Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair – Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you can’t have cute hair! Here are 12 must-have hairstyles for lazy girls with medium-length hair!

I’m always looking for new ways to style my hair after cutting it medium to short. And these easy hairstyles are just perfect for that!

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

It’s not that easy to do something sophisticated when your hair is short. But there are still plenty of ways you can make your hair beautiful without creating complicated treatments.

Short Hair Hairstyles For When You Want To Tie Your Strands Back

It can be fun to find new ways to wear your hair. It is not always easy to create a new style. This time of year is almost essential to find something to pair with your medium length hair instead of wearing it every day.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Going to a work holiday party? Don’t wear it like every day at the office! Did you go out with friends? Find something new for them so you can stand out.

I have been racking my brain for new and creative ways to style medium length hair. So, I have compiled this collection of the most fun and stylish medium hairstyles that everyone can try.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

How To Braid Hair: 10 Tutorials You Can Do Yourself

So the next time you need to go somewhere and just have one of those lazy days, these hair tutorials are just what you need!

No matter how I style my hair, there are hair products I can’t live without! With thick and frizzy hair, I’ve tried everything over the years and these are the hair products that have made the biggest difference:

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

NAVY Whirlpool – Argan Oil & Green Tea Treatment Foam – I use this baby when I get out of the shower and my hair is still wet. I just take a big handful and massage it all around, especially the ends.

Easy Updo For Short Hair, Hair Tutorial

It greatly reduces crunchiness. Whether I let my hair air dry or blow dry, this product makes it so much smoother.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

NAVY Style Navigator Spray – This spray is perfect for giving yourself some volume at the roots. Have you ever noticed your hair falling out after curling and straightening it? Pour some of this all over your roots and watch the sound come to life!

It is good to spray around the roots before trying to lift. It gives your hair some texture to make it look better

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Hairstyles For Girls

I’ll start with one of my favorites. Also from one of my favorite hair tutorial websites. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should definitely check out thesmallthingsblog.com for every hairstyle tutorial imaginable.

This is one of my favorites for short hair. It takes you step by step and makes it very easy to recreate. The end result is a very handsome building that looks like it came straight out of the showroom.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

No curling required, no beautiful waves to begin with. This stylish updo is simply done by twisting fake hair and using bobby pins to secure it.

Stunning Updo Hairstyles You Need To See

Which makes it perfect for a day or night look. Also great for those times when you need to make your hair look amazing at the last minute. Whatever hair you have, just start twisting.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Before you know it, you have an amazing hairstyle that took all day to create.

This easy look is easy for anyone to create and can work magic with second day hair to hide that slightly frizzy side part.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Hairstyles For Greasy Hair In 2020

You can even make two braids, one on each side of the pillow must be pulled back as well.

Love love love this fun hairstyle that even girls with short hair can do! The end result looks very complicated, but you can do it in 15 minutes. Just simple ponytails with hair pulled all the way down. Lazy girls will love this!

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

This look is great because it works on very short to medium length hair. So you can use this style when you cut your hair shorter than you expected.

Five Minute Or Less Hairstyles That’ll Save You From Busy Mornings

Keep using it all the way to increase it again. It works best on day 2 hair with texture.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Try it in the morning, late at work, or at the last minute. Or heck, even an event that was planned long ago, but you spent the day running around after the kids and forgot to shower… it happened.

You can’t really tell, but this update is very slim in the way it’s created. You actually start at the bottom and twist all the short pieces and tie them.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Fun And Easy Updos For Long Hair

Once the bottom half of your hair is done, continue to style the top with some curls and some extra volume. It’s almost fake how this updo makes you look like you have longer hair than you do.

I love this hairstyle because it looks like a professional took time to create it. On closer inspection, it’s actually just 4 separate small buns.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Then turn it over and attach it to the bottom of the head. The small pieces that stand out almost help this look and make it more fun.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair To Do By Yourself

Add little pins to make it look really chic for the holidays or keep this look flowery when summer rolls around.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

While most practices are based on the lower half of the hair, this style starts at the top and works down. The finished look is fluid and looks complicated, but it’s actually very easy to create.

Although this style looks very complicated, it actually starts with a simple false bun at the base of the neck. Create a bun and use bobby pins to bring in loose pieces, just remember to leave a few pieces out.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Then create braids from the sides of your face that go back to the bottom and tie around. Make sure the top is slightly cool and place thin pieces in front of the face.

Top knots are all the rage in the hair world this year. Just because you don’t have long hair doesn’t mean you’re out of this trend.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

This tutorial is great for showing you how to put your hair in a top knot, even if it’s all cut. It can look great in the winter with a few well-placed accessories, and it works even better in the summer with some hair on the back of your neck.

Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair, According To Stylists

This girl has grown her hair out more times than I can count, and she finds that all hair lengths look amazing.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

This tutorial will show you how to recreate this look by tying short pieces at the base of the neck and creating braids on top that connect to the top of the neck.

While most hairstyles include curls, twists and knots, this style is completely different. This hairstyle seems to have a lot of volume.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Cutest Prom Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair For 2023

But, it’s about how you joke and reconcile. The photo above has hair that doesn’t even reach her shoulders, but she can pull off this look with ease.

There is nothing I love more than styling my hair in unique and creative ways without spending a million hours on it. My goal is to make my hair look like an Instagram model, but it only takes minutes every morning.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Looking for more hair and beauty inspiration? Check out my PINTEREST board for the latest easy hair tutorials!

Best Bridal Hairstyle Ideas For Your Wedding In 2022

My name is Jenny and I am the mother of a little girl named Abby. I love finding new ways to connect with other moms. I share my parenting triumphs and failures. And try to recapture the fun parents used to have! This is my favorite quick little style. Both are super easy updos that anyone can pull off, and I’ll show you some options depending on whether you have medium or long hair. Plus, adding a cute accessory like this spicy headband makes it even better (I mean, smart, am I right?). These are quick and easy hairstyle options for any day, but especially if you need something simple for an upcoming holiday party.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

It’s easy for me to forget that I still have hairstyle options with shorter lengths. For this one, I incorporated a cute headband and simple braids into my low bun style that I do a lot (like a lot!). Which is perfect for cute but casual when you want to create a simple style.

1. I started adding texture and wave to the hair, then I put the headband on so we don’t have to move it around with the braids later.

Easy Up Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Ways To Wear Shoulder Length Hair

2. Then I took a small triangle section on one side of my piece in front of the headband to start creating

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