Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair – Let’s be honest, short hair often gets a bad rap. It is often believed that longer styles mean more freedom of appearance, but this is not entirely true. And when adding naturally textured hair, it can feel a little intimidating to know how to style your strands without repeating yourself.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Whether your hair is short or shoulder-length, there are dozens of ways to style short hair. And this is especially true if you’re rocking your natural hair, because curly hair makes things a little more fun. The best part is that your style arsenal can be as simple or complex as you like and still perfectly match your personal aesthetic and personality.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

To help you prevent (or get rid of) hair loss, here are 21 short natural hairstyles that will give you the best hairstyles for 2021. From singer Janelle Monae’s hairstyle with a cool accessory to actor Logan’s curly mohawk. Browning, the options are truly endless. Some of these styles are easy to recreate and others are bold enough to turn heads as you walk down the street, including styles for very short hair and round faces in African tones and more. Keep scrolling to see our top A-list natural short hairstyles to rock ASAP.

Short Hairstyles And Haircuts For Black Women

Actress Halle Berry is one of the first to rock the killer pixie cut. And to be honest, her almost perfect short hair will be loved forever. For easy and effortless styling, invest in a 1/2-inch curling iron to add texture to a short updo.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

It might be one of the boldest cuts of the bunch, but actress Zoë Kravitz makes this ultrashort look neat, clean and super chic. If you want a smooth look without the shine or frizz from hair gel, try wrapping your hair overnight in a silk or satin scarf to keep it in place.

The versatility of the natural updo makes it a style for days when you want your hair out of your face, but not necessarily up. This performance by actress Isa Rae is like hair down and back at the same time. It’s basically the best of both worlds.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Cute Short Curly Hairstyles For Black Women To Try In 2020

From hats to bobby pins, Janelle Monae sure knows how to dress up hair accessories, but this gilded headband is one of our favorites. It’s simple, elegant and absolutely stunning.

Don’t let the Teeny-Weeny Afro stop you from trying new styles. If anyone knows a thing or two about perfecting TWA, it’s actress Lupita Nyong’o and the designer behind her outfit, Vernon Francois. From adding accessories to playing with extensions and hairpieces, the options are endless.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

If you’re considering a face-framing hairstyle, pair it with chin-length bangs. This cut perfectly complements singer Kelly Rowland’s oval face and is still long enough to pull back or pin up if and when you feel like it.

Short Natural Hairstyles

This old style is still totally wearable and works on any hair, even if it’s just a few inches. Singer Alicia Keys rocked this look with casual earrings and a perfectly cute baby hairdo.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance style, this cut is for you. Samile Bermanelli’s cut is short at the back and sides and voluminous on top, so the style is made for you.

Let’s face it: Zendaya looks flawless in almost any hairstyle, including this platinum one. If you’re looking for a way to soften your brows, try a fringe like this one that stops just an inch above the brow bone.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women For Summer

What’s more about singer Rihanna’s comeback style, color or cut? Not to mention, the deep side part and basic movement give this look a charming yet sweet vibe.

Let your hair look like actress Amandella Stenberg. This asymmetric brown flat top is totally unique, young and bold.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Calling all girls with thick hair: just because you have bouncy short hair doesn’t mean you can’t make it look thick and luscious like actress Gabrielle Union. This look is not completely flat and has a natural texture with very smooth ends.

The 30 Best Short Hairstyles To Flatter Brown Hair

A fake hawk is the perfect way to try cutting hair without committing to scissors. And Logan Browning’s version has lots of curls around the crown. To maintain this look, depending on the length and weight of your hair, use small butterfly clips or bobby pins.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Buzz cuts are not for the faint of heart, but if you’re brave enough to rock the look, kudos to you. Actress Alexandra Shipp makes this simple style look glamorous yet feminine.

One of the easiest hairstyles for natural hair is a simple wash, as Yara Shahidi sports here. To achieve this look, wash and style your hair as usual, following each time with your favorite styling products for a perfectly styled spiral.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

These 40 Easy Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair Are A Must Try

Textured and slightly messy updos were practically made for curly hair. Actor Gugu Mbatha’s Raw Two Puffs work for practically any occasion, from the grocery store or the gym to the office or the red carpet.

Afros are timeless and wanderlust. To achieve a voluminous look like actress Teona Perry, comb your curls with a wide-toothed comb to achieve the desired volume and shape.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Curls can be unpredictable, great one day and not so great the next. This is where bar set curlers come in handy. They create perfectly smooth spirals, like these rings that actress Ashley Blaine Peterson shows off.

Youthful Short Natural Haircuts For Black Women Over 50

Leave it to singer Solange Knowles to keep the hard part looking fierce and feminine. Tight parts can add a unique touch to your look, especially when your hair is too short to style. But be warned, it’s best to see a professional stylist for this look. We don’t recommend trying it at home!

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Singer Corinne Bailey Rae’s spirals, reminiscent of the first bells of Easter Sunday, are the perfect picture. Wet your hair, wrap around your fingers, hold for 10 seconds and pull out. It really is that simple.

If you’re interested in rocking short hair but don’t know where to start, a lob (aka long bob) is a great first step. You can frame it perfectly around your face like actress Taraji P. Henson and wear it curly or straight. In 2009 I cut off all my hair and never looked back. Sure, I’ve tried growing it out once or twice, but honestly…I just never feel comfortable with longer styles. There is something very unforgiving about facing life without facial hair. In short? I’ve rounded up 27 photos of celebs with short styles that will inspire you to ditch it all—or at least try something new.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Hottest Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women With Short Hair

When it comes to experimenting with her hair, Yara likes to change it up. This curly bob with bangs is perfect for naturals who are ready to grow a little longer.

Oh hello blonde bombshell! A precise cut like Cynthia Erivo’s is the perfect time to start experimenting with new colors. Just be prepared to spend more time in the salon for maintenance.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Willow bravely shaved her head when she was 12, so she’s no stranger to the “short hair, mind” club. Her nails look like a baby

Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women

A straight cut like Jennifer Hudson is always a good idea. Also, her color is a *chef’s kiss* beauty with subtle blonde highlights.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Like mother like daughter, Jada’s hair transformation history is impressive. We may be biased, but Ms. Smith knows how to rock a short style.

HBO favorite Funny Woman has the brownie game locked up. Her natural texture is also enhanced by this layered bob cut.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Bob Braid Hairstyles You’ll Obsess Over For 2020

After years of rocking wigs and braids, singer Tamar Braxton decided it was time for a big change.

Yes Queen! “Black” star Marsai Martin changed it up for all of us with a sleek, Asian-inspired bob for the premiere of Disney’s “Mulan,” and we’re O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Want a bob look without grabbing the scissors? Try a braided bob with extensions like Amanda. Bonus points for a radical change in tone.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Hair To Try Asap

Between dangling protective styles (like Dear White People’s faux brush from Season 3), Logan flaunts her natural texture in a layered, curly cut.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Don’t call it a throwback, bantu knots are a simple alternative to shorter and longer styles.

British actress (and soon-to-be 007 star) Lashana Lynch credits director Melina Matsoukas for giving her the confidence to cut her hair short for a TV role. We think he’s never looked better.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Black Womens Short Haircuts: 30 Cropped Hairstyles To Try

After years of rocking shoulder length and longer styles, actress and entrepreneur Tia Mowry decided it was “time” to take the plunge. And from the looks of his IG page, he seems unrepentant

When Curry puts on this show 8 times out of 10, he rocks fresh

Cute Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

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