled, the side or back waterfall braid is perfect for everything from mehendi to sangeet. Adding a touch to the baby’s breathing patterns can yield a range of 0-100.

Easy Wedding Hairstyles That Are Easy Enough To Do On Your Own

With a range of hairstyles and inspirations, this classic is sure to be loved by both your mum and you. It never goes out of style. You can choose to finish the two-piece flower with an accessory, such as a crown along the base and length. Or you can go old school with the new long Gajra, Mogra and feel like a real goddess on your wedding day!

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

All you need is a hairbrush, bobby pins, clear elastics and your favorite accessories to recreate. You don’t need any hairdresser for this. Don’t be afraid to experiment with extensions.

The boho twist to this Indian wedding hairstyle works well with brides with long hair. This hairstyle not only makes your hair look beautiful, but also keeps it away from your face, allowing your makeup and bridal glow to shine through.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

Chinese Bride Rosalie

If you choose to go with this hairstyle, make some highlights. This enhances the look.

The half loop braid is a very simple and easy hairstyle that can work wonders on all hair lengths. Brides-to-be will be happy to know that these are the best and Instagram-worthy photos.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

It is important not to burn your hair before styling. It helps to keep the hair very silky. Not only this, it is necessary for all hairstyles.

These Open Hairstyles For Bridal Hairdo Will Make You Ditch Buns

Dutch braids have the ability to make any simple hairstyle sophisticated and beautiful. This amazing updo starts with double dutch braids in the front and ends with a long bob in the back. A false bun is a great way to get a full bun and add volume to your style. Tied low at the back, this bun is elegantly pulled back with a braid and can be embellished with flowers.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

This dress goes well with evening functions from weddings to dinners. A formal dress like a saree or a gown complements this hairstyle best.

Many brides are moving away from the traditional big fat Indian wedding and opting for a more boho vibe. If your decor is shades of beige and white, this hairstyle will be the perfect look for you. It’s comfortable but unique.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

Bridal Hairstyles For Indian Brides This Wedding Season

Instead of going for floral accessories for this hairstyle, opt for small jewels, diamonds or pearls. This will help your bread stand out.

Bubble braids are one of the trendiest Indian wedding hairstyles and for all the right reasons. In this case, bubbles form in the middle of your braid. If you want to get creative with your look, give it a try. It works like magic for dry hair ladies as it separates the hair into different zones. Likewise, it requires minimal heat treatment and is then easy to manufacture and maintain.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of looking like a queen at your wedding, opt for bubble wrap. This look can work really well with floral or even jeweled crowns.

Bridal Hairstyles With Flowers: All The Bollywood Celebrity Inspiration You Need

If you have short hair and still want to pull off a bun, this might be the perfect game for you. You can take a judah or just a bun and completely cover it with flowers, exotic look. Get inspired by Anushka Sharma’s ethereal look. Her buns are covered in pastel flowers, perfectly complemented by baby’s breath. This look was so beautiful that it broke the internet in 2017 and continues to win hearts even today.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

If you are someone who likes to coordinate the last details of your look with the color of your lehenga, then you should opt for one of these Indian wedding hairstyles.

You can choose several colors available in your lehenga and decor. Frequently Asked Questions About Indian Wedding Hairstyles Q. How do I find an Indian wedding hairstyle that suits my face shape? A. You should always plan your hairstyle in advance according to your outfit, function and most importantly your face shape. For round faces, choose something that doesn’t require too much volume. Avoid center parts and go for side parts that elongate the face. For elongated faces, avoid adding height such as poufs or buns placed on top of the hair. Instead, wear low buns or styles that add volume to the back of your neck. When it comes to oval faces, choose hairstyles for all your wedding functions based on the height of the bride. Finally, hairstyles for square faces include side buns or choose a hairstyle that adds volume to the sides.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

Trendy Bridal Hairstyles For Indian Brides

Q. Should I get my hair cut before the wedding? A. Cutting your hair before the wedding is a big risk. If something goes wrong, it can put a damper on your big day. So, it is recommended that you cut and dye your hair at least 10-12 days before the D-day. This will allow your hairstyle to be fresher, healthier, and have enough time to cover the kinks rather than being really harsh. There is something very appealing and attractive about South Indian brides and their stunning South Indian dresses. Bridal hairstyle. South Indian brides exude charm, grace and elegance. South Indian brides are not only known for their stylish jewelry, stunning outfits and simple elegant makeup, but also for their intricate and stunning South Indian bridal hairstyles.

South Indian brides usually style their hair in a unique way and leave us in awe. They use fresh flowers and beautiful hair ornaments.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, nothing beats beautiful fresh flowers. No one but South Indian brides can experiment with different flowers. Check out these traditional braided hairstyles!

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For Brides To Don This Wedding Season

Also, check out this true South Indian bride wearing Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre and Tarun Tahilani at her wedding.

Long Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

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