Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American – Some of us just want a simpler approach to style. Spend as little time as possible in the hairdressing chair, or detangle, twist and braid. And we deserve happiness. Some may label us lazy, but hair is just one of those areas where comfort is high on our list of values.

Within this field, the possibility of working with our own natural hair, without weaves, extensions and accessories, is sometimes overlooked in the online hair community. We’re here to tell you that natural braids for black girls are bold and beautiful and all, and to prove it, we’ve rounded up our favorite natural braid hairstyles for natural black hair for you.

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

It’s a great look that falls somewhere between elegant and casual. Minimal threads add a bit more elegance. Secure your hair securely with two bobby pins to tighten the hair band.

Ways To Make A Crown Braid

When using natural hair, sections are necessary to create a good braided look. This goes from thin to thick for that volume progression that gives the braids steam.

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

A great option for attaching to the ends of long natural hair, most thick braid styles require straightening.

Woven box braids are heat resistant. This is not an option when you braid your real hair and here is this great idea to hold it up with curling irons, it looks so cute!

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

Pretty Black Braided Hairstyles For Brides

A classic but never boring look! The pieces create different volumes and directions to make the most of their length with minimal stress!

This style is a great option for longer hair that wants to take care of the nape and edges while keeping the hair away from the face and shoulders. The hair color looks amazing!

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

You can literally build any look by letting your own baby hair work in your favor! A simple but adorable hairstyle that you can do yourself in less than 20 minutes, starting with an old fashioned twist.

Braids For Curly Hair That Will Change Your Look

Maybe your dryer or iron is reaching its last days, don’t worry! This braided crown is quite simple and elegant!

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

Using braids as part of your top bun is a nice touch! A great option for those of us who aren’t experts (yet!) at braiding.

Ohhhh this is just gorgeous! Adding braided sides to a twist, braid or wash and voila you can’t go wrong, especially with these natural details.

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

Stunning Feed In Braids Hairstyles To Try This Year!

A nice touch to your regular afro. A naturalist favorite could use an overhaul every now and then and this one is SO cute!

Yes, you can create a thick braid with your natural hair. Make sure your hair is smooth but not flat and that your sections are thick and away from the hairline.

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

This is a great option for showing length and volume in your natural hair. Matching braids and braids for minimal tangles and shrinkage.

Goddess Braids Ideas For Ravishing Natural Hairstyles

Add some sparkle to your Wash N Go by trying this style. Create a section right at the corner of the side fringe and braid to the side, securing with bobby pins. It looks so romantic!

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

We are in love with this look. It has a great 90s vibe, doesn’t it? Another great option for rotations that need a mid-week refresh.

Braids can go anywhere, so can you! Using hair bracelets and minimal braiding skills can create some wonderful things!

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

Crown Braid Tutorial

Of course, this style will work great on full volume hair ranging from 3c to 4b, but we just couldn’t stop mentioning it! Amazing parts and definition of braids.

Braid your natural hair to contrast your full volume twists. Whether you do just one side or the entire crown, you’ll be ahead of the curve by giving your hair a little more attention!

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

Braids can also create an elegant texture for buns. We love the sleek, textured contrast of this look, and we’re totally behind it!

Easy Natural Hairstyles For Teenage Black Girls

Halo braids are a classic conservation style and we’re not going to let them go! We love the detail of the extra fine braid that shapes the hairline. lovely touch!

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

This medium braided bob style is a beautiful and super easy protective hairstyle that you can do on your natural hair. This is definitely one of our favorite natural braided hairstyles on this list!

Braided hairstyles for natural hair offer many great options for women who are looking for simple but great styling options, either while transitioning or protecting their natural locks. Our recommendation? Choose a set of 3-5 favorite styles to practice and master, they will be your hair version of the winged eyeliner or French crimp. We all need a good set of staples!

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

The Fascinating History Of Braids You Never Knew About

As we mentioned in our gallery, braiding with natural hair is best achieved with straight hair. To achieve this, blow dry your hair on low heat or wear a tight, low pony with a satin scarf and let your hair air dry.

Use natural lotions or moisturizers instead of gels or sprays that contain alcohol to make your style grow-friendly. Look for natural source shea or cocoa butters for thinner locks and medium weight oils for thicker locks.

Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

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Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

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Crown Braid Hairstyles African American

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