Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair – If you follow natural hair blogs or vlogs, you know that preventing hair styling is a must! Here are five of our favorite hairstyles that we alternate between Gianna and Misha’s hairstyles.

If there’s a special event or it’s the end of the laundry week, I might ask the girls to dress up or do their hair. However, most of the time we dry their hair in a protective manner. We maintain some form of this protection pattern during the school week, changing it as needed. A protective style is especially important during the dry winter months in Wisconsin.

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

My first daughter Gianna’s curly curly hair was really inspired by going natural. I wanted to learn the best way to take care of her hair. Have you ever watched hair vlogs? Those videos are great.

Pretty Young African American Woman With Curly Hair Posing Cheerful Gesturing On Brown Background, Lifestyle People Concept Stock Photo

The more you watch, the more you learn. Because of my research, I was inspired by bloggers like Natural85 and Mahoganycurls to start my natural hair journey. I’m normal now I’m 7 years old.

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

I wish I could teach Gianna to love her hair. Along the way, I’m learning to embrace my natural curls.

I loved learning techniques. I watched my hair change. I was confused as to which path to follow. Constantly referring to videos to find patterns was time consuming. Once I got the basic patterns and started spinning them, it took very little time.

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

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Protective patterns help seal in moisture. They prevent curls from getting sweaty. These protective measures are especially important for young children who actively play, hold and place objects over their heads.

Here are five hair hacks you can use to beat the dry winter months.

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

The simplest method we use is a safety belt. Anyone can do this and it’s worth the investment of a little time, read about it here. And the products we used.

Easy Braids For Curly Hair

Gianna has a problem with the front part of her hair. You tend to get frizzy at the end of the day. Focusing on edge control is not a priority for me and my boys. Luckily, I found the braided bang to be our savior.

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

Style #3 Double Appliqued Bang

Elsa and Anna are still popular Disney characters four years after the movie was released. Both of my daughters asked Elsa for French hairstyles. Rather than my curls being tight or my lack of talent, the style is just not for us.

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

Mixed Race Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair For 2023

A French braid requires a side parting, so when I braid the back parting. I have had success doing two French braids, but the style doesn’t last more than a day or two.

Now you choose the defenses that you can switch to the second, third and fourth styles. For example, we often go from two braids to pigtails, to bonds and extend the laundry day from Sunday to Wednesday.

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

If you find that French braids aren’t for you, try this hairstyle instead. Not only will it be on trend like the Kardashians, it has longevity. We had very little frizz in the three days we were rocking these fries in a ponytail.

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Biological hair care 7 years old, I have many things to say. I have been a mother of different races for seven years and I am always amazed at how important the topic of curly hair is in our lives. Frizzy hair is a big problem! In fact, the journey to love our naturally curly hair started long before my daughter’s hairdresser laid hands on her head… but I digress.

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

You’re here to see a 7-year-old with curly hair get her first haircut and I understand that. Because, well, I was. It’s amazing! We spent the day at a fun curly hair event in LA where my daughter was selected to get a free haircut from an amazing NYC hairstylist. But what I remember most about myself—as a mother of a child with curly hair—is being surrounded by many beautiful women with curly hair, telling my child how beautiful she was.

If you ever get the chance to take your mixed pre-teen/teens with you to a natural hair event, please do! The empowering and encouraging power of curly hair often goes unrepresented in our children’s lives and I wanted to experience that with my girl.

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

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It was created by two Afro-Latina women with the purpose of exploring multiracial identity, Afro-Latino culture as it relates to curly hair, and tips and tricks for caring for our natural tresses. And in this natural hair event, my 7 year old daughter got her first curly hair!

My daughter’s hair was cut like a live show by Ona Diaz-Santin (aka Hair Saint on Instagram). Una was wonderful to my nervous girl, taking the time to introduce herself and chat with my daughter about “hair goals.” No one has ever asked us about our hair goals before!

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

After some counseling (and basically beating her with love), this was Una’s plan for her curly hair:

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This was the first time a hairstylist had laid hands on my baby’s hair, so I was curious to hear her thoughts. I was happy when Una commented on the health of her hair and encouraged me to continue focusing on moisture retention and protective styling for younger girls (my daughter’s hair rarely falls out these days). I made sure that my daughter, at least, 3-4 different types of hair on her head – from 3b to 4b. We are talking about mixed hair right?!

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

Anyone with curly hair will tell you that it takes days or weeks for a haircut to look good. You have to go home, wash again and let the braids fall into their new place without the stylist pulling them. By the end of the day, my little girl’s hair was too big to handle regularly, but I knew right away that her first haircut was a success.

After being cut with Una, my sweet baby girl was asked to stand in front of a large group of women and comment on the experience. You guys, I was so proud of it!!!!! Standing straight with curls on full display, she told all these grown women – many of whom have shared their disturbing pasts learning to love their naturally curly hair – that she loves curls. She said, “I like curls because my mom said I was made that way on purpose.”

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

Easy And Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Society may say otherwise, but my mother’s opinion still prevails. So even if you wonder if your children are listening, remind your beloved children, who have stolen the same: Perfectly made and with a purpose, I remember learning the cobra knot when he was growing up in Brooklyn. My brothers and I went to summer camp at P. 272 near Bayview Homes. We learned all kinds of knots such as the Chinese ladder and the rope knot. We decided to do a cobra braid on my daughter…

Your curly hair style varies with the season. Anastasia’s sportswear usually washes up during the spring and summer months. But everything changes when it comes to her curly winter hairstyle. Moisture is key no matter the season or year. However, we focus more on keeping our curls moisturized while…

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

Bun hair is my favorite when it comes to protective styles. We’ve come up with an easy-to-do dutch braid bun tool. It’s the best way to lock in moisture, especially in colder weather. But it’s also a great hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion. If you had a little dancer…

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We can all agree that quick and easy hairstyles are the way to go. Loud knows two kids and a crazy work schedule, and most of the time is very little for me. My girlfriend and I came up with 5 easy, curly half-up hairstyles for curly hair of the week. Watch the video tutorial…

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

We try to make curly hairstyles that are beautiful and easy to do. So when mom-to-be Ellen Carter Campos shared a video of her Chinese horse braid on Facebook, we decided to make it our hairstyle of the week. The Chinese woven tail drawer also brings back memories of my childhood living in Brooklyn,…

Getting rid of frizz has become our go-to for frizz-free curls. It’s easy, simple, and doesn’t require a lot of work. i

Cute Hairstyles For Mixed Curly Hair

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