Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair – Deuteronomy 31:8 It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you. he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be afraid.

Hi guys, how are you? So today I’m teaming up with Adropofserendipity and we’re doing something I’ve never done on my blog – Hairstyles! We also decided to do different types of hairstyles for our hair type. We both have different hair types so this is going to be really fun and interesting. We both have the same posts, so check her out after reading this!

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

So for the first hairstyle, I wanted to do something easy that anyone can do. Instead of just doing a bun, I wanted to add a little more funk to it, so I pinned my hair to the ends and trust me the hairstyle went from 0 to 100.

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The second hairstyle is something very easy to do that still looks stylish. So this is for when you don’t want to go overboard but want to look like you tried. All I did for this hairstyle was to sweep all my hair to one side and then braid it to secure your hair and for extra juice I left some of my hair to the side.

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

The third hairstyle is actually something I just created. My original thought was to leave one side single braided, but as I did this, I saw more possibilities in the hairstyle. So what I did was part a square in the middle of my head and then with the hair in the square I twisted and braided it all by myself. So to get the shape I twisted all the twist braids into one braid until it was one huge braid and then I just secured it at the back of my head with a clip making sure to keep it in a circular shape.

What’s nice about this hairstyle is that you can wear your hair down or in a bun and it will still look good.

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

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The next hairstyle I did was this kind of princess hairstyle. I actually tried this hairstyle yesterday and I really liked how it turned out /

The next hairstyle I have is a bun. This is an easy low bun hairstyle with some juice. All I did was part some of the hair on the side and then tie it all up so it looked like a regular bun, but instead of leaving the hair out, I braided it all and pinned it to the back of my head.

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

The last hairstyle I did was very easy. In fact, I normally do this hairstyle when I’m relaxing at home or even when I go out. So for this hairstyle, all you have to do is part a square in the middle of your head to the size you want and then tie it into a bun so you can leave your hair loose or tied up depending on what i prefer..

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TIP: To make these hairstyles a little more edgy, you can add some gel to the ends to keep everything looking good.

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

Yuup guys, so these are the hairstyles I managed to come up with. Tell me what is your favorite hairstyle and what is your favorite hairstyle. Anyway, thanks for reading and check out Adropofserendipity on her blog and Instagram I honestly love reading her captions and she’s such a sweet girl. I also want to thank her for agreeing to this collaboration! When I started my relaxed hair journey almost two years ago, I did a lot of research online and found many articles and videos from relaxed and natural hair bloggers about protective hairstyles. Articles and videos detail how protective styling has helped protect your relaxed or natural hair from dryness and breakage. Some would also talk about how protective styling would help them maintain their length and keep their ends healthy.

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Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

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After seeing these articles and videos, I was convinced about the protection style and took it seriously. This resulted in the decision to use short-term protective styles about five days a week. So about once or twice a week I put my hair down to give it a break from any tension it may have experienced from being pulled back. So, I’ve been wearing short-term protective styles like buns, braids, and ponytails for most of my hair journey thus far.

I have to admit that sticking to my short-term protective styling regimen at least five days a week has paid off. I was able to maintain length between each of my relaxers and reduce dryness at the ends, resulting in longer strands and fuller ends.

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

Now that I’ve seen how good my relaxed hair looks in a short-term protective style, I’ve decided to enjoy my hair for a while by wearing it more relaxed. Lately I’ve been using my hair about 3-5 days a week compared to the 1-2 days I used to.

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Since I wear my hair down more, I had to take some measures to protect the ends and not compromise the length. Here are the six things I do to protect my relaxed hair as I wear it more:

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

1. I wear my hair loose when I travel To do this, I used clips and hair clips to secure my ends during trips to and from work, church, the store, etc. I brush my clothes all day, only part of the day, which could ruin them.

2. Tidy up my loose hair at home When I’m at home, I keep my loose hair wrapped in a satin scarf or satin bonnet. This is another way to keep my loose ends from getting damaged from brushing my clothes all day.

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

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3. Moisturize my ends Surprisingly my ends stayed hydrated even though they were breaking out more, sometimes they need a little moisturizing. So I put some conditioner in every other day or when they start to dry out. I like to do this at night because the leave-in conditioner has time to really coat and hydrate the strands and I wake up with hydrated hair.

4. Short term protective style At least once a week I tried to keep my protective style for days when the weather is cold or wet. Also for when my relaxed hair starts to get really dry. This style is usually a double braid, a bun secured with a tie or hair clip, or I use hair clips.

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

5. Stay away from direct heat Even though I wear my hair down, I stayed away from flat irons and curling irons to avoid any damage from using direct heat. I also don’t use hot air when I blow dry. Instead, I use the cool setting. And it doesn’t matter what kind of heat I use on my hair, I use a heat protectant on my hair.

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6. Use moisturizing products on wash day The shampoos and conditioners I use during wash days focus on moisture, which helps keep my strands soft. I also make sure to deep condition every wash day for at least 30 minutes focusing on the ends. The sun is out, the breeze is great and it’s time to switch up the relaxed hairstyles because it’s LOOSE GIRL SUMMER!

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

People are getting vaccinated and starting to go out again and even though we are NOT promoting the madness and going crazy… *looks sideways*

We’re going to share seven fun ways to switch up your relaxed hairstyles this summer…

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

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This summer’s layering is IN. Whether it’s long or short, dying your hair black or blonde or wearing a layered clip/wig, this is the style to try.

Bouncin’ and bobin’ with some stylish curtain fringe is a great way to change up your look. Lizzo wore this style a few weeks ago and it looked flawless. Bangs also add a sense of glamor and mystery to your face as it barely covers your eyes.

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

*Note: this style isn’t the best if you’re trying to tone down the heat for your relaxed hair, unless you’re going for a messier or wash+go look.

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You can have more fun when it comes to bobs, but if you want to be a little more sassy this summer, then the asymmetrical bob is your go-to.

Hairstyles For Relaxed Short Hair

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