Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

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Devon Hopp is a writer and editor with over five years of experience writing for beauty industry websites like He is currently the Brand Director of Versed Skincare.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Michelle is a freelance writer and editor with over 10 years in the beauty industry. Her work has appeared in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, The Zoo Report, W Magazine,

Medium Lengh Hairstyles For Thick Hair That We Love

Let’s be clear about one thing: Being born with long, flowing, voluminous hair can give you a lot of options, but there’s no need to throw in the towel on good hair. A lot of beauty is about good looks. Just like the right lipstick can make your lips pop and the right highlighter can make your friends stand out, the right cut and style can turn thin hair into (seemingly) thick, bouncy hair.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Using our best knowledge of hairstyles and advice from experts Faisal Qureshi and Gretchen Freeze, we’ve put together these 70 best hairstyles and haircuts to make thin hair look thicker and fuller. There are many pictures to prove it. Some of the A-list influencers may have thick hair, but it’s the way their hair is styled that makes viewers believe you have more than your competition. Plus, we’re throwing in some custom features along the way.

Here’s a hairstyle that’s making a comeback: the ends are coming out. Popular in the ’60s and making a comeback in the ’90s, this retro ‘do makes fine hair look weak. To achieve it, use a dry brush—like Amica’s Blowout Babe Thermal Brush ($100)—to blow out, making sure you get to the ends.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Bob Haircuts For Older Women That Feel Fresh And Fun

No matter the hair type, long locks tend to weigh down the hair, but this is especially true for those with thin hair. “Usually, the length is not volume and includes your height,” says Qureshi. “I recommend keeping the hair and layers consistent and not too long.” If you want a shoulder length cut, choose blunt ends, as this can make your hair stand out.

With a deep part, you are gathering all the hair on one side. It creates the illusion of volume. Fries explains: “When the hair on the dark side is separated from the thin part, it fills in the part a little bit to create better and more visible hair.” Add curls to the front sections of hair to add volume and lift the roots with a styling powder like Got2b Volumaniac Bodifying Spray Powder ($5).

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Sometimes, moving with thin hair means showing off. Take Laura Harrier’s ballerina-esque bun with thin curls. Here, the bun is classic (just pull the hair into a ponytail and tie the ends around the elastic) but the bangs add some oomph.

The Best Pixie Haircut For Your Hair Type

Short hair is often stronger than long strands, so even the finest hair can benefit from a very short crop. A pixie cut can make your thin hair appear thicker than it really is. Try one with curled sections to add volume, and work with a light conditioner or paste like Reverie’s Rake Styling Balm ($36) to add definition to your cut without weighing it down.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Bantu braids are beautiful and protective and do not require dark hair. Use a product like Owen’s Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade ($14) to keep the knots moist.

A pixie haircut is naturally round, and with soft layers and side sweeps, it can look amazing on thin skin types. Go for cuts around the nape of the neck where you can shorten them – this will also give the illusion of a longer neck.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

How To Thicken Hair: Men’s Guide For Thin, Fine Or Thinning Hair

While people with long hair may struggle to get rid of curly hair styles, shorter hair types will have no problem smoothing out excess hair. Pair it with a short cut for volume, like a bob.

Ruth Negga’s short curly hairstyles are amazing. “This cut is short in the back and sides and long on top,” explains Fries. “The goal of the cut will be a long section that will be very rich and visually appealing.” Another advantage? “This look is easy to wear. It can be straightened or separated using paste or pomade to separate the strands,” he adds.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

This look works with your natural hair so it’s easy to replicate. Make a small part and dry your hair a little, spritz on the spray oil. Allow to air dry to finish.

The Best Haircuts For Curly, Thick, And Fine Hair

For this look, simply pull the hair into a traditional ponytail and curl the ends using a large barrel. Spray on texture spray to add grit.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Sporting a lob (aka long bob)? Go for curls under your ends, which add subtle shine and give your face a slightly different look than classic curls. Try parting with dry hair every time, when you reach the end, turn to your jawline.

Victoria Beckham has had a famous hair season, and her curly bob is no exception. “The [short] bob is perfect for thin hair styles, as short hair often shows straight lines and emphasizes the beauty of the cut,” says Qureshi. The thin form factor makes it easy to design, maintain and scale,” he added.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Best Haircuts For Fine Hair To Look Thicker And Fuller

This chin graze looks thick and adds some waves. Apply a wave-boosting conditioner like R+Co Sun Catcher Power C Boosting Leave-In Conditioner ($32) and curl with a medium curling iron.

A highlighter works for any hair type, especially thin hair because it frames your face without weighing it down. Applying increases the movement of the hair, but removing too much can cause it too. Have light parts like RHW and your ends should be blunt instead of feathery. Use a spray paint like HairShake Liquid-to-Powder Texturizer Finisher ($16) by Joico to create volume.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Side-swept dresses can look thick if they’re cut well. Ask your stylist to cut side swept bangs in a shallow “concave” shape and then draw them to the sides, says Qureshi. “Otherwise, your side bangs with thin hair will look like fringes,” she says.

Shag 101: The Dos And Don’ts

If you have braided hair, you are already in the middle of this unique style. Pull the hair into a low bun, and pin it. (You can use bobby pins to strengthen the hair to make it stand out, even if it’s on the thin side).

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

70s inspired curtains are back. Not only do they nail almost all hair types and face shapes, they’re also low-maintenance – they only need monthly maintenance to maintain their facial features.

Regardless of your style, adding bangs can enhance even thin hair. Just make sure your edges are thick – the more polished the better. “If the hair in the front is very long, a deep bang is a good way to focus on the thicker part of the hair,” says Fries. To style, she recommends using Bosley MD Mousse ($18) on damp hair and drying from side to side and then down with a flat brush.

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Right Hairstyles For Thin Hair To Opt For In 2023

If you have oily hair like thin hair, make sure you leave enough length in your braids to add volume to the roots when styling.

The background design is flexible – it can look polished and sophisticated or a picture of chic. Whatever you choose, Qureshi emphasizes brushing dry hair back, saying that “if your hair gets wet when you’re brushing it back, it will separate your previously thin hair and it can be very thin.”

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

Shag can revive dull hair while giving off a cool vibe. Basically, the cuts can be defined as more lumps, moving with volume through long bands and bangs, perfect for those with thin strands. Fake fills, styles and layers with ombre to add body and dimension.

Hottie Hairstyles For Fine Hair

“For most people, beach surfing is achieved with a rod or iron,” says Qureshi. “For people with thinning hair, it’s especially important to use a heat protectant to protect your delicate locks from unnecessary damage.” Try Moroccanoil

Hairstyles For Thick Fine Hair

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