Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest – I just received a wedding invitation for my friend and blog photographer Hanna. I am so excited to celebrate her wedding this fall and plan to bring my favorite date, Cathy! The first thing I noticed, besides the fact that her invitations were stunning (our designer Emily made them!) was that she was ALL OUT! It’s a formal event and it’s black tie! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a real black tie event and I’m really excited to give it my all.

I’ll be honest, I thought I’d get this navy beauty and not have to buy it. And maybe I can… but maybe I won’t. This navy Gal Meets Glam dress is definitely more of a semi-formal wedding look. A black tie wedding means it’s definitely official. Which means only one thing, bathrobes! It needs glitz and glamor and I can’t wait to dive headfirst into it!

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

Since I didn’t have a formal dress, I knew I had to go shopping. My wedding date, Cathy and I headed to what I knew would be the perfect place to share some wedding guest outfit options, BHDLN. This beautiful brand is where my sister found her wedding dress, where Cathy bought hers, and where I’ve blogged before here in this platinum silk issue. I can’t wait to browse and share some beautiful looks to inspire your next formal event.

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Anytime you go to a wedding, casual or formal, you want to strictly follow the dress code on the invitation. There’s a reason for that and it’s always the first thing I check before I can start shopping! Venue, ambiance, location and couple play a role in this decision. You can also find some of my favorite wedding dresses here. But today I want to talk about the official wedding. Black tie, black tie voluntary and formal. Every time you see it on an invitation, you’ll want to pull out all the stops for a great dress (or jumpsuit!).

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

TIP: I always like to ask the bride (or someone she knows in the bridal party) what the bridesmaids’ colors are. There’s nothing worse than looking like you’re part of the wedding party when you’re not!

Formal wear is definitely defined as a full-length dress, from elegant cocktail dresses to glamorous pantsuits. When it comes to men, formal wedding attire means a tuxedo. And of course the bow tie which I love! The only time a tuxedo is not necessary is black tie. If you like, the “option” is to go for a very nice black suit. Navy is my favorite, but black is great too! For women, however, formal wear, black tie, white tie, and black tie mean beautiful gowns.

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

Wedding Guest Dresses For Spring

There are many options to choose from when it comes to formal wedding attire. From floor-length gowns that simply hug the body, to beautifully embellished voluminous gowns. You can play up your skirt like Cathy and I did in today’s post with tee lengths or long bottoms. It’s a fun modern look with a formal look. However, my number one tip is to always think about the fabric. Now is not the time to bring the maximum length of the cotton floor. Instead, choose fabrics like satin, lace and taffeta.

I want to share many beautiful wedding dress ideas. Cathy and I teamed up with BHLDN to design stunning dresses for formal events. From formal beach weddings to formal evening events, here are some great ideas to help you shop for one of these glamorous events.

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

A time when you can do everything in everything. Think fun train, lots of frills and sequins are fun here too. These dresses can also be perfectly acceptable for black tie. Just always stay away from white or ivory! Cathy’s lace dress is perfect for this. But I personally love my floral sleeveless dress with a little train. It’s so cute and has pockets!

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For a formal church wedding, you want to make sure your shoulders are covered and you’re not over the top with sequins, big ruffles, and the like. Keep things more traditional than respect the church. This lace short sleeve tea length dress is perfect for such an occasion.

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

If you are invited to a formal wedding on the beach, you can flaunt your shoulders and play with a mini skirt. Remember, you’re still at the beach, so the fabric should be lighter and flowier. And you can keep your colors lighter and embrace pastels. But you can also embrace bright, fun colors and some prints because it’s the beach! Both dresses below are perfect for a summer black tie wedding or any beach wedding.

Even though your black tie event may be on the beach, that doesn’t mean you can wear a tank top. And be sure to leave your flip-flops at home! And depending on the time of day, you might want to bring a light layer like a pashmina to cover your shoulders because it can be cold and windy at the beach. And my number one suggestion for a beach wedding, wear wedges or flats. You’ll thank me later!

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

Semi Formal Wedding Guest Dresses For Fall

Lots of great dresses in today’s post. But some may be on the more expensive end. And while not everyone can get a fancy prom dress on a budget, I also understand that even if you CAN, you don’t want to spend a ton on something you’ll only wear once or twice. Here are some of my favorite formal dresses for formal wedding dress codes under $150.

Finally, you want to make sure your accessories are in line with the dress code as well. Leave the espadrilles and leather purses at home. This night calls for sequins, sparkles and all things stylish. I always love to bring out my fun little bags like this cow hair bag or sequin clutch. When it comes to shoes, you can always be safe and get away with it with these strappy Steven Madden shoes. But to transition and rely on a formal outfit, go for sparkles! Plus, love this sure-to-be-comfortable block heel under $100.

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

Jewelry can be used in many ways. I like to keep things simple, especially when the outfit is bold. A simple gold ring or stud will do. But if you want something more fun, a sparkly earring or tassels like I did above is always a good choice. We love any excuse to rock a new look, and weddings are one of the best opportunities to try out the latest trend (neon pink, anyone?) or go a little glam. However, when the dress code calls for semi-formal wedding attire, it can be difficult to know where the (edge) line is. How formal

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With more and more couples opting for semi-formal weddings, now is the time to update that vague dress code. With wedding season just around the corner, don’t worry! Let’s explore what a semi-formal wedding dress really means – so you can focus on finding that fit that will make you stand out to everyone.

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

Plus, we’ve rounded up some great semi-formal wedding dresses for men and women that will have us counting down to our next wedding invitation.

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Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

Ultra Flattering Spring Wedding Guest Dresses Under $100

A semi-formal wedding dress sits pleasantly between elegant and casual high-end. It is also commonly referred to as a “casual dress” – it can be seen as the weekend version of business casual. Think: flowy dresses, simple suit jackets and timeless silhouettes.

When it comes to colors, prints, and skirts, a semi-formal wedding dress doesn’t have strict rules like other dress codes, which can make it difficult to know what’s appropriate. We recommend considering the season and venue of the wedding to determine which dress is best. Ultimately, a yellow mini dress can be the perfect dress for a summer backyard wedding, but feel extra glamorous for a winter dinner in an elegant ballroom. It’s hard to go wrong when you’re dressed for an event!

Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

To complement a semi-formal wedding dress, we suggest a natural, polished beauty look. This means you can skip the hour-long haircut and let your hair down (literally) in loose waves. And while we love a smoky eye, give your glittery evening palette a break and try a neutral color or a simple wing instead.

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Dress For Evening Wedding Guest

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