Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

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Often, you’ll hear beauty advice telling women with round faces not to cut their hair short. This is simply not true. You can wear short hair no matter what your face shape is; You want to make sure you find the right cut and style. It’s all about working with your natural hair texture and trying to balance the face (more on that below).

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

When it comes to round faces, our experts—Giovanni Vaccaro, Marcus Hoey, and Justin Marjan—say you want to choose styles that slim and elongate your face. The good news: it can be made at any length, short.

Best Short Hair Braid Styles

Please Note: Some of the celebrities seen below do not have round faces, but have hairstyles that complement their round face shape.

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

Chic yet effortless, Carey Mulligan’s cropped cut fits any occasion. “A cropped pixie is one of my favorite edgier styles for round face shapes,” says Hoy. “The cut is tighter at the sides and back and more square at the top and rounder. It elongates the figure and creates height while slimming the face at the same time.”

Jennifer Hudson’s thick, wavy strands create the perfect canvas for a pixie cut. By removing length and weight from the hair, a pixie can cut styling time in half and then some. To flatter a round face, consider adding volume at the top. It makes your face look longer (read: more oval).

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

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Before getting a pixie cut, know that you need to trim it every four to six weeks to keep it looking fresh. Alternatively, you can increase it (without looking ugly).

Taraji P. Henson’s favorite look, this haircut can be soft or dramatic depending on how you style it. “Smooth, shiny strands will make your hair look polished, and layers that start below your collarbone will elongate the shape of your head.”

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

If you’re hesitant to cut your locks completely, chop it short with layers to get the feel of it. “Make sure to create layers a few inches longer than your stylist’s length to draw attention to the eye and create a more bouncy style,” advises Vaccaro. “It helps take weight off the head and generally gives the hair more movement and volume.”

Quick Cute And Easy Hairstyles

Sometimes a bob can make a round face look even rounder, but not so here. Why? Side-swept bangs are cut and styled at an angle that elongates the face. Lee Ji-yoon, we appreciate you.

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

If you have a round face and an angular jaw, a pixie like Michelle Williams can look great. “A side-sweep cut in the front keeps the cut subtle, and a cut in the back and sides elongates the neck,” says Marjan. “Ask your stylist to soften the ends by using a ‘comb over scissors’ technique (as opposed to using scissors). Cut the top with a razor or scissors for fuller and add length to the front around the mouth for softness,” advises Marjan.

A cropped pixie cut is extremely flattering if you have fine and/or thin hair. However, when using the product in styling, it adds volume and texture to your cut.

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

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The texture minimizes the roundness of the face, so you might want to play up your natural waves like Hailey Bieber did here. You can do this by combing your hair as it dries. If you want to grow it out, wrap your hair around the barrel of a large curling iron. We love the Hot Tools Professional Gold Curling Iron ($55) for body and bounce.

Is there any other hairstyle that screams girly like a topcut? This effortless ‘do might not look great in an out-of-town office, but it does wonders for a round face. Sitting on top of your head, it naturally draws the eyes upwards, making the head look longer and less wide.

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

Well, Chrissy Teigen’s cut isn’t “short” by definition, but it incorporates small elements (read: layers). This allows you to do something different without compromising the length. “Adding a few small pieces around the face between the lip and chin area will reduce the weight of the front hair and give you height,” says Hoy. “They’re low-maintenance but add enough to freshen up your style. For layers in the back, you want the lowest layer about three inches above your length. This makes styling easier by creating height at the crown.”

Short Hairstyles And Haircuts For Women In 2021

Volume and texture are the secret ingredients to Naomi Scott’s tantalizing lobs. “Ask for a length that hits anywhere from an inch below your chin to your collarbone, and for layers to be less concentrated at the edges and around the mouth,” advises Marjan. For a round face, the iris or arch or edge of the brow is usually a good gauge of where you want to part your hair, she says.

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

A box bob is her most delicate cut. “It’s a blunt shape and an even line from front to back with no folds,” explains Hoy. “Make sure to listen to the design with your ends. This cut slims the sides of the face and creates length under the chin, elongating the shape of the face. It’s youthful, professional and all things trendy.”

Contrary to popular belief, curly hair can be cut short. The trick is to find a cut that works with your natural texture. Jill Scott’s voluminous bob incorporates strategic layers to form her ‘do. “A lot of styling allows the hair to frame your face, while the lift and waves at the root accentuate your eyes and lips,” comments Marjan.

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

Short Hairstyles For Girls In 2021 Sorted By Face Shape

If your hair tends to fall out, a short cut like a bob gives natural volume and allows you to create a full layer. Simply switching out your pieces is a fun and easy way to play with different styles. Part it to the side and cover a bit on your forehead like Cameron Diaz.

Sometimes (but not always) a short cut can emphasize the roundness of your face, so going a little longer is a surefire way to avoid that effect. If you’re afraid of going too short, aim for two inches below the chin, like Queen Latifah here. Her mid-length angled layers and deep part work to frame and flatter her face.

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

Jenna Coleman’s chestnut locks look great with a cut that hits the shoulders, with a center part and adding some volume to the roots. To get a more natural look than a dead-center part, take a cue from Coleman and go slightly to the center — about half an inch on either side of your nose.

Cute Homecoming Hairstyles For Short Hair

The graduated bob is perfect for people who want a casual, low-maintenance cut—or something a little more edgy, like model Gigi Hadid. It retains length below the chin but tapers in the back to create dimension and movement. FYI: These long bobs can work for any hair texture—it looks just as good with straight hair as it does with natural waves.

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

Shoulder length hair is almost universally flattering. And pairing it with loose waves sealed the deal. “Length that hits an inch below the chin and around your collarbone is great because it draws attention away from the chin/jawline,” explains Vaccaro. To style, “I like to take a flatiron to create loose soft waves in a side-swept lob while spritzing GlamSquad’s Beachy Wave Spray ($26) to give the hair a more salty/tousled finish,” she instructs.

Adding some side bangs to your short ‘do, like Mindy Kaling, provides the perfect angle to give a round face an elongated effect. To achieve her look, “I usually flip my clients’ hair to blow-dry their roots on the opposite side for maximum volume using GlamSquad’s Full Effect Volumizing Mousse ($28),” says Vaccaro. “Then I create some loose bouncy waves with a 1.5-inch large barrel curling iron.”

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

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Stick-straight hair that falls to the collarbone provides a beautiful contrast to a round face. “I like lobs for round faces with very low face-framing angles and only a few long layers, depending on the hair texture,” Vaccaro tells us. Kerry Washington’s sleek style also features caramel streaks that make her face look brighter and longer.

“Pixies look beautiful on many women, but it takes confidence to wear them,” says Vaccaro. That, and the right cut and style, of course. “To elongate the face, ask your stylist to add some length in the back and sides,” she advises. “I use clippers or scissors over a comb technique to create this cut.”

Cute Hairstyles For People With Short Hair

Take this cue from Janelle Monae

Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts That Look Great On Everyone

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