Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair – If you’re anything like me, you probably chopped off all your hair last year because the “lob” (aka long-bob) haircut started making waves. Hopefully you didn’t do what I did and desperately change your hair in the bathroom at 10:30 p.m., but instead you went to a professional who can shape the back properly and the salon really liked her new makeover. , While shoulder length hair can be great (and very beautiful!), sometimes medium length can be challenging and boring. So, let’s talk about some options to make your hair in the morning fun!

Apart from wearing your hair perfectly straight, the most obvious option for styling your shoulder length hair is to throw some soft waves.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

I achieved this look by letting my hair air dry, which is a plus since I don’t have to apply unnecessary heat and also let some of the natural body settle on its own. After the hair was completely dry I used a 1 inch curling iron and finished with a spray wax to add texture.

Ways To Wear Shoulder Length Hair

The great thing about starting with these soft waves is that they actually allow you to progress to other great hairstyles, like the half up braid look or the twisted back look (if braids aren’t your forte).

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

The trick to making both of these styles look professional is the strategic placement of your bobby pins. Instead of going over our bobby pins, which will make them impossible to hide, find small holes in the braid or bend the pins so you can move them without unraveling the pins. Yes that’s right. Don’t lose your bobby pins!

The following recipe may seem a bit expert-level, but if you’re feeling creative this is definitely the one for you! A cute Mohawk bun is perfect for one of those days when you just feel like you’re living life on the edge. My favorite part about this model is that from the front you can’t even tell that there are breadcrumbs on the back. It reminds me of “business before, party after”, thank goodness we’re dealing with bread here, not mullets.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Quick Hairstyles For Short To Medium Length Natural Hair

Lately my go-to hairstyle has been a simple twist up, and it’s a really easy 5-minute change from my old hairstyle with soft waves (and if you’re like me and don’t think it’s the second day ). Also great style (don’t wash your hair every day).

Just like half up twists and braids, bobby pin placement is really important for this updo. Just make sure you don’t overdo it with your pins and use them too much. What I’ve started doing is throwing a few extra pins in my bag to adjust or fix a section or two throughout the day as needed, instead of just putting them in once in the morning.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

If you’re stuck between shoulder length hair like me, my best advice when it comes to styling is just go for it! Our length is really good for experimenting with different styles if you’re patient and want to mix and match in a second or two. Bottom line, enjoy your hair and don’t give up! Skye Kim is a hairstylist with over ten years of experience. She currently works for Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York City.

Easy Hairstyles For Greasy Hair

Medium length hair is full of fun possibilities when it comes to hairstyles. You can also create interesting braids, bed head curls or messy buns. If you’re, like many people, stuck and bored with your hair (or lack thereof), we’re here to help with some hair inspo.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

For those who are short on time and have no motivation in the morning, this hairstyle is easy to achieve with our step-by-step tutorial. We tapped a few of our favorite hair experts to share medium-length hairstyles to help you look polished on days when you’re tired of your usual style—and to add a little pizazz to your look.

From hairstyles that only require a few well-placed curls or in contrast to parting your hair and changing your look, let us show you how medium length hair can really be.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Shoulder Length Haircuts For Thick Hair

It’s the bottom of the 60s and early 2000s (remember the famous Bumpits?). We are crazy about her effortless dynamism. It works for most of the length, but the medium shape gives the appearance of the weight of the bob:

Medium hair updos don’t give much room to play with ‘dos, but a low chignon doesn’t need a lot of length to look stunning. This leaves a few strings to swing in the wind as a romantic gesture. Follow these steps from stylist David Lopez to get the look (and check out the tutorial below):

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Loose, S-shaped waves (as seen here on Rose Byrne) are easy to achieve with a flat iron, says celebrity hairstylist and L’Oréal ambassador Jonathan Camcini, and they work well at shoulder length. . , “I’m all about natural textures or living textures,” Colombia said.

Easy Updos For Medium Hair To Do By Yourself

Courtney Scott, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, prefers “a messy bun or a bohemian dutch braid” for a formal look for medium-length hair. Ciara’s textured top fits the bill.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

This is a great style when you are between washes because it embraces the style and offers effortless vibrancy.

Here’s another easy style to recreate “Half-up styles like updos, open buns, and half-up ponytails all look great on medium-length hair,” says Main. To get:

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Cute Hairstyles For School That Are Actually Easy To Do Yourself

Elisabeth Olsen’s side braid is all about volume and loose pieces that work best with layered braids.

Model Imaan Hammam proves that sometimes all you need is the right curly hair care to get your hair ready. To create a voluminous look with medium length curls:

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

A sleek, high ponytail is a great look for curly hair that hangs down to the shoulders. Follow Columbini’s tips to find:

Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Half up, loose bobs look effortless and work especially well with medium length hair because they won’t be too short.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

A simple braided crown like Nine Zero One stylist Nikki Lee did on Hilary Duff is the perfect bohemian for medium length hair. Leave loose parts on the face for a casual look. To simulate this for yourself, follow these steps:

Do you know how to do a French braid? We have you covered. Check out a step-by-step guide to complete the French braid.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Easy Medium Hairstyles

“I like medium-length hair with curls and/or long layers [shag style],” says Fekkai. Face bangs immediately take a simple, mid-length cut to the next level. Format:

Or, do as Sienna Miller did at the AMfAR Gala 2018 and leave your hair loose while you gather the rest of your hair into a messy updo.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

A real ballerina bridge looks beautiful and takes any outfit to the next level. This works especially well with thick, slightly longer hair that can really fill out the bun’s silhouette (think collarbone length, just below the shoulders). Follow the following tips from celebrity stylist Ashley Streicher:

Cute Daily Medium Hairstyles 2018

For us, there’s no easier way to update a tired top than Jamie Chung does here. It’s an easy way to get a shiny look, especially on days when you don’t have time to wash your hair.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

As shown here by Kourtney Kardashian, the wet look is an easy way to style a bob or other medium cut. Achieving this shiny, toned look is easy. For proof, listen to Streicher:

Yara Shahidi’s curls may be making a comeback, but her look is easy to recreate without braids if you’re short on time.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Quick Easy Peasy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Add interest to the ponytail or basic bun, as shown in #2, leaving the texture at the top of the head. We love the stars in our ears. Here’s how to recreate this romantic scene:

A middle part and more volume work beautifully with curls, which can be styled using the same principles as #8. Keep Fekkai’s advice in mind:

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

A thick tail at the back is classic and cool at any length. We love how this look incorporates natural curls and flyaways into the look.

Medium Haircuts For Women That’ll Be Huge In 2023

For fancy occasions, consider adding some rhinestones or pearls to the light waves from #3 of the mermaid trick. This golden look can be extreme for long hair but it suits a lob like Amy Song’s.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Want to play with color but don’t want to commit to keeping a full dye job? You can copy Charli D’Amelio’s fun and playful video. Consider contrasting your natural shade with some subtle shades of fun color.

Another braid style that doesn’t require a lot of length, the milky braid worn by Lucy Boynton is totally red carpet-appropriate as it’s effortless. This look is easy and does not require a French braid.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Easy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

“Sleek and straight” is the men’s favorite style for medium length hair. “I like a neutral cut

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