Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Easy Updos For Medium Hair – Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful hair! Here are 12 hairstyles for medium length hair for the lazy girl!

Ever since I cut it from medium to short, I’m always looking for new ways to style my hair. And these easy hairstyles are perfect for that!

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

It’s not that easy to do something complicated when you have short hair. However, there are still plenty of ways you can spice up your hair without creating a complicated hairstyle.

Perfectly Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

It can be fun to find new ways to wear your hair. Creating new styles is not always easy. This time of year, it’s almost a must to find something other than everyday wear with your medium length hair.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Planning a work holiday party? Don’t wear it like you do every day in the office! Meet friends? Find something new for them to show you.

I was looking for new and creative ways to style medium length hair. So I have created this collection of the most interesting and stylish medium length hairstyles that everyone can try.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Easy Natural Hairstyles For Short/medium Length Natural Hair!

So the next time you need to go somewhere and you’re having one of those lazy days, these hair tutorials are just what you need!

No matter how I style my hair, there are a few hair products I just can’t live without! With thick and curly hair, I’ve tried everything over the years and these hair products have made the biggest difference:

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

NAVY Whirlpool – Argan Oil and Green Tea Powered Styling Mousse – I use this baby one right after I get out of the shower and my hair is still wet. I just take a big handful and massage it all over, especially the ends.

Braided Styles That Are Perfect For Medium Length Hair

This helps to dramatically reduce constriction. Whether I let my hair air dry or blow dry, this product makes it so much smoother.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

NAVY Style Navigator Spray – This spray is great for adding volume to the roots. Have you ever noticed that your hair falls out after curling and straightening it? Spray some at the roots and watch the volume come to life!

Great for spritzing around the roots before trying to style. It adds a little texture to the hair so it will hold better

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Casual Hairstyles For Medium Hair To Try Asap

I’m starting with one of my favorites. Also from one of my favorite hair tutorial sites. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely need to check out thesmallthingsblog.com for every hair tutorial imaginable.

This is one of my favorites for short hair. It will guide you step by step and restore it very easily. The end result is a very elegant piece of jewelry that looks like it came straight from the salon.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

No ripples, no fancy waves. This beautiful hairstyle can be done by simply twisting messy hair and securing with bobby pins.

Quick & Easy Updos For Your Craziest Mornings

This makes it perfect for a day or night look. It’s also perfect when you need your hair to look amazing at the last minute. Whatever your hair looks like, start curling it.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Before you know it, you have a gorgeous hairstyle that looks like it took you all day.

This simple look can be easily pulled off by anyone, and second-day hair really does wonders for hiding the side part that’s starting to look a little limp.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Easy Twist Hair Tutorial

You can even braid two braids, one on each side of the bangs, you also need to tuck them in a bit.

Love love love this amazing hairstyle that even girls with short hair can pull off! The end result looks very complicated, but you can actually do it in 15 minutes. Just simple ponytails with the hair pulled all the way up. Lazy girls will love it!

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

This look is great because it works on super short to medium length hair. So you can use this style when you cut your hair shorter than you intended.

Easy Hairstyles For Short To Medium Length Hair

Keep using it until the end and try to grow it again. It’s even best for second-day textured hair.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Try it in the morning when you’re running late for work or a last-minute event. Or even an event that was planned a long time ago, but you were running around after the kids all day and forgot to shower…it just happened.

You can’t tell, but this gadget is very elegant. You actually start from the bottom and turn all the short pieces up and pin them.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Easy Step By Step Hair Tutorials For Long, Medium,short Hair

Once the bottom half of your hair is done, continue styling the top section with a few curls and a little extra volume. It’s almost deceiving how this updo makes you look like you have much longer hair.

I love this hairstyle because it looks like it took a professional some time to create it. On closer inspection, they are actually just 4 individual small buns.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Then twist and screw to the bottom of the head. The little pieces that stick out almost help the look and make it more fun.

Chic Christmas Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Add a small rhinestone pin for a super chic holiday look, or save this look with a flower for summer to come.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

While most updos focus on the underside of the hair, this style starts at the top and continues down. The finished look is expressive and looks complex, but is actually very easy to create.

Although this style looks very complicated, it actually starts with a simple messy bun at the nape of the neck. Make a bun and pin a few loose pieces, just remember to leave a few.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Hair Tutorials You Can Totally Diy

Then from the side of the face create braids that go back to the crown and pin. Make sure the top is slightly tousled and add some wavy pieces in the front of the face.

Top knots are popular in the hair world this year. Just because you don’t have long hair doesn’t mean you’re out of the trend.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

This tutorial will show you how to still tie your hair into a top knot even if you cut it all off. It can look great in the winter season with a few well-placed accessories and even better in the summer when it gets rid of those tiny hairs on the nape of your neck.

Super Easy Updos For Beginners To Try In 2023

This girl has grown and cut her hair more times than I can count and can make any hair length look amazing.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

This tutorial will show you how to recreate this look by pinning short sections at the nape of the neck and creating braids at the top that pin to the rest of the hair at the top of the neck.

While most hairstyles are curls, twists and knots, this style is completely different. This hairstyle seems to have a lot of volume.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Easy & Cute Updos For Medium Hair

But it all depends on how you tease and style it. In the photo above, hair that doesn’t even reach her shoulders can easily pull this look off.

There is nothing I love more than styling unique and creative hair without spending a million hours on it. My goal is to have my hair look like an Instagram model, but I only spend a few minutes on it every morning.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Looking for more hair and beauty inspiration? Check out my PINTEREST board for the latest easy hair tutorials!

Easy Summer Up Dos For Medium Length Hair

My name is Jenny and I am the mother of a little girl named Abby. I love finding new ways to connect with other moms. I share my parenting successes and failures. And try to bring back the fun we had before we became parents! There are many simple hairstyles that once you learn them, you will be surprised how versatile your everyday look can be. Our main goal is to help make your life easier, so we’ve done a lot of research and come up with a great set of ideas that are easy to replicate. When you feel tired of the same old hairstyle that you use every day, we invite you to use these cute ideas that we have saved for you!

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

The thing is, cute hairstyles for medium hair don’t require countless hours spent in front of the mirror. You can easily create a sophisticated hairstyle yourself with minimal time and effort.

In addition, medium hairstyles are so versatile and easy to style that you should not limit your imagination. Follow our example and be creative!

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Although it may not look like the easiest hair design, it is still quite easy to get.

These easy hairstyles for girls are best for big locks. So if you’re full of energy, you can skip the first step.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair

What is cute

Quick Easy Peasy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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