Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

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Are you planning your wedding season? Once you have the perfect dress, statement shoes and handbag, the next step is to focus on your beauty – your hairstyle. Whether you’re the bride, maid of honor, or guest of honor, we’ve found 33 wedding hairstyles for black women to rock all season long.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

What better way to show off your long mane than with a high pony? For even more height, top your hair with a strong hold gel before wrapping it on top of your head. After pinning the pony, use a curling iron on the tail (and bangs) like Laverne did.

Braided Wedding Hairstyles We Love

Speaking of high ponytails, this braided style is the perfect choice for the maid of honor. Before working on the fishtail braid, grab a boar bristle brush and tie your hair into a smooth braid. (Wait, here’s a tutorial to help you improve your braiding skills.)

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

If you don’t like a high pony, try a low one instead. First, part your hair down the middle and brush the sides, then place it in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. You can leave the natural curls like Juri Hall and clean them with a moisturizing cream.

Inter and Natasha’s curly hair are proof of this. This heavy side bang look features a mix of small twists and curls for an all-out glam moment that’s perfect for any wedding theme.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Updo Hairstyles For Black Women To Try In 2023

Bobbed hair is important with a sense of volume, but adding volume to your look makes it even better. Tip: Don’t forget to use a styling spray to add shine and protect your beautiful strands.

This winning hairstyle is a great option for anyone in your wedding party. To add a little flair, curl the ends of your hair (or use a round brush and blow dryer) to create loose, voluminous loops.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

You deserve to shine on your big day. To recreate Cheryl’s adorable pony, all you need is a jewelery bag (or a fancy jewelery machine) to ‘do your thing and sparkle all night’.

Natural Hairstyles To Wear At A Wedding

Go big or go home. This is a style statement. To create an oversized bun, consider adding a bun (or two) extensions to cover your natural hair.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Featuring: A classic hairstyle for the bride, maid of honor or wedding guests in attendance. Tie all of your hair into a low ponytail before wrapping (or braiding) the braid. Tip: You can add a nice touch to a minimalist style by leaving a few edges curled.

A simple bun is great, but take it up a notch by adding several layers of fishtail braid to the look. Once you flip your hair with gel, the fun part is working on multiple fishtail braids and securing them into a large high bun using bobby pins.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Boho Wedding Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

Whether you’re a locs veteran or just getting ready to change up your hairstyle, this style is a great option to try. To recreate the hairstyle, leave some loose curls in your bun.

If you want the best of both worlds, this half-up half-down lets your pigtails shine through your natural curls. Before weaving the ends into the crown design, you’ll want to focus on the smaller strands in the front. Use curl cream to define your hair and give your long tresses some bounce.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Tousled updos are a stylish way to show off natural patterns without spending a lot of time getting ready. Apply texturizing gel to add dimension and shine, then gently clip baby hair like a lullaby to complete the style.

Pretty Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Use hair choices for shape and size to liven up your wedding red carpet moment. Don’t forget to spray on a leave-in conditioner to nourish, condition and strengthen your body.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

A tip for booking an appointment for a salon before the wedding. Use Lashana as your inspiration and show off your natural curl pattern with a light blonde hue that really flatters your short style.

Two words: smooth and seamless. Apply styling gel and sweep through the mane, so no strands are lost at the reception.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Black Braid Cabeloestilos Eba Ed Braided Cabeloestilos For Wedding Guests For Black Women Up Cabeloestilos For Women Foto Compartilhado Por Dylan 10

A big bang is always popular, but keeping things sleek and perfectly straight is also a total passion. A flat iron (aka your secret weapon) helps smooth out blowouts, and a polishing spray keeps your silk press pristine all day long.

Megan Thee Stallion’s love bun isn’t complete without intricately styled baby hair. Show some love to your edges. We promise your wedding hairstyles will turn heads.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

If you want to add layers to your short style, consider this pixie cut. Anuk’s hair (see that amazing blush outline?) paired with her matte beauty is a great reference for stylists.

Hairstyles For Natural Hair Black Brides

Bantu knots, as they are, are very versatile, so adjust the size or number of knots around your head to make it unique to your wedding celebrations. (To recreate Nnenna’s hair, check out this step-by-step guide.)

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

To join the high bun train like Tinashe here, gather your locks towards the crown and gently roll them up for a big poof. Don’t worry about making it look perfect. Leave some strands loose to show off your curves.

Replace your regular low ponytail with an embellished braid design. In preparation for the wedding, we wrapped the top in gold tinsel (or ribbon) for a spectacular reception party.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

It’s That Time Again 20 Best African American Wedding Hairstyles ⋆ African American Hairstyle Videos

You can never go wrong with classic 90’s hair. Exhibit A: Cardi’s Met Gala appearance this year. Grab a round brush and blow dryer to add volume before pinning strands away from your face to create a honeycomb look.

As mentioned, when in doubt, the classic hairstyle is the way to go. This vintage style combines a blowout with defined pin curls. For sculpting, use bobby pins to create small circles near the hairline.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Add some movement to your polished style. Reach for a comb and some mousse to work your hair into textured waves that will make you the envy of the beach. (Of course, I also found a video that might help.)

Best African Wedding Hairstyles For 2020

Here is another idea. All brides are rocking different styles of cornrows, playing with the number, length, and color of the braids. You can also add different accessories (like pearls and jewels) if you want a moment to express yourself while walking down the aisle.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Whether you’re wearing a high bun, low ponytail or bouncy hair, add a stunning headband like Danai’s for an ultra-glam finish.

Gabrielle Union always shines on the red carpet, and brides will sport this boho style too. After parting your hair, braid both sides to create a stylish design.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Inspiring + Romantic Wedding Hairstyle Ideas You’re Gonna Love

Show off your curls with this edgy style. Use a banana clip to bring the sides together, or use the pinning method to keep all of your attention in the middle.

Simply flip the heads to move your pony up a notch. Use a round brush and blow dryer to create the perfect sweep.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

A styling cream is the perfect way to give Lupita a ‘do for 4C girlies’ look. Don’t forget statement accessories that go well with your wedding dress.

Hairstyles For Black Brides

Multiple weddings coming up? This style of protection can be worn in a variety of ways. Wear it all up or full down (or half up) to suit your wedding mood and outfit.

Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Why not combine two great looks in one chic way? Consider adding some sparkle to the ends with a crystal hairpin, like Marsai’s stunning style above. You know, it sparkles when you walk down the aisle.

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Black Braided Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Braided Hairstyle Ideas For Black Women

“Being a natural or curly bride, choosing a bridal hairstyle is very important,” says Aina, hairstylist at Brides by Aina.m., who specializes in afro, curly, curly and textured hair.

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