Half Up And Down Ponytail

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When it comes to hairstyles for any occasion, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options. When choosing between wearing your hair up or down, settling somewhere in the middle can be a happy medium. A half-up half-down hairstyle can not only solve indecision, but is also a great option for extremely thick locks that can cause headaches when tied up. There is tons of versatility to a half up half down style for all hair concerns. We’ve compiled a list of 25 half-up hairstyles to inspire your next big occasion, with a few strands along the way.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Wearing your hair half-up and half-down is almost as timeless as box braids, which have been around for centuries and are now commonly worn as a heat-free, protective style. Celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway brought these two classics together to give Laura Harrier a timeless look for the premiere of BlackKkKlansman.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles 2023 Guide: 70+ Looks

One of the easiest tricks for dressing in a half-up, half-down style is the classic topsy ponytail. Once you’ve pulled half of your hair into a ponytail, part your hair in the middle just above the tie and twist the ponytail through that hole. Voilà You’ll be out the door in a minute.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Half up hairstyles don’t always have to come back from the sides. Pulling your hair back in a mohawk parting, usually starting around the arch of your brows, is an edgy twist on this classic.

A simple trick to getting clips or combs to stay intact is to place a small braid under the desired area to give the accessory something to grip. You can cover up the braid with an effortless twist like the one you see here and your hair. it will immediately be full of secrets.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

The Ariana Grande Inspired Half Up Ponytail Tutorial

For a half-swept style on the sides without sacrificing a natural amount of volume throughout, use a teasing brush. You can use this handy tool to comb the roots for volume and brush the sides back nice and tight. Apply a little hairspray directly to the brush before pulling the sides back to give your style extra longevity.

Regardless of hair type, it is critical to the integrity of the hair strands to use a hair band that does not pull or damage the hair when removing it. Secure your hair by using a spiral band or corkscrew to twist the desired shape into place.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Taking out the ends of your hair with a 1 1/4″ barrel can do the trick for a ’60s-inspired half updo, but finishing it all off with a good shine spray will keep things softer and bring your look on a whole new level..

Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles For Any Occasion

You don’t always have to do something fancy with the way you pull your hair down to the middle. Instead, try adding some effortless texture and movement to your hair beforehand. Curling irons are especially easy for this – no curling techniques required.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

“Swept back” ponytails are all the rage right now. To incorporate the trending half-up style, brush hair up from behind the ears towards the center of the head where you want the half-up ponytail to sit. Adding a string or wrapping the base of your ponytail will keep it high and bouncier.

If your hair is thick and heavy, try replicating this three-strand braid for your medium style. Taking large sections and parting them loosely will give you a beautiful finish without the headache of an updo.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Half Up/half Down

A simple tip to trick yourself with a little extra volume is with a side part, not the side part that feels most natural to you, but

Page It might take some getting used to, but changing your parting can dramatically take half of your style, from cool and casual to refined sophistication.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

The best thing about a half up half down hairstyle is being able to keep your hair back from your face while showing off your beautiful natural texture.

Half Up Half Down Kits

Pinning two micro braids together is a five-minute style that can elevate your beauty look and suit a variety of occasions. You can start at the temples or at the ears for a looser vibe.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Never underestimate the power of two mini rum balls. This simple yet fun style can add a touch of the 90s to your look.

This half-up and half-down style is as simple and as casual as it sounds. The color and material of the thread you use to wrap your half twists is a thoughtful detail that can be paired with your ensemble for a more thoughtful formal occasion.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

How To Half Up & Half Down Hairstyle With Clip Ins

The half up bun is a great style to turn to when you need to get your hair out of your face without much thought. But if you have some bobby pins floating around that you can stick into that bun, you’ll fool others into thinking you’ve actually spent time doing your hair.

Having short hair should never be a limitation to your styling options. If you don’t have enough hair to naturally pull the half bun into a single bun, rely on a ponytail extension that you can easily attach to the bottom of the tie.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Keep the length of your ponytail to 12″ or 16″ at most to try to keep your bun thick and full, while still looking natural against shorter hairstyles.

Classic Half Up Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

The next time you throw away the wrapping and tissue paper from a gift, save these ribbons to keep in your beauty arsenal. They’ll transform anything from second-day hair to a voluminous blowout, and are the perfect accessory for a simple half-up, half-down, whatever the occasion.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Between the long pieces that hang around your face and the messy, grunge-like texture, this half-up, half-down style is giving us a big ’90s throwback.

To keep the sides clean and sleek, use a hairspray or shine spray (depending on hair type) directly on a flat brush as you pin the sides back.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Sensationnel Instant Up & Down (half Wig + Ponytail)

The hair wrap is surprisingly easy to do, especially with all the YouTube references out there, and can add a little extra flair to your half-up, half-down look. Hair wrap that color coordinates with eye shadow? Now that’s a game changer.

Braids are easy to pull into a medium style. Try linking them together for more interesting shapes and extra dimensions. You only need a good pin or two to secure them in place.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Going back to the sides in a simple twist will give you the most control over how you want to frame your face with a half up half down style. Adding a fishtail braid under this twist turns it into a bohemian summer style, perfect for all graduations, weddings, and late-night barbecues.

Ariana Grande Half Up Ponytail Hairstyle

Aside from how cool this half-up style is, the upside to having a head full of eccentric braids the next day is the texture you’ll get from detangling them all.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

The pull braid actually has zero braiding involved. Create two ponytails as you would for a classic half up hairstyle, one under the other and divide the top ponytail in half, around the bottom ponytail. Continue cascading down. Do you love pop star Ariana Grande’s cute and sassy half-down hairstyle? Thanks to our friends at Latest-Hairstyles.com, they’ve created this easy-to-follow hairstyle tutorial that shows you how to get her look. Learn how to do her chic half ponytail in just a few easy steps.

“I’m back with a fun twist on the half ponytail that you can try,” explains Ariba Pervaiz, contributor to www.Latest-Hairstyles.com.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Classic Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

This ‘do is great for those days when I want to wear my hair down and still add some interest. The V-shaped parting gives this playful hairstyle just the right edge. The ponytail is perfectly hidden with a strong grip. Lacquer I learned this technique while working backstage at Toronto Fashion Week and can’t wait to share it with you! This half pony works great with straight or curly hair. In this tutorial I will create texture in the form of bouncing waves. Let’s get started!”

Step 1: Create a diagonal parting starting at the center of the hairline and working your way back to the crown on the right side.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Step 2: Make the same parting diagonally from the center of the hairline and also towards the crown on the left side. Add a final horizontal split to connect the two diagonal splits and create a triangle-shaped section.

Chic Half Up Hairstyles With New Pony2.o

Step 4: Pull the ponytail forward and take a small section from the back of the ponytail. Press the paragraph several times. Continue teasing small sections of hair until the entire ponytail has been teased.

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Step 5: Take a small section of the ponytail and spray it liberally with hairspray until it looks like a piece of ribbon. Wrap it around the elastic to hide it.

How easy is that?! In just 6 easy steps, you’ve mastered the art of recreating

Half Up And Down Ponytail

Braided Half Up Half Down Tutorial {easy + Looks Great}

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