Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair – Nine times out of 10, braiding your hair is an investment of time and money, so you want it to last as long as possible. Braids made from natural hair can take up to a week, while guard hairstyles can take up to six weeks.

However, with natural wear and tear and other lifestyle factors (such as exercise and days at the beach), your tresses will definitely look more vibrant than they did on day one. While it may look cool, those who want to keep their style longer without tons of frizz often find that a special regimen is necessary — especially if Labor Day weekend pool days are in your future.

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

For advice, we spoke to experienced braiders for their tried-and-true tips for preventing one of the most common annoyances: frizz. Keep scrolling for their advice.

Cool Braids That Are Actually Easy (we Swear)

Whether you want a guard hairstyle or braids on your natural hair, a neat parting is essential. Celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa says a neat cut is the key to preventing frizz. “If your parts aren’t perfect and your hair is criss-crossed between braids, you’re more prone to curly cuts,” she says. The solution? A thin comb with a metal tip is essential for thorough detangling. Be sure to tie the hair that is not touched to avoid mixing extra strands while braiding.

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

When your hair is properly cut and parted, technique and products are essential. says Simone Cremona, Brooklyn-based hairstylist and owner of MyTresses

That the easiest way to prevent frizz is to use pomade or gel while braiding your hair. “A good pomade will add hold while covering your hair and hiding split ends or unruly strands,” she says. “This will keep your hair and the synthetic hair you’re using lying down longer.” Potempa also adds that looking for products with flexible polymers will also help your hair move without stiffness or flaking.

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

The Rise Of Knotless Braids

For a protective style, use a legendary gel like Let’s Jam to add shine and memory to your tresses. The Beachwaver Co. creates a foam-based braid conditioner that’s safe to use on synthetic or naturally wavy hair. You can also use a great pomade like Cantu, which adds control without flaking.

The smoother the braid, the less frizzy it is, which is why Potempa says it’s important to detangle while braiding. “When all your hair is straight in one direction, it prevents the pieces from splitting quickly,” she adds. Pro tip: gently detangle every few layers as you braid with a fine-toothed comb.

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

Your work isn’t done just because your braids are done. Finishing steps are essential to ensure your braids last without going crazy. If you are using synthetic hair for thickness and length, the hair should be set with hot water to prevent your braids from unraveling. Then, to keep the cavities flat, Cremona recommends foam. “Put a few mousses on your hair to get things going,” she says. “Mousse is also useful a few weeks later if you’re feeling a bit frizzy. You can apply a little more and tie your hair to smooth out any remaining loops.” If you’re going to the pool or sweating while your hair is braided, Cremona adds that letting it dry completely and then applying mousse will help disguise the frizz.

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Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

Sleeping without hair protection is a recipe for shaggy braids. “Moving while you sleep makes your hair tighter,” says Cremona. “Using a satin scarf, hat or silk pillowcase will help reduce that tension, so you’ll wake up with tidy hair.” She also suggests using an anti-itch spray while you sleep. “Sometimes you don’t realize that your itchy hair when you’re awake or asleep can disrupt the roots and cause frizz,” she explains. “Before bed, spray soothing tea tree or peppermint oil on your scalp to keep your scalp from being tempted by an itchy head.” You can also opt for scalp treatments with charcoal, witch hazel and apple cider vinegar, which can help absorb sebum from the scalp. That way, not only your hair will be in order, but also your scalp.

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Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

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Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

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Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

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Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

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Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

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Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

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Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

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If you’re the queen of braided styles, we’ve rounded up over a dozen to send to your stylist to try out.

This long bob is so popular that stylist @pearlthestylist_ has classes online and in person just to teach it.

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

Box braids are a favorite of many, but this style is great for showing curl definition and versatility.

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Feed-in braids are one of the biggest braid trends in recent times. Add some gold cuffs to spice up your braids effortlessly.

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

This braided style is great if you’re going to a special occasion like a wedding or formal event and still want to rock its natural texture.

If you want to keep your curls and get creative, this simple style is for you. Refresh the 4-day curls and a few braids on the side of the head and you’re done!

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

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It’s no secret that last year when Beyonce released Lemonade, she brought out mini braids that she calls lemonade braids. This braided tail is beautiful and very accurate.

The feeding phenomenon continues and this style is a great way to use hair extensions and incorporate braids.

Braided Hairstyles With Fake Hair

This nostalgic style is great when you don’t want to deal with extra braids, but delivers just the same

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