Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair

Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair – One of the first challenges I encountered as I prepared to work as a historical interpreter on the 1920s Trail at Fort Edmonton Park last summer was the problem of hair. Namely, when you think of the 1920s, what comes to mind? Maybe something like this:

Eatons Spring and Summer 1926, page 17. (Mail order catalogs always begin with women’s fashions.) Courtesy of Libraries and Archives Canada.

Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair

Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair

Known as the “bob,” this short hairstyle is a symbol of the 1920s, a decade that saw changes in women’s fashion and behavior. As clothing changed in the 19th century, women’s choice of fashion and appearance was affected, but it also affected the gender roles women wanted and could play. Called the “garconne” or “boyish” look (“garconne” is a feminized version of the French word for “boy”), or what we would today call the “flapper style,” the silhouette of the 1920s was very slim and almost rectangular, slim-bodied, flat chest and narrow waist. This shape is not achieved with a corset, but with a girdle, which can be limited. Short hair, like a bob or shingle, is the main component of this look. Ironically, the blatant use of makeup such as blush, eyeliner and bright red lipstick on women who are not ladies of the night or celebrities has become popular… by old fools who care about the moral grade that goes on in everyday life. (“Kids today!” – adults in every generation always said.) Youth culture is in, and nothing shows that changing ideas more than the short hair of young women. A bob cut is more than a fashion statement; it is a statement about women’s attitude towards everyday life and the way they view their bodies.

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So bobs are a symbol of the 1920s and of course I want to express myself as I perform as a modern Bright Young Thing at Fort Edmonton Park. Our talented customer gifted me a beautiful waist dress made of “wearable” rayon fabric and I received dance shoes and makeup. However, there was still one problem that had to be overcome in order to achieve my 1920s “look”: I had waist-length hair.

Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair

A photo taken of the 1920s Steet Street Selkirk Hotel in Fort Edmonton after surgery. The red haired lady on the left (who I had a long hair contest with – she won

Inches) was at the time of the road translator of 1885. long hair. Look at me from the right side: How can I do my hair in a style that is correct for the 1920s?

Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair

Hairstyles For Long Hair: Easy Ideas And Fast!

To put the finishing touch on my outfit, I had to change my hair a lot. The 1920s way is actually the only time described in Fort Edmonton Park where I had to hide the length of my hair instead of showing it. Do I want to cut everything for work? Not really. Maybe not. (Well, maybe support cancer research or make wigs for cancer patients.) I’ve been growing hair extensions since high school, and since then I’ve only cut the ends once or twice every few years. I am satisfied with that. It took me a long time to get to that length and I love to do twists, braids and buns. I don’t want to cut it short; In autumn – and winter – I want my hair to be longer. Cutting it would make me very nervous and completely change my fashion style and face framing.

But here’s the thing: my problem is not unique to historical translators. It was a struggle – sometimes psychological, sometimes verbal, with Victorian and Edwardian parents – that women in the past also went through. Women didn’t wake up in the 1920s and happily go to the hairdressers to get their hair done just because it was the new fashion. It’s more controversial than that, especially among adults. Up until the 1920s, women were raised for generations to believe that short hair made a man look good and that women really did wear long hair. Then they encountered a new, cloudy short hair fashion. But is it a challenge to overcome? Will they look bad next year when they go out of fashion after they were so heavy? If you cut your hair, that’s it. Going back is not as easy as parting your hair in a different way, twisting or straightening your hair, as was the case with previous extremes in fashion hairstyles. (I’m looking at you, 1830s freak!) Haircuts are permanent and it can take years for your hair to grow back to the length it once was. For women who have experienced almost nothing but change with regards to long hair, choosing to cut your hair is a big step. There is no going back. So what do you do if you want to play it safe and keep your hair long? Can you still be a young woman?

Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair

Enter the forgotten hairstyles of the 1920s: the bob (aka the Swaithed haircut or fake bob) and Mary Pickford’s curls. Oh yeah, and why not the “headphone” hairstyle? These women rocked the cinnamon bun before Princess Leia made it cool. For the purposes of this blog post, let’s put the braids and buns aside and talk about the main options for 1920s bobbed hair – Mary Pickford curls and brain buns.

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Mary Pickford – the girl with the curls. (Note: when wearing a short skirt and sandals, it looks like a dress like anything else – don’t take this as evidence of the popularity of lolita fashion in the 1920s!) Image courtesy of Libraries and Archives Canada.

Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair

(Canadian born!) Actress, writer and producer Mary Pickford was known for her long hair – she was “the girl with the curls”. During the 1910s and early 1920s, she became known for roles that emphasized her youth and innocence. With that, of course, came long hair, which many young women looked up to, especially in the first half of the decade. These are thick, heavy and above all long ringlets. When he cut his hair in the mid-1920s, it was news around the world—it even made the front page of the New York Times. It’s probably one of the most iconic hairstyles ever, and it really speaks to the parting and sides that are cropped hair.

“Cinderella Sick” – Mary Pickford before and after her hair cut (Courtesy Birds Eye View, via Silent London)

Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair

S Long Hair:

Young women followed the ideals of Mary Pickford in the 1920s. Photographs of high school girls in western Canada in 1928, for example, show that more than half of the students wore fur like this. However, the main reason I don’t do Mary Pickford curls every day is that they are a lot of work. It’s not that they can’t make it a reality in the twenty-first century – it really can, it just takes time. You can use your current metal or ceramic curling irons to achieve similar results with less risk of damaging your hair than you would at the time. Non-electric hair straighteners and curling irons have been available for years. Hair irons are most often clothes that are placed in the oven and iron on the board, although irons and tongs are no different from today’s designs and are used and heated on the stove. However, even the early current of the 1920s could still fry users’ hair. No thanks! However, don’t be afraid to use modern electric hair straighteners to create your Mary Pickford hair – modern beauty products may not be the right time, but the effects will be.

These curls can be made in a different way, with less damage to the hair, even if impatient young people like me take a long time: by using rags. (The recipe is linked below in the “resources” section.) They work like regular hair curlers and have been used for years. (You may remember the scene from the film adaptation of Jane Austen’s work that shows the character creating the little curls popular during the Regency period like this.) She tossed her hair, wrapping it tightly with a small cloth, and tied it. . Then, it’s enough to take a nap and let it dry overnight, and in the morning, when you take off the bandage, you end up with a ringlet – on the same principle, hair from braids waves or. kinky. I used to do ‘steam curls’ too, as curls were popular in the 1840s too, ‘when’ I was working in the park, but with my long hair it would take up to half an hour to get ready.

Hairstyles In The 1920s For Long Hair

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