Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair – For all the lucky ladies out there who have been blessed with long thick hair, you understand that this blessing can sometimes feel like a curse. Thick hair is a great privilege but also a great responsibility. Let’s face it, these locks require more of everything. More product, more time and more patience. However, your efforts and dollars are rewarded with a gorgeous end result that will leave your fair-haired friends green with envy.

Thick hair comes in all shapes, sizes and textures. There is often a natural wave or curl that can be counteracted by length as the weight and gravity work in your favor. Longer hair also balances out the volume and allows you to add more layers without creating a lion’s mane around your face. Look no further for great cut and style options to show off those promotional workouts.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Check out “mermaid” online and see if every example doesn’t show this style with gorgeous wavelengths. Honestly, who doesn’t have at least a little desire to be compared to a mermaid? The center part and flowing layers are very helpful in elongating a rounder face, while the loose curl offers an effortless sun-dried finish.

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One of the many great things about easy hairstyles for long thick hair is that voluminous updos are so much easier with them! A little back brushing, some bobby pins, some hairspray and voila: a sophisticated yet approachable bun that’s perfect for any occasion.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Curly layers may not be the friend of short thick hair, but they are definitely perfect for a longer cut! The length balances the volume that the layers add, leaving you with an elegant and proportionate style.

Do you want long hair but want something more organized? Ask your stylist to cut in bold, choppy layers and enhance them with subtle balayage.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Haircuts That Were Made For Wavy Hair

Straightness is totally achievable with hairstyles for long thick hair, but it will require a little extra work. Use shampoo and conditioner with a shine factor and dry your hair in small sections with a flat spatula or round brush. Keep tight and dry with the grain to combat rough areas. You’ll also want to add a shine serum from around the temple to your hair.

Add a nice touch to your straight style by adding slightly tousled curls to the ends. Blow dry straight, then use a medium curler only on the ends. Having at least two levels of layers will really show the extra effort.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

The more layers, the more movement. And with lots of hair, you have plenty of room for all those moves! Adding long bangs that can be swept to the side frames the face, but also offers a starting point for your shortest layer. Think about chin length.

Modern Men’s Hairstyles For Curly Hair

A full bang straight across the forehead is super cool and can be incorporated into many different long haircuts for thick hair. For a glam style, rock these bangs with some serious waves.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Ladies with thick hair know that some days you just need it out of the way. A messy bun is a great choice for those warmer months, or even a casual date night. Try the sock bun method and then wrap the bottom hair around the base.

When considering a new haircut or style, consider whether spending hours in front of the mirror every morning is something you enjoy. Not a priority? Try a layered look that tapers slightly from front to back. Such a cut offers texture whether you want to blow and go, or even let it air out.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Head Turning Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair

If you’re drawn to a haircut for long thick hair that boasts extra length (think close to your waist), you’ll definitely want to add some curls to your style. The curls will keep you from looking like your gorgeous mane is weighing you down.

Feathering is a term used to describe the ends of the hair that have been given a good texture. This cutting technique creates a softer blending of the layers and adds interest without breaking the overall length of the hair.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Lots of curls and thick hair go hand in hand. Thanks to its usually coarse texture and ability to go longer without washing, curls are easier to achieve on thick hair and tend to last longer. For a sophisticated style, leave your hair straight at the roots at the middle part, then go all out with curls at the bottom.

Ways To Manage Thick, Coarse, Wavy Hair

Long thick hairstyles tend to be quite thick just by default. To channel your inner diva and kick things up a notch, style with a deep part for added strength on top. Add big curls everywhere from the chin to the ends.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

While big curls are a great choice, sometimes a low look can be just as noticeable. You can add soft waves by blowing with a round brush or by twisting small sections around a flat iron and then brushing through.

A messy bun is something many thick-haired girls can take for granted. Your natural fullness makes this easy to achieve, while those with thinner hair have more difficulty. A shaved pattern at the nape adds a fun detail that can be shown or covered up depending on your mood.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Thick Curly Hair: 20 Easy And Modern Hairstyles We Love

Sleek hairstyles for thick long hair can be gorgeous as long as the hair is healthy and well maintained. You want to get regular cuts to avoid snags or splits. Rounding the ends of the hair draws attention to the layers and creates a sophisticated and elegant style.

When you feel like competing with Rapunzel with your length, it’s important not to let your hair start to look dull. Have your stylist cut in several different layers from the shoulder down, then finish with a twisted curl at the ends.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Some of the best styles are developed by taking cues from how your hair wants to behave on its own. If you have a natural wave, go with it! It may take some product and styling to get it just the way you want it, but you’re less likely to fight a losing battle if you go with the flow.

Tips For Getting A Great Curly Haircut

To keep your style straight but still have some movement and body, blow dry with a round brush. It will create long flowing waves that look great. This is one of the classic long hairstyles for thick hair.

Haircuts For Very Thick Wavy Hair

Finding exciting hairstyles for long thick hair is quite simple. However, it takes more effort to find a cut that you can make and are willing to keep. Talk to your stylist about ideas that will work with your natural texture as well as your desired prep time. Once you find what works for you, sit back and enjoy the compliments coming in!

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