Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree – The sari is five meters of pure elegance that can turn any ordinary woman into a divine one. It’s more than clothes. Saree is a statement, an art form, a way of life. While there are those who regularly wear a sari, there are also those who keep this attire for special occasions. It is these people who have the problem of equipping and solving all the trivial things about sari. One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to sari is what hairstyle to go with the sari? That’s why we’re here to answer this age-old question.

Below is a handmade list of all the sari hairstyles that will make you look like a goddess. But before that, let’s take a look at all the things we need to master this sari hairstyle.

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

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Hairstyles For Sarees

If you want to focus all the attention on the gorgeous sarees and blouse designs, opt for an elegant bun. This saree hairstyle is perfect for a high neck, turtleneck or chino neck blouse. This simple sari hairstyle is easy to do and very cool. See the hard work on your blouse, saree or that extravagant necklace!

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

To make the process much easier, here is a video tutorial that will help you perfect this hairstyle with ease.

Check out this sexy back blouse design with a sari hairstyle that doesn’t hide the design in any way! This hairstyle is perfect for girls with a large forehead because curling or blowing on the top of the forehead gives the impression of a small forehead. Don’t forget to decorate your hair with beautiful jasmine flowers.

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try This Diwali

This is one saree hairstyle that never goes out of style. Style your hair with a blow dryer and curling iron and create perfect Hollywood waves. This hairstyle looks great with a retro saree. Pair it with any printed or polka dot saree and complete your outfit!

You choose a traditional look, also choose a traditional hairstyle for the sari. Perfect for girls with round faces, decorate this hairstyle with flowers and other hair accessories. Add maangtika for a more defined look, it will do all the hair magic!

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Don’t know how to create the perfect sari hairstyle? Why are we here? Watch this video and learn all the do’s and don’ts of this hairstyle!

From Janhvi Kapoor To Ananya Panday: These Celeb Inspired Hairstyles Can Be Your Perfect Guide For The Wedding Season

When it comes to Indian dresses, curly hair has its charm. So the next time you want to style your hair into a sari, curl it halfway and decorate your hair with minimalist flowers! This hair looks great with a pattu or silk saree. Since most of your hair is in the back, this hairstyle will enhance the look of this piece of jewelry!

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Learn from the best of Bollywood and choose an easy and messy fishnet sari outfit! This saree hairstyle is perfect for girls with an oval face. Since the lace stays mostly in the back, this hairstyle allows you to focus on the design of your blouse, saree or neckline.

One of the easiest and most convenient hairstyles for a sari. This hairstyle can be perfected by anyone and still looks very fashionable! So, if you are one of the low-maintenance types, go for this hairstyle and it will still look amazing.

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

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Another hairstyle where you can flaunt this sexy backless choli. Just like a ponytail, this saree hairstyle is very easy and one of the most convenient. If you want a relaxed look, the hairstyle is perfect as it is, but if you look a little more extreme, decorate your hair with accessories and flowers that are available all over India.

Turn your hair into perfect beach curls and get ready for a crazy sari hairstyle game. For most Indian hair, all you need to do to get this saree hairstyle is blow dry your hair. While some require a curling iron for this, there are also many heat-free procedures to achieve this hairstyle.

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Below is one of the simplest tutorials we’ve found online. So what are you waiting for? Get these sari-ready curls now! Photographers Makeup Artists Decorators Mehndi Artists Venue Planners Wedding Invitations Designers Choreographers Catering Wedding Jewelry Newlyweds Wedding Party Entertainment DJs Wedding Pandici Wedding Favors Wedding Cars

Indian Hairstyles For Round Face Girls To Rock With Saree • Keep Me Stylish

Don’t have time to pick something from the box or style your hair in a unique hairstyle? Everything’s all right! You don’t need to dye your hair like Cinderella, especially smooth, straight hair is the best option. There are endless wedding updos where you can wear this dramatic braid or cascading half updo. But sometimes being quiet is key! Even our celebrity brides go the minimal route for their big day with poker blonde hair, so why shouldn’t you? Here we have posted photos of real brides who have perfected their straight straight hair at their weddings. Go ahead and see how you can style it!

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Planning on wearing an experimental gown? Complete it with this bridal parted undercut!

For an intimate pooja or Haldi ceremony, you can opt for classic straight hair parted in the middle.

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Celebrity Like Best Hairstyle For Saree Or Indian Wear

Bride Sanjana Hirananda took it to the next level by pairing a tangerine dress with straight, flowing hair.

If you have long and beautiful hair, it’s a win-win. Just line them up and you’re ready to kill!

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

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Hairstyles For The Perfect Saree Look To Look Gorgeous

Do you also want a simple, simple hairstyle for one of your wedding ceremonies? Tell us in the comments. The perfect sari hairstyle does two things – it should go well with the veil being worn and it shouldn’t distract from the sari itself. This is easier said than done because different saris need different styles to go with them – for example, a minimal party hairstyle for a heavy Kanjeevaram saree or a wrap to balance the ensemble looks better.

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

A saree hairstyle is also the dream of anyone who likes to take a break from everyday casual hairstyles, abandon complicated hairstyles and try something new with their look! Your favorite celebrities are no different. Sarees are some of the best OOTD (outfit of the day) posts that fashionistas love to post.

From Deepika Padukone to Kriti Sanon, these lovely ladies love their saris and have beautiful hairstyles to go with them. And if you’re looking for an elegant sari-matching hairstyle, let these celebrities show you how it’s done – here are 7 popular Indian saree hairstyles – and how to do them!

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Reception Hairstyles For Saree And Lehanga

Gajra braided party hairstyle is one of the most popular Indian sari hairstyles. This hair accessory is a classic, adds a juicy scent to your updo and looks great with a floral and beaded saree. This just so happens to be a typical hairstyle for Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and her Bollywood looks – here’s a step-by-step guide to recreating this bridal or party look:

Step 01: Comb all your hair and take only the middle section all the way to the top of your head. Spray a brush with a frizz-control spray for a bouncy Sonam wedding look.

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Step 02: Tie the rest of your hair into a neat, clean bun, twisting it in a spiral motion. Secure the party updo with a thin hair scrunchie, don’t worry about cleaning too much as the gajra is next and hides loose ends. Use bobby pins to secure the gajra in place.

Celebrity Approved Hairstyle For The Festive Season!

Step 03: Add the finishing touch with a classic hair chain attached to your earrings and watch for compliments on your Christmas braid hairstyle!

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair On Saree

Half up, half down hairstyles are versatile as they suit both Indian and Western ensembles. Shraddha Kapoor paired her pretty green party dress with a half-length lace updo in her party saree and added some Indian flair to it – step by step.

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