Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair – The feathered haircut that was so popular in the 1970s is making a comeback. While feathered layers work well with any hair length, the feathered bob is extremely popular. Plus, it’s a great option for both thick and thin hair types—it cuts down on excess thickness, while a feathered bob can go a long way to add volume to thin locks.

What is a feathered bob? This is a layered bob with a feathered hair texture. To achieve this, the stylist holds the scissors at a 90-degree angle against the ends of the hair and cuts the strands in a V-shape, resulting in lighter, lighter ends.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

In addition to being surprisingly low-maintenance, the feathered bob offers some significant benefits for all hair types and textures, including more volume, lighter locks, and faster drying times. If you’re planning to join the feathered bob camp, explore these amazing feathered bob hairstyles and make a more informed choice.

How To Cut A Bob: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

A layered feathered bob is a great way to tone down thick hair. Elaborately styled layers help inject mind-blowing volume into your mane without weighing your hair down. To make everything look better, add highlights, for example, an eye-catching coin like the one in this image.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

If you want your tresses to have more volume and movement, consider a chin-length feathered bob with side-swept bangs. While feathering is all about volume, side bangs that blend perfectly with other layers help create that warm breezy look.

If you are looking for feathered bob haircuts that look hot and feminine, then you will definitely love this angled bob. Big and a little messy, sport some glamorous bangs to bring out your inner princess.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Bob Haircuts Hd Wallpapers

While a feathered haircut naturally means extra volume, you can go even further and add dimension with the help of highlights, such as a subtle balayage like the one in this photo. Unlike bold highlights, which create dramatic contrast, subtle balayage helps create a more natural, blended hair color.

Make your feathered texture stand out by adding blonde highlights throughout your mane. Thin blonde pieces repeat the texture, add movement to the hair and round out the look, while face-framing highlights draw attention to facial features.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Warm up with a Victoria-Beckham inspired layered bob and seal the deal by adding body to your hair with the help of feathered layers. Add some texturizing product for a edgy look and rock your bob cut like a queen.

Amazing Bob Hairstyles That Look Great On Everyone!

Layered bobs have shorter layers at the top of the neck, resulting in a more voluminous look, while feathered layers make this hairstyle incredibly feminine and elegant. To make your layered bob haircut shine, choose a shade that complements your skin tone and eye color.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Feathered bob hairstyles are a great choice for women who are always on the go, but still want to look elegant and stylish no matter the day of the week. Thanks to the lightweight texture, styling feathered locks is a less time-consuming task. To make your feathered cut stand out, choose a more interesting shape, such as an inverted bob and a color solution to compliment your skin tone.

Pixie bob haircuts look youthful and beautiful, while blonde shades add a refreshing effect significantly. If you combine feathers and brilliant layers, you will get a voluminous and irresistibly feminine air.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Stunning Haircut Trends For Women For 2023 (from Bobs To Layers)

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your long haircut, consider adding feathered layers. They make your hair more interesting and are sure to inject extra volume into your mane. Quick tip: If you have fine hair, try a choppy parting—it’ll lift your locks and add some height at the roots.

Feather texture and shiny highlights will make your cut more interesting and stylish. If you have an oval face, consider getting feathered curtain bangs – they go a long way to balance out long face shapes.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

The soft, subtle feathered layers of this pixie bob help create more volume without sacrificing the ultimate femininity of this cute haircut. To keep your feathered pixie bob stylish and stand out at the same time, use one of the vibrant, classic shades like auburn or chocolate brown.

Layered Shoulder Length Haircuts To Bring To Your Next Salon Visit

This feathered bob has multiple layers that create dazzling volume. Layered with a slight break at the back, this haircut features long strands to frame the face, making it the perfect solution if you want to compromise between long and short hair.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Add some drama to your traditional bob by adding layers of feathers to the front. They add body and fullness to the hair when the hairstyle is done in the direction of the hair and opens up the face.

This super sleek A-line bob features sharp lines for dramatic flare and feathered layers. Go for a darker shade to make sure you turn heads with this haircut.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Trending Layered Bob Haircuts To Try In 2021

It’s a classic take on a feathered bob: perfect symmetry with face-framing layers and bangs. It’s a great choice for women who want to keep their hair quick and easy: all you need to look good is blow your hair with a round brush for a few minutes.

A blonde lob seems like an all-time classic, but why not spice it up a little more with feathered layers? They add movement and volume, and not to mention, they flatter fine, thick hair.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

If your thick, straight hair has less volume and weight, a feathered bob looks like your best bet. This haircut does double duty to make your locks look stunningly voluminous and voluminous, chin-length takes the weight off, lifts your strands and rough layers add dimension.

Must See Bob Haircuts For Fine Hair To Try In 2022

This low-maintenance pixie bob haircut is the way to go if you want to look good without investing too much time in your hair routine. Don’t forget to stock up on a good styling product to define your shaved layers.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

No wonder a short bob cut with feathers has won the love of women regardless of age and hair type. While looking very elegant and flattering, it is also very easy to style and maintain.

This is a beautiful example of how you can style your bob with feathers for special occasions. All you need is a curling wand and some hairspray to make your style last longer. Alternate between straight, curly and wavy hair to get this amazing look.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Beautifully Layered Bob Hairstyles To See Before You Decide

A chin-grazing layered bob flatters almost all face shapes and hair types. Add feathered layers and long side bangs and you’ve got a super hot haircut that’s sure to turn heads. For the most powerful impact, choose a shade that matches your complexion and highlights your facial features.

This layered bob haircut is a good choice for women who want to add volume to their hair without putting in too much effort. Undoubtedly, a layered cut is easy to style while looking good.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

A feathered bob can be very versatile, with hairstyles ranging from chic and elegant to tight and hot. Additionally, feather layers come with many undeniable benefits, including dramatic texture and volume combined with comfort in style. The bob was not a haircut in 1915, but … appeared as a hairstyle useful for dancing. Yes, yes, Irene Castle, a great ballroom dancer, had one big problem with her long hair: it tangled while dancing. Then one day, she chopped it off and became the first woman with a beautiful curly “castle bob” haircut.

Best Medium Length Layered Haircuts In 2023

Today’s bob has gone from something unusual to something casual – making it the perfect year-round match for women of any age and profession.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Saggy, tousled, tousled, tousled – a long hairstyle or ‘lob’ can make anyone look trendy and current. “This year it’s all about being bold with length. The style du jour is a blunt, square bob that ends above the jawline. It’s so fresh and has a French, youthful vibe. It’s a look with loyal lob confidence and suburbia.” Jonathan Soons, creative ambassador for Directors’ Lounges for Glamour. says Change it up, go short or long, but still, the bob is an ever-popular haircut.

So, do some research and find out what haircut techniques will work well with an easy, refreshing and slightly glamorous medium length bob.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

Trendiest Medium Layered Bob Haircuts For Shoulder Length Hair

A bob haircut adds some volume and life to straight hair. It looks gorgeous with long front locks and big neck.

Check out how gorgeous this blonde bob with feathered fringes looks. Not to mention, shoulder length elongates a round face and makes it slimmer.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

A blonde bob always looks stylish, no doubt about it. Opt for a layered bob to keep your thick hair bouncy and flowing.

Shoulder Length Haircuts You Will Be Asking For In 2023

Looking for medium bob hairstyles to flatter thin hair? Consider a medium length layered bob and wavy style

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

We love this gorgeous mid-layer bob. Bangs and a layered cut are made for each other, which is why it looks great even with curly hair.

Revamp your medium haircut with a bold fringe – that’s it

Feathered Bob Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

The 50 Best Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair In 2023

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