Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair – I’m so excited to finally share my wedding hairstyle with you! I just got married a few weeks ago, and wanted to do something easy with my naturally curly hair. I do my own hair and makeup, which not only saves money, but ensures it’s the only way I like the natural style.

In the video, I take you through my complete laundry day routine, start to finish. I recommend doing this style on the hair on the second day, so I’m showing you how I freshen up the morning of the wedding, and touch up right before pinning back.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

The style is simple and easy to achieve, and is styled using rhinestone/gem hairpins from Amazon and some bobby pins. I also share tips for making curls more defined and how to get the perfect ring that lasts all night. For more tips on how to make your hair curlier, watch my video here.

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For products, I like to use some of my all-time favorite styling products that I know will be flawless and last all day.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Before styling, I first did an apple cider vinegar clarifying treatment, which I discuss in this video. I am also in a deep state after using this routine.

Welcome to my blog, a practical guide to curly hair, beauty, style and more. I am a full time marketer with a passion for everyday beauty. Here you’ll find easy-to-follow tutorials and ways anyone can do to look and feel their best. Girls with curly hair often have some difficulties with formal hairstyles. We feel your pain, brother! The nightmare of straightening your hair only to curl it back bothers every girl with naturally curly hair. Well, it’s time to face your fears – you don’t have to look like a “90s girl”. We have a collection of 33 of the most amazing curly wedding hairstyles. All in one place, just for you. Forget your fears and choose your best wedding look!

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

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Customers with naturally curly hair need to add curls! Choose a textured hairstyle, either up or down. Can use natural curls!

Use curl softening creams and fragrance-free styles to activate and style your curls. Then apply a little hair serum and curl moisturizer for a shiny touch. If your hair is curly, use a curling custard and follow with a light curling gel. Finish with a curl-enhancing mousse and you’re all set.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Your curls can last all day if you use a small curling iron to curl your hair in small sections. Bigger and thicker curls will fall even before the day is half over. Make sure your curling iron is hot and don’t wash your hair before curling. The dirtier the hair, the more frizz will persist. If you can’t deal with dirty hair, opt for dry shampoo. After you curl your hair, follow with a styling gel spray to keep your hair in place.

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Updos are great if you’re looking for wedding hairstyles for curly hair with a veil. A beautiful curly style can be amazing if you find the right accessories. Just add a lace veil with an intricate pattern to your hairstyle to make it look amazing.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

This season, the trend is very clear: more is better! So don’t be afraid to combine braids and curls, and put them down! You will look amazing with this amazing hairstyle. This updo will look best with a plunging neckline and open back.

Updates with flower crowns look fragile and delicate. Lift the curls for a messy updo. Don’t be afraid of loose strands – it just makes your style more natural. Add a floral headband for a softer, more feminine look.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Loose Bridal Waves That’ll Have You Ready For Summer ⋆ Ruffled

What hairstyle suits a princess with naturally curly hair? I love it when curly girls want to rock their natural hair texture on their big day! There are many up and down styles that suit curly hair. If you want a softer look on your wedding day, I would suggest a protective style- Hide your natural hair, by braiding & pinning, and cover it with clip-in extensions. This eliminates the need to apply excessive heat to natural curls, while extensions allow for the length and thickness that best suits your dream look. Natalie Anne Salon – winner of AIAA 2019 International hair influencer and AHFA Digital influencer 2018

If your hair is only long enough for a ponytail, pull it up. Let the ends curl naturally. This simple hairstyle is very short. Complete your bridal look with a veil. This style would look best with a trumpet or mermaid wedding dress.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

The classic updo is the epitome of timeless elegance and is one of the best summer wedding hairstyles. Lift your hair to reveal your silky shoulders and soft frame. Hair clips or jeweled clips will make you look more sophisticated.

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Wedding updates are a great way to showcase your highlights. Let your blonde hair do the best work! A simple updo with a flower can look better than an elaborate hairstyle if done right. Leave some side curls to frame the face for a softer look.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you might consider some curly country wedding hairstyles. Braids and curls look great together! A messy French braid will look great! Decorate with some flowers for a more organic look!

What’s more natural than curly country wedding hairstyles? To keep it simple and organic, stick to polished wedding hairstyles. Just let the grumpy lock up and they’ll do their magic! Use some hair mousse and some hairspray to make sure you don’t have too many flyaways.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Modern Curly Hairstyles That Will Slay On Your Wedding Day

Sometimes it’s not the style, but the color that catches the eye! If you’re a passionate redhead, don’t overdo it. Curly wedding hairstyles for medium length hair look amazing with flowers. It’s time to show off your personality – curly wedding hairstyles are best when they’re sweet and simple.

If you want to look effortlessly beautiful on your wedding day, try a half-down curly wedding hairstyle. This hairstyle will look great on any bride. Simply take side strands from each side of the face, twist and pin together with bobby pins.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Want to make a simple half more stylish? This season is all about braids. Braided hairstyles make some of the best bridal hairstyles for naturally curly hair. Even a simple French braid will lock in your curly locks. Just add some hairspray and you’re ready to have the time of your life!

Modern & Stylish Curly Hairstyles For Brides

Natural curly wedding hairstyles are often referred to as ‘patterns’. But messy is the trend now! Try this half-down style for naturally curly hair – it’ll look great on a boho bride! Let your curls flow!

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Bigger wedding hairstyles for long curly hair may require your stylist to use extensions. But look at this amazing hairstyle! These beautiful curly locks are amazing! This hairstyle speaks glamour, luxury and style!

Boho hairstyles are probably one of the best curly hairstyles for weddings. This simple yet beautiful curly wedding hairstyle will take your breath away with your free spirit. A wavy hairstyle with a little baby’s breath is just what you need for a jungle wedding.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Curly Bridal Hairstyles

Want something special and eye-catching? Why not try creative coloring? Long curly hair looks amazing with ombre. Check out these beautiful bridal hairstyles! It looks simple, feminine and lively – all at once!

If you are lucky enough to have naturally healthy curly hair, you have everything you need to look great. Just use an embellished hair clip or a large flower to keep your sides from locking up. You will look very exotic – perfect for a destination beach party!

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Bold waves with a simple thin golden hair band can make you look like a Greek goddess. This classic look is perfect for a royal wedding dress. What could be better than this combination of white and gold?

Wedding Hairstyle Tutorials By Hair Romance

You would think that a ponytail would hardly be on the list of top wedding hairstyles for curly hair. Well, let’s prove you wrong! This high ponytail looks so sexy! A big, fluffy ponytail with an embellished haircut is one of the most elegant curly wedding hairstyles.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Looking for some special wedding hairstyles for short curly hair for a special occasion? Your hair doesn’t have to be long for this drop up. Use a hair band to wind the locks. Add intricate little flowers for that flower crown effect.

Are you a bride, who loves curly modern wedding hairstyles? Go for a big updo with short sides. If you want to add a little romance, add a simple large flower. Curly wedding hairstyles look great on any hair length!

Cute Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

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Want to have a Great Gatsby inspired wedding? This curly hairstyle

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