Half Up Half Down Styles

Half Up Half Down Styles – The half up half down hairstyle is classic for a reason. On the one hand, it’s so easy to do even for a hairstylist and works for any occasion. On the other hand, its simplicity means there is so much room for innovation in both structure and placement. Regardless of your hair type, a half up is an easy way to update your look with minimal effort.

To prove just how chic this style can be, we’ve rounded up our favorite half-up looks from the red carpet. We’ve also covered every length and texture so you’ve got all the hair insight you’ll ever need.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Half Up Half Down Styles

It’s a misconception that you can’t style short hair in versatile ways. Take a cue from Lana Condor. Her short bob has a half-up, half-down style that has volume, face-shaping pieces, and tons of movement.

Best Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For 2017 26 Half Up Hairstyles To Try

Zoë Kravtiz wears her hair in box braids above and loose curls below her. For added glamour, her hair is pulled back and tied in a pearl bun.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Some of Ciara’s gorgeous ombre brown lobs are gathered atop her head in a topknot, while the rest of her cascades past her shoulders.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s half updo is neat and glamorous, except for some hair that frames her face for a more casual look.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Half Up Wedding Hairstyles For 2022

For mid-length hair, follow Gemma Chan’s lead and part her hair to the side before scooping up a few layers for a half-up, half-down style. The subtle waves give the style volume and hold.

Add a little something extra to your mid-look with beaders like Jourdan Dunn. Her gorgeous braids are styled in a half up half down look and finished with gold and silver accents.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Unleash loose waves in a half-up, half-down style like Olivia Munn. It’s even easier to do on unwashed hair. If you have layers, let the shorter strands fall gently in front.

Best Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Everyday To Special Occasion 1

She styles naturally voluminous curls like Yara Shahidi by gathering some sections into a top knot and letting the rest fall away.

Half Up Half Down Styles

You don’t need long hair to pull off a half-pretty style. Just look at Lucy Boynton. Gather a few pieces and tie it in the back with a strong elastic or bobby pins, letting the shorter layers fall naturally in the front.

For something more complicated, gather the braids at the top, then twist them so the ends fall forward, framing your face nicely.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Braided Half Up Half Down Tutorial {easy + Looks Great}

If you find half the styles seem a little too severe, try Bella Hadid’s hair makeup. She pulls her hair strands down right in front of her ears, which softens her whole look,

A half up half down style doesn’t have to look so structured. She goes casual by pulling her hair loose behind her like Olivia Wilde.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Camila Mendes wears her hair in loose curls, with some layers pulled back and short in the front to frame her face.

Ways To Style Half Up Half Down Sew In

Florence Pugh’s voluminous waves are pulled back and tied back, with basic volume at the crown. Add a little flowing braid for a little more bohemian style.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Like a bombshell, Jolie’s waves are perfectly voluminous and messy, yet still chic enough to wear on the red carpet.

Add some volume to the top when you slick your hair back like Jodie Comer. It elevates the look from sporty and casual to deliberately glam.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Jessica Alba rocks her beachy waves in a casual side-parted look. Style is the perfect setting for a statement pair of earrings.

Hemisqualane is a must-try silicone alternative created for From Harper’s BAZAAR for Created by Harper’s BAZAAR for JVNRihanna. Yara Shahidi. Kate Middleton. Zendaya. Lisa Bonet. Ashley Olsen. You might think we’re just naming the women we love, and we do, but make no mistake. we are

Half Up Half Down Styles

Listing celebs who have recently been wearing the half-up hairstyle in new and inspiring ways. See how the versatile look works on a range of hair lengths and textures, ahead.

Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles For Any Occasion

Zendaya arrived at the 87th Academy Awards in 2015 wearing her dreadlocks parted to the side and pulled back, but she kept the left side of her hair behind her shoulders.

Half Up Half Down Styles

For Jennifer Lopez’s half-up, she slicked back the top of her head and curled the ends of hers with a big barrel.

To top Rihanna, she pulls her hair back into a high pony. Hide the elastic by wrapping a piece around the base, then secure it with a pin. Wrap it all up and then tease the base of the pony for more volume.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Celebrities Who Regularly Wear Half Up Half Down Hair

For Kelly Rowland’s style, she starts by tossing her hair in loose waves. Then, she divide the hair into the middle and french braid and pin it at the back.

Margot Robbie’s half starts at the center of her head—leaving chunks at the front—and is pulled back so the bun sits at the back of her crown.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Kate Mara’s mid-height comes from just the crown of her hair with a simple bun at the back.

Stylish Half Up Half Down Tutorials

For a quick and easy half up, she part her hair down the middle and slick it back like Freida Pinto.

Half Up Half Down Styles

To get the Kristen Stewart look, she part her hair down the middle and French braid it all the way down.

Gabri Union parted her hair down the middle in a high pony and wrapped the elastic around the ponytail hair.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Classic Half Up Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

Chanel Iman parted her hair down the middle and did a French braid on each side. French braids stop halfway down for braided ponytails.

Jessica Alba rocked a Brigitte Bardot-inspired style with volume at the crown and softly gathered front pieces. Half-up, half-up hairstyles are already the ultimate combination of form and function. But once you add a braid (or more of them, for that matter), your whole look instantly pops. Browse this library of information on half up braids for a glimpse of the endless possibilities.

Half Up Half Down Styles

A half-up pony pulled the spotlight on your face, allowing for enough movement and length to show your part. It’s sporty, it’s elegant, and it’s a styling job quick enough for busier days.

Prettiest Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Every Hair Type 2022

A braided medium doesn’t have to be complicated. Let your natural texture flow and simply wrap two braids around your head in each direction. Secure it with a fun enamel clip or a pretty silk scarf as a stylish bonus.

Half Up Half Down Styles

A loose braid adds another effortless element to your look, especially a big, voluminous one. If starting with a loose braid is too difficult, braid as usual and then pull the loops of the braid to loosen it by hand.

Combine the elements of an all-down hairstyle, a sleek ballerina bun, and a trendy ponytail for a true hybrid look like Gabrielle Union’s. Perfect for a big event like a wedding or birthday, it’s out of your face while looking incredibly sophisticated.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Unique Half Up & Half Down Hairstyle Tutorials You’ll Appreciate ⋆ African American Hairstyle Videos

For some boho summer glam, incorporate all different types of braids and twists into your half up half down look. Arrange the larger pieces on the scalp for a totally seductive combination.

Crown yourself with a thick, horizontal braid that Rapunzel herself would approve of. Lana Condor’s version features a thick crown braid just above her baby hair, allowing the rest of her hair to flow in soft, glossy waves to the side.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Nothing says summer like a fishtail braid, and adding a half ponytail is even easier than a long ponytail. Add even more beachy glamor by spritzing a sea salt spray for tousled waves that bounce back from the holidays.

Easy Half Up Hairstyles Spring 2021

So chic for a big night out, curly tresses create an old school charm that can elevate any outfit. Wrap a few of your shortest half-braids around a 1-inch curling iron and get ready to be amazed.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Another easy option for occasions when you really want to stand out, a classic mid-back braid looks more complicated than it really is, which means it’s sure to impress. Consider weaving small flowers or vines through the braid for an ethereal finish.

The little pigs are really having fun. Have fun with a half up version that creates two thick braided tresses only to explode in rich, glossy curls all the way through. Plus, cornrows present the perfect opportunity to rock a party-ready hair piece.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Natural Hair Gals

Ombré highlights are the perfect way to spice up classic Amanda Ross tresses If you’ve got bangs, you need these Amanda Ross styling essentials These super stylish TWA hairstyles are *made* for main character moments by Amanda RossFrom all the hair trends *in* right now , gorgeous mid-up and mid-up hairstyles might just be our favorites. They look just as polished as a full updo or ponytail, plus they’re totally simple and perfect for a casual hair day. Did we mention that they’re also versatile for any hair length or texture (yes, even those of you with short, curly hair!).

From the hottest stars like Taylor Swift to royals like Meghan Markle, celebs are rocking this cute ‘do to red carpet events and other outings — and consider their gorgeous locks for your next amazing hairdo. Whether you go for a classic chic style like Jodie Comer’s look at the Emmys or something modern

Half Up Half Down Styles

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