Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid – If there’s one wedding that will never go out of style, it’s the half-up half-down hairstyle favored by so many brides-to-be. And for good reason – not only is it incredibly versatile and adaptable to a wide range of hair types, hair lengths and braid styles, but it’s also super practical. A half-up hairstyle is perfect for brides who want to keep their hair out of their face, especially on a hot summer day, and it’s also a great base for veils and accessories. And there’s so much you can do with this hairstyle, from braids and twists to bows and bouffants. But since it’s so versatile, how do you choose the right wedding hairstyle for you? We asked Surrey hair and makeup artist Caitlin Haughton for some tips. Caitlin is passionate about making people look their best and feel their best and believes there is no better time to do this than on their wedding day!

Think hair color when looking for inspiration. It’s always a good idea to get lots of inspiration from blogs, magazines and Pinterest when trying to nail your wedding hairstyle before your hair and makeup trial. Photo references can be very helpful for your stylist to understand the look and feel you are trying to achieve. However, it is important to remember that the style you choose may look different on your hair. “When looking for your wedding hairstyle, try to find photos with a hair color similar to your own,” suggests Caitlin. “Textured hairstyles on darker hair can be less visible, so you can also consider adding some subtle highlights or balayage to enhance the look.”

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

Consider adding clip-in extensions for volume. Extensions are ideal for half up styles, especially if you love looks that have both intricate details and beautiful voluminous waves. The more hair that is pulled into these elements, the less volume you have for the hair that remains loose. “Most of the time, clip-in extensions are added to half styles to create more of a ‘wow’ factor,” says Caitlin. “A lot of hair is sometimes needed to create texture for the up half, especially adding twists and braids. Having a few rows of clip-in extensions on the down half will ensure the curls hold and there’s still enough volume .

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Consider the texture of the hair in the style. When choosing a half up half down wedding hairstyle, many brides focus on the “half up” part. But the “semi-thin” hair is just as important. “Consider whether you prefer softer, glamorous waves or more of a messy or beachy texture,” advises Caitlin. When making your decision, it’s important to consider the overall look and feel of the wedding or your dress. Share these details with your stylist and they can suggest some options.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

Want more inspiration? We’ve rounded up 10 more of our favorite half up half down bridal hairstyles from the other Make Me Bridal pros!

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Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

A Guide To Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

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Trendy Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

A Country Summer Wedding A summer wedding in the country with a warm golden palette and timeless glam wedding hair and makeup. Read more A festive black tie wedding Natural bridal makeup and an elegant updo with snowflake crystal details for this festive winter… Read more An English country wedding in Hampshire Natural makeup and a half up half down wedding hairstyle with relaxed beachy waves for this classic E… Read more A Boho Luxe Castle Wedding in Wales Long loose waves and natural makeup for a boho luxe winter wedding in a castle in Wales. Read More Once you’ve found the perfect wedding dress, the next step is choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle! But that’s easier said than done. The problem is that there are so many wedding hairstyles to choose from that it can be difficult to figure out a) which one will look best with your dress and b) which one will allow you to party the night away without worrying about must have! For brides looking to choose the most flexible option for their big day, half up and half down hairstyles are the most popular for a reason!

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

As much as I love wearing my hair down, I know that when I go to a party I have to do it at least once or twice a night. While updos are a great choice for those brides who want to set and forget their tresses, half-up hairstyles provide the romantic, unusual look while giving you a no-mess hairstyle. half up, half down wedding hairstyle, it will still look amazing!

A half updo is all about securing two sections of your hair together. The idea is to gather sections from both sides and secure them together with braids, a ponytail, bun, knots or twists. This type of hairstyle is infinitely more forgiving than a traditional updo, and with the right tools, you can achieve a professional look in no time. It also works well for all hair styles, including black hair, curly hair, and even bangs.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

How To Choose The Right Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

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You’ll also want to decide if you want to add waves to your hair with a curling iron for a more polished look, or go with your natural hair texture. As with other hairstyles, a half up half down wedding look works best with second day hair.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

And of course, accessories can instantly elevate a half up half down hairstyle. Consider a silk bow, gold-plated barrette or pearl hair clip for a little extra flair. Check out our favorite hair accessories for weddings here.

Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles For The Brides Big Day

Then follow these instructions for a double knot half up half down hairstyle, and watch the video below to see similar hairstyles up close.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

Fortunately, most half up wedding hairstyles can be replicated on short hair just as easily. If you’re into YouTube hair tutorials, Milabu makes great ones for you short-haired brides, like the one below:

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite half up half down hairstyles that are perfect for your wedding, bridal shower, engagement photo shoot, or even a date night! Scroll through and let us know in the comments section below how you plan to wear your hair!

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

Bridal Hairstyles: Half Up, Half Down

Honestly, this look will NEVER go out of style. It’s simple and elegant, and it’s perfect for the bride who might want to do her own wedding hair.

There are a few ways you can make your hair look fuller, regardless of the hairstyle. The first (and more difficult) option is with hair extensions. Here’s how celebrity hairstylists create these Oscar-worthy red carpet looks with tons of volume. The other cost-free option is by teasing your hair. All you need is a hair pin or a fine comb. Then take an upper section of hair and tease under the section. This will instantly add volume, whether you wear your hair half up and half down like a traditional updo.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Bridesmaid

It might sound obvious, but that’s the name! You can have variations of the style (like the “half-up fishtail braid” or the “vintage half up”), but most styles will have the “half up”

Beautiful Bridal Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Inspiration

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