Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys – The energy of online clothing store Asos hits you as soon as you walk into the Art Deco headquarters in London. The place is young, crowded, crowded. It is also democratic pride in the sense that it wants to offer fashionable clothes to everyone. No, I suspect, because there is some grand mission to change the world, but because it’s not just perfectly polished men and women who will pay to look good.

I got a tour from John Mooney, the company’s brand creative director. He led Asos’ quest to increase its offering to what could be called a bigger crowd. I claim this euphemism because I am one of the big boys; 40 plus waist; carrying a lot of extra pounds. My mother fondly described me as big-boned; others will say fat.

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

Either way, shopping for me has always been an unpleasant and often pointless experience – a procession of clothes that, while they claim to be great, none of them fit me. I gave up buying clothes about 20 years ago, except for the occasional desperate need to dress up. If I find something (a pair of M&S size XL jeans, a black XL shirt from Lands’ End) I’ll buy half a dozen and hope they understand me. They are, in every sense, going to grief, and I have adopted a uniform, all black, uninspired, unchanging, shapeless, dull.

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Hence, a visit to Asos, which in recent months has expanded its menswear range up to 6XL to reflect the actual size of many men, rather than what high-end designers prefer. For the past five years it has catered to larger women (the “curvy” segment accounts for 20% of Asos’ womenswear sales), but now larger men are getting the same treatment. Nick Ely, head of menswear design, says the key is to offer the plus-size shopper exactly what’s accessible to everyone, but cut to work for different body shapes: tall and skinny, wide and athletic, big and skinny. . “It’s amazing how this market was served before,” he said.

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

One of the problems is finding a model in a new size. “We have to train the eyes of modeling agencies,” says Jordan Shiel, who commissions menswear models for Asos. “We also have to go out and find ourselves.”

One of the models, 23-year-old Neymar Pergment, appears in the house as the buyer’s administrative assistant. Pergamen initially hated the idea of ​​modeling, but eventually got around to it and has now switched careers. He believes part of the big change is to show the male body as it is, instead of designers making mascots, and says it can only be helpful; “Seeing a big, tall man can help people accept themselves.”

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

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Another Asos plus size model, Scott Bailey, was spotted by Schill at a music festival in Bristol. “We saw him from a distance,” Shiel said. “She has a great outfit, she’s kind and confident, and it’s definitely sold out.” Bayliss, who acted before becoming a model, has now been signed by a plus-size agency in Germany, where the market is ahead of the UK.

The average male waist size in the UK has increased over the past few decades and is now less than 38 inches.

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

One UK agency has received a message: Bridge, which produces USP plus-size models. “We launched two and a half years ago, initially just for the curvy market,” says director Charlotte Griffiths. A year ago, they introduced a men’s division, with a burly, bearded personal trainer, Ben Witt, as the first model. “Ben is really healthy, but he has a big belly and chest,” Griffiths said. “They represent people in the 21st century who want to buy clothes and don’t want to go somewhere else to buy them.” Bridge has signed Olympic discus player Brett Morse, who competed for Great Britain at London 2012.

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“It’s now accepted that bigger men can be great,” says Mooney at Asos. “It has to be said, because why weren’t they allowed to celebrate before? You need someone as a figure to say. “Don’t wear clothes like this, you can look good too,” he pointed out to the Brits. award-winning Rag’n’Bone Man and singer MNEK is a well-dressed big man. You no longer have to look like Harry Styles to get your break in music, or indeed fashion.

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

In fact, I probably won’t wear Asos, despite its amazing commitment to wearing all shapes and sizes; hoodies, sweatshirts, ripped jeans and floral tops are aimed at twentysomethings, and I’ve left my 20s behind for a while in the past month. century. But I can (just) picture myself wearing River Island, where I bought XL shirts that almost fit. I’ll have more options in the future, as last month also launched some Big and Tall, expanding the size to 117 lines. Will fit up to a 4XL which equates to a 55″ bust and 48″ waist, more than big enough for me.

“There are retailers that offer plus sizes, but what’s available is pretty boring,” says Nick Tahir, head of menswear buying at River Island. “Where we see an opportunity is in fashion offerings. Research shows that one in five people are looking for bigger offers in larger sizes.

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

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The average male waist size in the UK has increased over the past few decades and is now less than 38 inches. On average, some guys will be higher, but you never know if you shop around. Bentalls department store has a large section of home designer clothing for men, but finding a waist above 38 inches in jeans or moderately fashionable trousers is almost impossible.

One evening I wandered down Regent Street in central London to see if I could find it in some of the popular stores in this size. I feel like an outsider in H&M, no bigger than an XL. At Desigual, I found an XXL shirt that was white, see-through, had a bad pattern, barely fit, and made me feel like a third-class rowdy on a cruise ship. The gap is not bigger than XL; the assistant told me to look online. At Levi’s, I was surprised to find jeans up to 44 inches in the waist but too wide in the leg, showing Eli’s strong point that clothes for larger people should be tailored carefully. In J Crew, the largest waist measurement is 38 inches and the largest chest measurement is 46 inches; Again, the assistant said I should go online for larger sizes (up to 40″ waist and 50″ chest). Calvin Klein has nothing larger than a 38-inch waist in jeans and an XL in sweatshirts. The assistant sadly goes looking for an XXL T-shirt, which at least gives him time to watch the thin, pale model spin on the huge TV screen mounted on the shop’s wall.

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

Despite some retailers’ reluctance to change, something is definitely exciting. The current buzzword is “inclusion”. great people don’t want to be treated like weirdos. Symptomatic of the market movement, N Brown Group is pouring resources into its Jacamo brand, which caters for all sizes but is best known for larger menswear and models of former cricketer Freddie Flintoff, instead of its own. . longtime specialty shop High And Mighty saddled with a frail old man. I was the only customer at the flagship High And Mighty store when I visited. “Find stylish clothes in hard-to-find sizes,” the window sign proclaims, and you wonder if there’s a long-term future.

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“We try to make fashion easy and fun, regardless of size or shape,” says Ed Watson, director of communications at Jacamo. “We will go from small to 5XL. In the past, you had to go to a store specifically for that size. In some cases, the plus size store would be hidden, or the clothes would be in the back of the store and people would be a little shy, or they would only be available online. It’s about being as inclusive as possible, providing offerings where petite and 5XL people can shop in the same place.

Best Gym Clothes For Fat Guys

“Shopping should be friendly and less stressful for people who are taller or wider than others,” says M&S head of design Dave Binns. The chain is also expanding its Big & Tall range and working with the likes of England rugby player George Kruis.

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