Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Versatile Well, maybe that depends on who you ask. When you’re constantly working with your long locks, it’s easy to get bored with the length and fall into one set of styles. Maybe you’re constantly pulling your hair into a high bun, using hot tools to create intense waves, or embracing your natural curls and letting your hair do its work. But what if you want to try something new? Does that mean a haircut or a new hair color?

Hairstyles With Braids For Black Women To Try

All of these are options, but they can offer a way for brides to embrace something new without permanently changing anything. For black women, styles like box braids, cornrows, and Fulani braids offer a protective style and a way to switch things up. Then there are dutch braids, cascade braids, and long braided braided buns that allow anyone with a lot of length to try something new.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Box braids are a staple that never goes out of style. If you have long locks like Zendaya, you can skip adding kanekalon hair or use a knotless braiding technique to add some hair and keep your braids longer.

We love the way this center part frames the face. To minimize flyaways and new-growth frizz when you’re rocking an exposed part, keep a mousse—we love Doux’s Mousse Def Texture Foam ($15) and Design Essentials’ Foaming Wrap Lotion ($28)—and a silk scarf handy.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Braids For Men With Long Hair Styles You Need To Try

We promise you can rock Dutch braids without looking like a child. Take a note from Bella Hadid’s book and accessorize with a pair of gold hoops.

A high back ponytail, braided to the end, is an easy way to show off your unique features and instantly pull off a look.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

We get rockstar chic with the barely-there pompadour, sleek sides, and twisted length of this braided three-combo look.

Our Best Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

A braided bun adds texture and height to the hair. To secure your length without feeling the pain of bobby pins on your skin, try Scunci’s Curved Bobby Pins ($3).

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Pulling up box braids takes less than sixty seconds and gives you a completely different look. Don’t forget to wrap a couple of braids at the base of your ponytail for some depth.

When you wear long hair back or braid it, let the flyaways do their work: they show the texture of your hair and make it look more alive.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Braids For Kids 50 Kids Braids With Beads Hairstyles

Haven’t had time to wash your hair properly? We get it. So why not try a look that uses less than your bare strands? Your natural oils will make it easy to remove your hair gracefully.

A loose braid with a face-framing bang is the perfect combination of chic and effortless. Let Oribe’s Superfine Hairspray ($42) help you lock in the look, but keep the texture messy.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

If your hair is straight, hitting the ends with a curling wand will help create the same loose texture we see here paired with a structured fishtail braid.

Box Braids Hairstyles: How To Create Them And + 26 Looks To Love

For a more classic look, take some cues from this beautiful look and braid the base and length of your head.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Small box braids can last a while, but you might get tired of the length every now and then. Fortunately, curly hair clips are back. Grab one and you can redo the look in no time.

Latto has long, beautiful curls, but she’s not afraid to play with length. With hair extensions, there are no limits to your ponytails.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Best Braid Designs For Black Women To Try In 2023

Braids and sleek, sleek hair work really well together. To minimize flyaways, use a touch of pomade or hairspray to hold things in place without leaving your hair crunchy. Finally, summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time to show off your best protective styles. Of course, you can wear protective styles any other time of the year, but because of the summer heat, most curlies like to cut their hair when doing outdoor activities like traveling, swimming, and lying on the beach.

If you’re the queen of braided styles, we’ve rounded up over a dozen for you to send your stylist to try out next.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

The long bob is so popular that stylist @pearlthestylist_ teaches classes online and in person.

Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Box braids are a favorite for many, but this style is great for showing off curl definition and versatility.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Feed-in braids have been one of the biggest braiding trends of late. Add some gold cuffs to effortlessly jazz up your braids.

This braided style is great if you’re going to a wedding or formal event and want to rock your natural texture.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Easy Heatless Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you want to keep your curls and get creative, this simple style is for you. Freshen up some day 4 curls and braids on the side of your head and voila!

It’s no secret that when Beyoncé dropped Lemonade last year, she brought along little braids she refers to as Lemonade Braids. This braided ponytail style is beautiful and so detailed.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

The feed-in phenomenon continues and this style is a great way to use hair extensions and incorporate braids.

Braided Hairstyles For Curls Of All Kinds

This nostalgic style is great when you don’t want to deal with the extra weight of a box braid, but still gives the same effect.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

This is one of my favorite styles this summer. It’s a twist on classic French braids and adding curly hair extensions to the ends for extra volume.

Fulani braids are usually done in the front and box braids, and have made a big comeback lately. Make yours with a bold color or gold cuffs.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Easy Natural Hairstyles

Another way to make your Fulani braids shine is with beads, you can add them just to the ends or spike them up like Solange.

Everything is in the detail and the box is braided. Simply part your braids into triangles for a neat and clean look that stands out.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you love small, detailed braids, this style is for you. It definitely reminds me of micro braids.

Easy Prom Braids For Long Hair Tutorials

There are many ways to achieve food braids and this is one of the most popular, where there is a mix of small and large braids.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

When you want to pull your hair back and add volume, this is a great style to try. Add some bobby pins to make a statement and add hair extensions to your ponytail for a more dramatic effect.

Senegalese twists, also known as rope twists, originate from the West African country of Senegal. I love how this beautiful back up style offers a different take on the current braid trend.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Beautiful Braided Hairstyles For Natural And Relaxed Hair

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to add some length or curl to your braids this summer, there’s a style for everyone. We love the versatility of this style – @pearlthestylist_ does amazing things with braided buns.

One of the biggest questions I always get is, “How long should I keep my braids in before removing them?” The answer to this question depends on many factors, including how often you wash your hair and your hair type.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Some hair types may not maintain a braided style as long as others. Also, some curlers may feel the need to wash their head after a few days of braiding.

Enviable Ways To Rock The Latest Black Braided Hairstyles

Be sure to listen to your skin to know when it’s time to detangle and wash. If you start to see product build-up, skin irritation, or any damage, that’s your sign.

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

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