Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest – You may have a trusty jumpsuit or a low-cut maxi dress that you’ve customized for many weddings, but if you’re invited to an Indian wedding, you may need to get rid of your tried-and-true fashion stash. The wardrobe. Indian weddings are big on colour, embroidery and flair and as you know it’s not just the wedding party that dresses up for the occasion.

Onita Prasada, founder of Indian and Asian couture specialist Onita, confirmed that Indian wedding guests, regardless of their beliefs, consider their attire as part of the atmosphere of the ceremony – every garment and material is considered and guests tend to go the extra mile. “A dress that reflects her joy and love for her spouse” While there is no set look and personal expression is highly encouraged, Onita has some wedding guest attire tips to follow before hitting the shops.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

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Why Do Indian Brides Wear Red?

“Color is king, especially in a Hindu wedding. From light shades to pastels, anything goes, but it’s common for brides to wear red, or the occasional pink or purple. Check the wedding invitation to see if there are any specific dress codes or color restrictions.”

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

“The most common clothing option for women is the saree, which is generally a long piece of fabric (usually silk) wrapped around the body from shoulder to toe, leaving some fabric exposed.

“Sarees are very popular, but remember that twelve feet of fabric is not easy to control unless you are used to folding it around your body.”

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

Indian Wedding Dresses

If a ruffled fabric is too cumbersome on the morning of the wedding, Onita recommends considering a lehenga instead.

“A lehenga is a colourful, embellished three-piece garment that is easy to wear and consists of a high-waisted skirt, a short blouse (known as a choli) and a shawl (known as a dupatta).

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

For Sikh marriage ceremonies, Onita explains that for the religious ceremony you need a robe to cover your hair and head and it is customary to remove your shoes at places of worship. If the wedding is in a temple, be sure to wear shoes that are easy to put on and take off. Regarding Muslim wedding ceremonies, Onita emphasizes the importance of covering the head, legs and arms.

What To Wear To An Indian Wedding As A Male Guest

Traditional Indian wedding dresses mostly follow these rules, but if you plan on wearing a more western style of dress, Onita suggests adding a light-colored scarf to your outfit for protection when needed. When it comes to styling options, culottes, bright jumpsuits, detailed skirts and tops, or flowing skirts can offer a western alternative to modern and traditional Indian attire. However, Onita encourages you to take the opportunity to immerse yourself in Indian wedding fashion and culture on a day or during the wedding week when several events are held around the wedding reception:

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

“The couple and their family and friends really appreciate you making the effort – it’s seen as a mark of respect and shows your appreciation. 99.9% of my European customers want to go the extra mile to show they care and want to express their joy in what they wear.”

“Our stylists guide them through choosing what to wear and what not to wear, helping to identify unique designs and colors that perfectly suit each client. Don’t panic when putting together an outfit for an Indian wedding.”

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

A Traditional Indian Wedding With Modern Design In Santa Barbara

“Modern festivals allow you to work especially in your own personal style and there are so many talented professionals who are full of enthusiasm and inspiration. From your dress to your shoes, jewelry and scarf, our in-person and online stylists can help you make the adjustments needed to look amazing.

When it comes to Indian wedding guest outfit ideas for men, a long coat called a sherwani is commonly worn, often in rich shades with brocade jewelry and embroidery and matching trousers. A three-piece suit is still an option, but consider a light-colored belt or jacket to add some color.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

As mentioned before, be sure to follow all of the guidelines provided on the wedding invitation and make sure the bride is wearing red, pink, or purple. “That doesn’t mean the entire color palette is off-limits — if the bride is wearing a traditional vermillion, you can still wear burgundy, for example,” says Onita.

What To Wear As A First Time Guest At An Indian Wedding

“No travel color compares to what is experienced in the west. Black is generally considered to be particularly unlucky in Hindu ceremonies, so it’s best to avoid.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

“White is never worn to a wedding because it can be associated with death – Hindu mourners wear white to funerals. If the wedding day involves a Western-style ceremony, the bride is likely planning to wear white, so for many reasons it’s safer to switch to white and enjoy wearing more colors.”

If full Technicolor isn’t your thing, incorporate metallics and lots of embellishments, and make a big deal out of jewelry and accessories…

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

Shopping Guide For Indian Wedding Guest Dresses Online

You’ve bought, borrowed, or rented your clothes, but you’re not done yet. Onita explains that accessories are an important part of the rise of Indian weddings.

Indian wedding attire is almost always accompanied by statement jewelry – if you leave out jewelry or accessories you are considered underdressed. Like makeup, it allows you to play with your personal style and complement your attire.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

“Most women wear at least a pair of stacked bangles with earrings, a necklace, and maybe a headdress like a mang tika. This is a circular jewelry worn on the forehead and secured in the hair with a chain. Wedding guests wear a smaller mang tikka than the bride and remember your jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive – wear your favorite pieces and pair them with your favorite bag and stunning scarf. It’s all part of the collection.

Beautiful Lehengas And Gowns That Define Khushi Kapoor’s Wedding Guest Style

Gold and bright jewelry are the most popular jewelry options, but you can do everything in your own way.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

Exemplifying vibrant, modern and precise color blocking, this silk saree and blouse combo can be tailored to your exact requirements at the neck, waist and sleeves.

Elaborate golden details on the midnight blue background make everything shine even more. This embroidered blue lehenga will take you from ceremony to reception and into the evening.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

Indian Brides Say ‘yes’ To Lehengas Near And Far (very Far)

This rich berry shade saree is a thing of beauty – make sure the bride doesn’t choose magenta or you’re golden.

This literally hot palazzo saree collection features delicate rose gold detailing and a bordered dupatta shawl to add to the sparkle.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

A deep scoop neckline, sequins and a sunburst finish set this Anarkali dress apart from the rest. Subtle details around the bodice and contrasting burgundy dupatta add to the elegant effect.

Best Dressed Summer Wedding Guests

If muted tones are more your thing, this gorgeous gray lehenga proves that muted colors don’t have to be boring. An embroidered beaded sheer skirt and beaded dupatta add a touch of luxury – combine with pearl jewelry or hair accessories to complete the look.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

This splashy color combo will get energy levels skyrocketing throughout the day and a neon embellished skirt will look just as great with high waisted jeans as it does under that cropped saree.

This delicate satin saree, top and saree set is perfect for winter weddings and the pieces can be styled separately to give extra legs.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

Karisma Kapoor Looks That Can Be Your Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration

Handmade and customizable, this gorgeous Anarkali cotton and silk blend showcases the pastel box trend, and the embroidered dupatta goes with anything and everything.

A saree with a gold scalloped edge contrasts against a deep blue silk front, with beading, sequins, and detailed embroidery for good measure. There’s something magical about that.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

Embellishments, chic and shimmering green sequins – this vintage-inspired sequin dress is just right for modern Indian weddings. It has a relaxed silhouette, but an optional smocked waist lets you tuck it in, too.

What To Wear To An Indian Wedding: Style Guide For All Ceremonies

Black floral embroidery is more striking on the powder blue Anarkali dress. The dupatta is simple but effective – the light blue chiffon draped over your shoulders or head looks ethereal with black trimmings.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

A colorful cotton maxi dress speaks for itself but looks livelier when worn with statement jewelry and a pair of heels.

The understated design of this shimmering gold trimmed lehenga lets the stunning color take center stage. It is also another special choice for a winter wedding.

Indian Clothes For Wedding Guest

All The Striking Outfits That Spotlight Anushka Sharma’s Wedding Guest Style

A mosaic-like digitally printed top paired with wide-leg silk pants make these pants

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